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Author Topic: Demonic Invitation (FILLED)  (Read 702 times)

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Demonic Invitation (FILLED)
« on: August 10, 2012, 10:41:26 pm »
Demonic Invitation

Demonic Invitation will be a three-person style roleplay involving two female characters and one male. Earth is a near wasteland after a supernatural invasion, mostly by demons. While the world has come to accept the presence of demons or supernatural creatures, certain cities have been laid waste and are mostly occupied by the supernatural. Most humans fled to the countryside of the few remaining large civilizations.

At this point, both civilizations are attempting to share the same planet. Wandering into the territory of the others tends to spark violence, involving in the intruders getting killed or slaugthered.

In the midst of all this, in a once-great city in America, two demons seek to bring a child into the world. One is a shape-shifter, taking on the forms of animals and humanoids, both earth-born and supernatural. The other is a succubus, a seductrus demon in the form of a human. She takes the seed of males but has no home for it inside her womb. Together, with a fertile male, they can create a baby. However finding a human in this city is unlikely as most humans have fled. When they go seek males they come across my character, a human who has lost everything when most of the city's beautiful towers fell to dust. He spends his time hunting demons with a vengeance and his rather estranged Panda pet. As the two demons make their offer, will my character accept their peaceful offering, or will they have to seek another male to give them the child they desire.

The role-play would go into the light section of the forums. If you haven't met me, I like to work a pregnancy story into RPs with people. This one can get interesting as my character can slowly become attracted to the one that is impregnanted or slowly build a love for the both of them. Perhaps one character has more hatred towards humans than the other and causes a large amount of conflict. Either way, pregnancy elements I would request to be involved.

And if there are other elements that people would like to work into the story, I am very open to the suggestion just throw it by me and if I have potential people to join me on this, I will also run it by them. Please see my o/o's and preferences for an idea of what styles I like. Light bondage is something I'm willing to add into the content within reason.

Group Play & Expectations

In the RP, I simply ask that you be polite with others. I do not type very long posts and I don't expect too much of others. One or two paragraphs at least, more than that is welcome but not expected.

And I'm a very busy person myself so I can understand if you're only able to post replies a few times a week. That's not a big deal. However if you start to realize you are getting swamped, let the group know. Don't leave us hanging please.

And if there's any issues or problems, just communicate them together, and we can work it out. :-)

Shoot me a message if you're interested. This role-play has been in the back of my head for a few years now and it's the first one I'm posting to E as a request, so I mean it when I say "I look forward to hearing from you."
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