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November 28, 2020, 04:31:52 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for partners interested in Warcraft/WoW. Mostly M/M, some M/F, M/Herm  (Read 626 times)

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Offline AltherasTopic starter

I've been playing WoW a whole lot lately, trying to catch up after being without internet for many months, and that has somewhat taken me away from getting back to my RP here on E. To remedy this, I would like to start some WoW based games here on the forum, or In Game.

There are already a few plots listed in this post, but I would like to flesh out some more ideas here, as well as update and expand what I'm looking for a little bit.

For my offs, ons, pairings, and characters, look here. I will be adding a lot of characters to this as I've come up with a few more since returning to WoW. I'm also always willing to make someone new for an RP.

I play mostly male blood elves. I also have a female blood elf or two, one herm blood elf that is mostly female, and some female tauren that I'm interested in playing. With the addition of MoP, I'm now also interested in playing Pandaren of both genders.

As for your character, I am willing to play with absolutely any race in the WoW universe both playable and non playable, and both Horde and Alliance. If you really want to take the story to in game, I may even be willing to make a character of an Alliance race somewhere for you.

My passion is almost always m/m, and I almost always play the bottom. I am also willing to play a female or herm bottom for the right male partner. I'm willing to play a submissive male with a futa female who is rough and pushy. I am willing to do romance with me as the dominant or submissive partner in m/m. In the case of romantic plots, if my character is considered the 'top' in the relationship, he will be gentle, loving, and protective. I do not often play brutal doms well though I do love to play with them. I would also love to do a m/m relationship with a pair who switch.

House Bloodsong- Primarily blood elf RP. Options for M/M, M/F, and M/Herm

Much of my RP inspiration for WoW right now is drawn from Fendrigal and his noble house which he is trying to rebuild. Fendrigal is a death knight who returned after Arthas died when he rediscovered his freewill. He has many children who are all adults now. I have most of his children worked out, but there are room for a couple more if anyone has any really concrete ideas for anyone you would like to add to his family. I'm also searching for any servants of the family who may have been lost in the scourge invasion. I would love to find members of other noble blood elf families to marry into House Bloodsong, or to otherwise ally with the house. All RP does not have to be Erotic RP. I focus a lot on building lore and working out back stories. I would especially enjoy playing one of Fen's children, a servant to one of them, or someone who marries into the family. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me to work out some details. I'd love to have someone to further discuss and RP with.

Tauren- M/M, M/F, and M/Herm

I often play female tauren, and am interested in building some plots between them and male characters. I tend to lean towards romance in this area, but I also always enjoy BDSM. I also LOVE to play opposite of male tauren no matter who I'm playing. The size difference can make for some very interesting sex scenes. I do really enjoy the tauren lore and their very down to earth feel. I occasionally play the odd blood elf that wants to try living in the tauren way and get closer to nature. It would be an interesting twist to have them fall in love with a tauren in the process.

Other Blood Elven RP- M/M, others maybe

I have often found myself wanting to poke further into possible racial tensions between the blood elves and their Horde Allies. They are very different from most races of the Horde, and somewhat apart from them. I especially like to pair my blood elves with orcs and trolls with the blood elf as the submissive partner. I would really like to explore possible abuse of blood elves by their more savage allies. It would also be very interesting to try pairing a blood elf with any race from the Alliance in a possible kidnap/spoils of war scenario. I would really love to do this with a worgen, human, night elf, dwarf, or dranei partner. I'm also open to gnomes if you have a solid idea that could make it work. I might be willing to play a female or herm character for either of these scenarios, but would really prefer m/m (though I may be a bit more open to negotiation concerning me playing female tauren. ;) ).

New Death Knight M/M

I made a new death knight recently, a blood elf named Faustis. He is one of the sons of House Bloodsong. I would like to find a top for him that is also a death knight, someone he can have a bit of a history with. For example, maybe even the death knight who killed him originally. I would like for this other death knight to be aggressive and abusive, treating him like a possession or maybe just a toy to play with at times. Though I would like for there to be some romance to their relationship, it will be dark and tainted as everything with death knights is. For race, I am open to absolutely anything Horde or Alliance.

Cross Faction M/M preferred

I would very much like to do some Alliance/Horde cross faction RP, with the use of the new battle tag system, if anyone is up for that. If anybody is interested in the possibility for cross faction RP, I would love to play around a bit with the tensions forming between them as the war rages on, perhaps even going so far as for your character to take mine and claim him as a prisoner of war. I would prefer to play the Horde character, most likely a blood elf, with an Alliance for the top. However, if you really want to play an orc or a troll and have me play a night elf or human or something I'm open to that too!

I have tons of other ideas at the moment, and will be adding lots more to this post as they come to mind. If you have any ideas for WoW based RP, or just want to talk about WoW, message me. I would be happy to hear your own plots and ideas!
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Offline AltherasTopic starter

Looking for more people who may be interested in playing in game. :)

I added 2 new ideas as well.
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