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Author Topic: Current Rp Ideas. (Seeking M&F Characters)  (Read 705 times)

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Current Rp Ideas. (Seeking M&F Characters)
« on: August 13, 2012, 03:53:34 pm »
Role-Play Ideas

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a modern setting; humans, present-day, realistic and believable content.

The Orphan.
The night was so much darker and colder, now that she was alone. It seemed like everything she had known during the day, had become menacing, nightmarish versions of themselves once the sun went down. The only familiarity she had felt during her nights alone, came from the heart-shaped necklace she wore, which clung to the space between her clavicles. Inside that locket, was a picture of the two reasons why she was now trapped in solitude; her mother, and her father. The former being the one who had left when she was a child, considering the life of a showgirl more entertaining than raising her only daughter. The latter being the one driven to such torment and repulsiveness at his wife's leaving, that he tracked her down, and ended the life that she preferred over the one he had granted her- landing him in prison for life. She knew her childhood was not the norm, once she had been placed in a foster home, and met the other children, teens and young adults in the facility. She never knew that life could be something wonderful or beautiful, as some of the children had reported, after being adopted for a period of time, before returning to the foster home... claiming that they were the problems in the lives of those interested in possibly adopting them. See, the Foster home had a 'trial' period with all of the children and teens they held; should a family or couple be interested in adoption, they didn't need to sign any papers or make any serious commitments right out of the gate. They actually had a chance to pick a period of time with which to 'test' the fit of the young adult or child with their family or home. This gave some insight about the possibility of hope... that maybe she would be wanted someday, even though she was now a teenager, and no one had wanted her yet. Will she ever find someone to be her sunshine, during this never-ending thunder storm that was her life?


This story can go in a few different directions, and I am open to any and all of them, along with new suggestions from a prospective partner.
Scenario A: The Orphan meets another Orphan in the Foster Home, and they share similar backgrounds, and bond based on their similarities, especially involving what little parts about their childhoods they remember. They would built the trust in each other, that they could never muster for any other. Maybe they make a plan to escape the Home, and live together on their own.
Scenario B: The Orphan gets visited by a young man, or couple, and they decide to trial her out, before adopting her. I would be open to a lot of possibilities within this specific scenario, like a romance between 'adoptive brother' and orphan, or 'adoptive father' and orphan... I would prefer for this story to be with a partner, rather than a small group, however, so the preferred route would be a man who becomes interested in pursuing adoption.
Scenario C: The Orphan runs away from the Foster Home, and is left homeless, when she meets someone who restores her faith in mankind. Will her hope turn into truth

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a fantasy setting; mythical creatures, magic, works of mythological content.

***Coming soon.***

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a Medieval setting; Historical (not based on actual historical events),  Pre-modern-age setting, Middle Ages setting, and appropriate content for the time period.

What Courtesy.
A failing Kingdom, in need of a new Heir while the King is on his deathbed, spirals into a realm of law-breaking, crude behavior, and dishonor. The people are no longer afraid of  the consequences of their actions, and had started speaking out of turn, imagining they were owed rather than indebted. How things had so quickly turned into a riotous, anarchic disaster was unknown, however one thing was for certain... the King was the only one who could change things for his precious family, and the people of his Kingdom's land. He knew it was the right thing to do, even if the townspeople and peasants deserved the wrath of their maker. So, for political reasons, he wrote a dear friend, rather than a blood relative, into the place of his throne, when he would perish. The following day, the King died, and the new King was crowned, his Wife and their children moved in. The only problem was... the first King's Queen and her children were still in the Kingdom. The family feuded, because the new King was an absolute tyrant, and simply executed those law-breakers who were causing issues in the land. Yet some of those people were innocent, and the Queen had quite an issue with that. Eventually, the ex-Queen felt her imminent death approaching her, and sent her daughters away, for their own protection. Then, shortly afterward, the ex-Queen mysteriously died. The eldest daughter was no fool, and quite the stubborn mule, so she stayed behind, rather than leaving the land... in an attempt to get evidence stacked against this new King, to get him overthrown from rule. In the process, she becomes smitten with one of the King's sons. Naturally, the man does not want his father to be thrown under the carriage, yet finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This story can go in a few different directions, and I am open to any and all of them, along with new suggestions from a prospective partner.
Scenario A: The young adults from different families fall in love, and begin courting, having to face their families' disapproval, respectively. Will they be able to endure the animosity, and remain together?
Scenario B: The daughter from the first royal family has to court a son from the second, due to yet another power status and eventual turn-over of power, the second family being the one to choose this fate for them, considering the first family only contains a plentiful amount of daughters, and deceased parents. Anyway, the story could revolve around their 'supposing' to hate each other, but managing to fall in love, or perhaps the other way around, where they truly like each other at first, and then their relationship turns sour. What is their fate?
Scenario C: The daughter is taken into the custody of the second family and thrown in prison, until they decide what to do with her. (and a potential partner will let me know just what that might entail.)

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a Sci-Fi setting; futuristic, cyborg or other robotic creatures and content.

***Coming soon.***

This list is going to contain my current available Rp ideas, based in a Horror setting; thriller, suspense, some action and psychological thriller content. Can be based in modern, medieval, or fantasy settings, but not a Sci-Fi setting.]

***Coming soon.***

This list is going to be more generic and broad, as the stories are either rough-drafts, or mere concepts, and not ironed out.
I would love to hear a partner's ideas on how to expand upon these listings, and turn them into solid stories.

***Coming soon.***
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