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Author Topic: Me and a friend of mine have discussed Exalted and various fictional characters.  (Read 931 times)

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Offline AjoxerTopic starter

A few conclusions we've come to...

You could make an excellent Phoenix Wright team out of a Perfect Solar Circle, full of Memetic badasses. Social Combat, ridiculous distances gone to save evidence, and at the end, when the prosecutor/witness is about to break, MASSIVE KUNG FU ACTION SCHMUCK YEA


Dawn: Dick Gumshoe
Zenith: Phoenix Wright
Twilight: Luke Atmey
Night: Ron DeLite
Eclipse: Edgeworth

For nemeses, we have the Deathlord Looks Good In A Suit, also known as Manfred von Karma, and his Ghost-blooded, Solar-exalted daughter, Franziska, bearer of the Laughing Wounds style, and many, many more potentially.

Similarly, for Discworld, Autochthon and the Alchemical Exalted work absolutely perfectly for the Ankh Morpork Watch.

Orichalcum: Carrot
Moonsilver: Angua
Starmetal: Vetinari
Jade: Colon
Soulsteel: Vimes. Of course.


Offline CirclMastr

Ctrl+F: Godot

Not found.

*leaves topic*

Offline AjoxerTopic starter

Godot, clearly, would be your epic rival. Not himself as corrupt as many of the witness, but dead set against you.

Having heard about Dreams of the First Age, it strikes me that it'd be the perfect setting for all this- Meaning all that's left is for me to buy DotFA...

Offline HairyHeretic

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It's currently winging its way towards me from Amazon. I can give you a review once I have it.

Offline Jefepato

If you ignore half the Solar Charms and adjust the other half, and fix the character creation rules, DotFA is pretty sweet.

(Just to clarify, I'm not damning with faint praise here.  The Charms are still immensely useful to give a sense of scale, the Lunar and DB Charms are very well done, and the fluff is excellent.)
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Offline AjoxerTopic starter

I got it today.

This is the most excellent thing ever.

I think there's a really strong potential for this sort of game, perhaps after I finish the current one I'm running, or at least get it actually up and running, ahem.

I'd probably be using pre-built characters, but I'd like to figure out a way to best leave some freedom, perhaps with Minimums and such.

Offline AjoxerTopic starter

Alriiight, Phoenix is done, with much help from the inestimably kind Jefepato!

Offline AjoxerTopic starter

Alright, I finished these back in June, I figure I'll post up some of them.

There are still some things to be taken care of, like henchman and shizzle, but basically, this should cover most of the basics, and I'm feeling confident about them. Once again, absolute thanks to Jefepato for being an awesome proof-reader.

Anyone think they might have some interest in a game like this? :-p Obviously, the characters would be pre-created, but you'd be given freedom to develop them in whatever direction you want.

Name: Tireless Seeking Soles
Player: _______
Caste: Dawn
Concept: Spirited seeker of those who are guilty.
Motivation: Find the guilty.
Anima: A figure in a great trenchcoat, ever-walking, glowing with the light of an energetic new morning.

Strength: ****      Charisma: ***      Perception: **
Dexterity: ***      Manipulation: **   Intelligence: **
Stamina: ****      Appearance: ****   Wits: ***

XArchery: ***   /Integrity:***      Craft:
XMartial Arts: *****   Performance:      /Investigation: *
XMelee:      Presence:***      Lore:**
XThrown:      /Resistance:***   Medicine: ***
XWar:***      Survival:      Occult:**

/Athletics: ****   Bureaucracy: ***
Awareness:      Linguistics:
/Dodge: ***      Ride:**
Larceny:      Sail:
Stealth   :      Socialize:

Specialties: Athletics +3, Chasing Criminals. War +2, City warfare. Martial Arts +3, fighting criminals.

Manse: *
Cult: *
Backing: **** (Arbiters of Infallible Justice)
Command: ** (A fang of Arbiters, meant for in-city justice action and keeping the peace.)
Connections: **
Arsenal: ***
Henchmen ** (A young Dragon-Blooded, Byrde Maggey.)

Charms: First MA Excellency, Fists of Iron Technique, Sledgehammer Fist Punch, Dragon Coil Technique, Solar Hero Form, Heaven Thunder Hammer, Crashing Wave Throw. Second Resistance Excellency. Second Integrity Excellency, Ox-Body Technique(3 HLs), Durability of Oak Meditation. Shadow over Water.

Compassion: 2      Conviction: 4
Temperance: 1      Valor: 4
Limit: 0
Limit Break: Foolhardy Contempt
Willpower: 8
Essence: 3
Personal:17/17      Peripheral:40/40
Equipment: Orichalcum Smashfists, serial number 6921. Fairly new, but not particularly interesting, pair of smashfists.

Attacks:  Speed, Accuracy, Damage, Parry DV, Rate.
Punch, 5, 9, 4B, 5DV, 3.
Kick, 5, 8, 7B, 3DV, 2.
Clinch, 6, 8, 4B, -, 1.
Smashfist, 5, 8, 11B, 5DV, 2.
Smashfist Clinch, 6, 8, 10B, -, 1.
Soak: 4B/2L

Intimacies: Edgeworth, the Police Department. 4 each.

Bonus Points:
2 to Martial Arts, 1 to Athletics.
4 points to Specialties
6 to Conviction
2 to Backing.

Richard was born in one of the rougher areas of Quiet Meru. Even in Meru, there are still areas where there is little law, and Richard was a member of one of the small gangs that roamed throughout the city, until he was fifteen, when he was taken under the wing of an Arbiter, Feet of Gum. His mother was unmarried, and the arbiter served as a father figure for him in many ways. At the age of eighteen, Gumshoe entered the Blessed Arbiter Academy, and graduated with high grades in his physical classes, his leadership and inspiration skills making up for his rather inexplicable tendency to miss evidence. (His willingness to take on the Dragon-Blooded Martial Arts instructor, and give him one of the better fights with a non-exalted in his life, played a heavy part in this.)

Richard quickly distinguished himself in hunting down criminals, and quickly made the acquaintance of Keen Edge of the Worthy Headsman, an extremely quick-rising Solar who had joined the Arbiters as a prosecutor of the rising number of Exalted criminals, and he quickly became friends. Heís known the Solar for eight years now, and he quickly distinguished himself in being a useful asset for the Arbiters.

The defining moment of his life came during what should have been a standard enough investigation. Richard was about 30 years old, and a small drug-smuggling cartel in the Blessed Isle was distributing the insanely addictive Five Crystals, and during investigation, a raid when south, and Feet was killed by a pair of Dragon-Blooded brothers who had been running the cartel. Richard would have been next, but he took them on, and in the midst of the battle, he Exalted.

Heís now found himself thrown into an entirely new experience- being truly important in Creation. Heís now one of the most important detectives in the Deliberative, and has found a new level of connection with his old idol, Edge. Heís only been Exalted for a short time, but heís taken himself to new levels, and heís done fairly well in helping the justice system of Creation, although heís noticed a disturbing increase in the crimes that are being committed by Exalted- both Terrestrial, and Celestial.

Personality: For the last fifteen years, youíve devoted your life to finding justice in the world. Youíve found a bit less than you wanted to, but youíve found it in the police department, youíve found it in your idol Keen Edge, and youíve found that- and a bit more- in your young and exceedingly energetic Dragon-Blooded subordinate, Margaret, of the Byrde Clan. You may have an unfortunate tendency to find the wrong people at fault, but considering that your specialty is Exalted criminals, thereís a certain level of this being a given. Unlike most Dawns, youíre not as much of a war sort of person, but having led teams of Sentinel Armor-clad units during in-city combat, youíve become fairly proficient in street-to-street combat.

Name: Byrde Maggey
Aspect: Water
Concept: Loyal Dragon-Blooded Detective and love interest.
Motivation: Prove herself to be the finest Dragon-Blooded officer that TSS could hope for.

Strength: **   Charisma: ****   Perception: ***
Dexterity: ***   Manipulation: *   Intelligence: ****
Stamina: **   Appearance: ****   Wits: ***

/Linguistics:***   Awareness:**      Athletics:*
Lore:**      Craft(Air):***      Dodge:
Occult:*      Integrity:**      /Melee:***
Stealth:      Resistance:      /Presence:***
Thrown:      War:*         Socialize:*

XBureaucracy:*****   Archery:*
XInvestigation:***   Medicine:
XLarceny:      Performance:**
XMartial Arts:*   Ride:*
XSail:         Survival:

Backing: ***(Arbiters of Infallible Justice)
Resources: ***
Breeding: ***
Arsenal: *

Charms: First Melee Excellency, Second Integrity Excellency, Second Bureaucracy Excellency, Thrashing Carp Serenade, Testing the Waters. Second Investigation Excellency, Scent of Crime Method, Tampering Detection Method.

Compassion: 3      Conviction: 2
Temperance: 2      Valor: 2
Essence: 2
Limit: 0
Virtue Flaw: Compassion
Willpower: 7
Personal: 12/12   Peripheral: 25/25
-1 -1
-2 -2


Intimacies: Gumshoe 2, the Police Department 2, one other.

Bonus Points: 4
2 to Bureaucracy, 4 points for Craft Air.
5 points for Tampering Detection Method
4 points for Willpower.

Offline AjoxerTopic starter

Next up, everyone's favorite protagonist and symbol of indomitable hope, Phoenix Wright! Mia Fey is frankly too wildly kickass to stat yet, and I still need to work on Larriyama

Name: Shining Phoenix of Compassionate Justice
Player: ________
Caste: Zenith
Concept: Noble, compassionate defense attorney.
Motivation: Bring justice to the Deliberative.
Anima: A shimmering golden phoenix, burning with the light of the noon sun in the South.

Strength: **      Charisma: ****   Perception: ***
Dexterity: ***      Manipulation: **   Intelligence: ****
Stamina: **      Appearance: ***   Wits: ****

Archery:      XIntegrity:***      Craft(Air):**
/Martial Arts:*****   XPerformance:***   /Investigation:****
Melee:         XPresence:*****   Lore:**
Thrown:      XResistance:      Medicine:
War:         XSurvival:      Occult:**

Athletics:**      Bureaucracy:*
/Awareness:***   Linguistics:**
/Dodge:***      Ride:**
Larceny:      Sail:
Stealth   :      /Socialize:***

Specialties: Integrity +3, Believe In My Client. Performance +3, Weight of Evidence.

Cult: *
Manse: *
Mentor: *** (Influential Sidereal)
Backing:** (Arbiters of Infallible Justice)
Reputation: *
Sifu: **
Ally: *(Larriyama Gluteus, Young Dragon-Blooded)

Charms: First Martial Arts Excellency, Striking Cobra Technique, Serpentine Evasion, Snake Form, Second Performance Excellency, Second Presence Excellency, Hypnotic Tongue Technique, You Can Be More(Abyssal, 143), Third Integrity Excellence, Shadow over Water, Second Investigation Excellency

Compassion: 4      Conviction: 3
Temperance: 1      Valor: 3
Limit: 0
Virtue Flaw: Unshakeable Crusade. When he notices an injustice, he rolls Compassion to gain Limit, and when the limit breaks, he will pursue that injustice obsessively, taking whatever action, to extreme- though not necessarily suicidal, if he retains control- degrees, for one full day.
Essence: 3
Willpower: 7
Personal: 16/16   Peripheral: 37/39 (2 committed)
Health levels
-1 -1
-2 -2
Equipment: Silken armor, fashioned in a blue formal suit.

Attacks:  Speed, Accuracy, Damage, Parry DV, Rate.
Punch, 5, 9, 2B, 5DV, 3.
Kick, 5, 8, 5B, 3DV, 2.
Clinch, 6, 8, 2B, -, 1.
Soak: 7B/4L

Intimacies: Larry 4, Mia 4, Edgeworth 4, Justice 4.

Bonus Points: 0
2 points to Martial Arts, 2 to Presence, 1 to Investigation.
3 points to Valor, 3 points to Conviction
1 point to Wealth
3 points to 6 points of Specialties.

History: Nick, as his schoolyard friends in Quiet Meru called him, was always a child who believed in what was right and true. At the age of 8, he ended up being accused of something he hadnít committed, and one of his oldest friends defended him in front of the class, fighting for his right to justice. This set the tone for his life. At the age of 20, while entering one of the minor academies to become a member of the Arbiters of Infallible Justice, he was set up with the most dreaded exam, to fight a hopeless battle to prove an almost impossible case in the true arbiters. Itís designed to teach that some battles cannot be won.

Nickís exalting seemed to be the only proper response for a man like him. An impassioned speech on the true meaning of justice swayed every heart in the courtroom, and within the day, he was met by a fairly well-established Sidereal Chosen of Secrets, Magnificent Invocation of Auspicious Fairness, well known for her similar beliefs in Justice. They took to each other quickly, and Nick has learned quickly under the auspices of the Deliberative. He even gets to call her Mia, something not too many people can claim.

He has recently learned that his old friend, Keen Edge of the Worthy Headsmanís career in the Arbiters of Infallible Justice, and he has been seeing the corruption that stands everywhere, the way the Arbiters are being used as a tool of indiscriminate punishment. He feels something needs to be done, and Mia has suggested that he may be just the man to do it. And if he meets his old friend once again, well, thatís a bit of a bonus.

Personality: Phoenix is a man whoís full of hope. Heís not naÔveÖ Well, heís not full of hope because heís naÔve. He sees the world and believes that he can truly make a difference, and heís no longer considered foolish for believing that. There are some who still wonder if heíll be able to make a difference in time, but Mia, at least, has some faith that he might be able to make a real difference in the world. He would do anything for his two oldest friends, for his mentor, or to make the world right once more.

Name: Magnificent Invocation of Auspicious Fairness
Aspect: Endings
Concept: Greatest defense attorney in Creation
Motivation: Eliminate the corruption and inefficiency in the Arbiters.

Strength: ****      Charisma: ******   Perception: *****
Dexterity: ******   Manipulation: ***   Intelligence: ******
Stamina: ***      Appearance: ******   Wits: ******

Resistance:      Craft(Air):****      Archery:****
Ride: *         Dodge:            Athletics:****
Sail:         Linguistics:****      Melee:
Survival:      /Performance:******      /Presence: ******
Thrown:      /Socialize: ******      War:

Larceny:      XBureaucracy:******
Lore: *****      XIntegrity: ******
Occult:*****      XMartial Arts: ******
Stealth:      XMedicine:**

Backing(Bureau of Destiny):*****
Connections(Arbiters): *****
Acquaintances(A small police precinct in the East.):*** (Sheís known as a rather kind lady who brings in their boxed lunches occasionally, and is always happy to talk with them about their families.)
Panoply: ****
Salary: ****
Reputation(Unbeatable Defense Attorney): ****
Manse: ***
Retainers: *** (Two Sidereal Halfcaste, descendants of hers.)

Snake Style
Prismatic Arrangement of Creation

The Musician: ****
The Banner: ****
The Guardians: ****
The Treasure Trove: **
The Sword: *****
The Rising Smoke: *****
The Crow: ****

Compassion: 5      Conviction: 4
Temperance: 3      Valor: 3
Limit: 0
Virtue Flaw: Chosen of Endings
Essence: 6
Willpower: 10
Personal: 22/22   Peripheral: 61/61
Health levels
-1 -1
-2 -2
Equipment: Silken armor, fashioned in a blue formal suit.
Background Points: 34
3 to Compassion, 3 to Temperance, 3 to Conviction
2 to Willpower
MoreÖ Stuff.

Offline AjoxerTopic starter

Next up, Luke Atmey, though this version is rather more fleshed out, based entirely upon an excellent portrayal of him in a bit of fanfiction/CYOA thing that almost none of you except maybe Jefepato and Circlmastr will have any idea of. But generally: He's if not a good guy here, not a bad guy. Also, anyone have any thoughts on this so far, any interest?

Name: The Luminary of Accuracy
Player: ________
Caste: Twilight
Concept: The finest detective in the world
Motivation: Be known throughout the world as the greatest knowledge-seeker.
Anima: A gigantic lense of streaked orange, yellow, and red light, like sunset on Meru, shimmering and teasing the eye with secrets just beyond the range of definition.

Strength: **      Charisma:****   Perception: *****
Dexterity: ***      Manipulation: ***   Intelligence: ****
Stamina: **      Appearance:**   Wits: ****

Archery:       Integrity:**      XCraft(Air): ***
/Martial Arts:***   Performance:**   XInvestigation: *****
Melee:         /Presence:**      XLore:***
Thrown:      Resistance:      XMedicine:*
War:         Survival:      XOccult:*****

Athletics:      Bureaucracy:
/Awareness:*****   /Linguistics:***
Dodge: ****      Ride:
Larceny:      Sail:***
Stealth   :      /Socialize: ***


Manse: ** (He has access to the Stone of Insight, a lens-shaped Air Hearthstone which adds +2 to Investigation and Awareness checks when seeking out that which has been deliberatively hidden. Also one other 1 dot Hearthstone)
Cult: **
Wealth: ***
Panoply: ***
Reputation: *** (Seeker of Secrets.)
Savant: *

Charms: Second Awareness Excellency, Second Investigation Excellency, Second Socialize Excellency. Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Summon First Circle Demon, Emerald Countermagic, Eye of Alliance, Flying Guillotine, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, Fugue of Truth. Shadow over Water, Seven Shadow Evasion(Conviction).

Compassion:1      Conviction:3
Temperance:3      Valor:2
Willpower: 6
Limit: 0
Virtue Flaw: Overindulgence
Essence: 3
Personal: 15/15   Peripheral: 34/36(2 committed)
Equipment: Silk Armor in the shape of a tuxedo. Orichalcum hearthstone amulet, in the shape of a magnifying glass which sits on his eye much like a monocle.

Attacks:  Speed, Accuracy, Damage, Parry DV, Rate.
Punch, 5, 7, 2B, 4DV, 3.
Kick, 5, 6, 5B, 2DV, 2.
Clinch, 6, 6, 2B, -, 1.
Soak: 7B/4L

Bonus Points: 0
1 to Dodge, 2 points to Investigation, 2 points to Awareness, 2 points to Occult.
4 points to Intelligence, 4 points to Wits.

Luke Atmey was born in the North, and from a young age, he showed an exceptional knack for finding out things that people wouldíve preferred stayed secret. He began Terrestrial Sorcery while still a mortal, showing a rare determination. Itís also rumoured that he had at first been turned away, until the Dragon-Blooded master of the school suddenly and inexplicably reversed his decision. Itís also about this time that Luke had the first large and highly mysterious deposit into his Blessed Isle bank account.

Luke quickly made a name for himself as an extremely determined investigator, using a combination of his own intelligence and his sorcerous power to become an Ace investigator, a master of discovering that which was hidden and enlightening the world to the secrets around him. Unfortunately, as of yet, heís mostly used his talents to seek fame, and he finds himself wondering if thereís not a better thing he could use his talents for. All this may change very soon, as heís returning to the Blessed Isle, and his services have been requested by the Arbiters of Infallible Justice. He would usually consider himself above such a thing, but heís heard rumors about an increasing number of Celestial Exalted who have been taking an interest in the Arbiters, and he sees it as an interesting opportunity.

Personality: Luke is perhaps best known for never letting a secret stay hidden. He has a tendency to be somewhat derogatory towards people who are less enlightened than himself, and he has a love of fame, but he is, at his heart, seeking knowledge for the sake of it becoming known, and is not stingy with sharing what he learns.