A Line on You (f victim-?, reluctant/nc, manipulation, tbd, d/s?, modern)

Started by kylie, August 10, 2012, 08:56:44 PM

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     We all get some unwanted calls.  What's stranger?  Some of us get other people's calls.

            What's even worse?  When they don't stop. 

                 What could you do...  If you happened upon far too many little details about a pretty stranger?

Cody [totally placeholder name] has picked up a new cell phone.  It was supposed to be a backup phone, nothing special, mainly something for those couple hours at the end of a busy day when his high-powered mainstay might run low on batteries.  (Carrying around a charger always looked so silly, and who wants the luggage.)

Oddly, a couple days later, he begins to get messages, mostly texts.  At first, they are so vague that he looks at the number expecting to see a contact he knows, picking up in the middle of an old conversation --- but no, this is a stranger.  And good thing he signed up for unlimited texts!  They begin rolling in a few at a time, especially in the early morning or later evening.  They are from a few different numbers.

He could of course block/delete them, or notify the senders.  But some of them are a little distracting.  And strangely, some of the conversations seem to continue right on.  He watches in idle fascination in spare moments, as the string of messages goes on.  They range all over:

     I totally agree with what you were saying last week.  You are really insightful, you know.  Have you ever considered going into sales?

     Remember me? So glad to hear you're back in town.  Oh but you you'll never guess who gave me this number.  You've been missed ;)  We're going out to Lenny's tomorrow.  Rsvp if you're free.

     Congratulations on the new position!  And soooo happy your new number works at night here.  Be safe.  Avoid casinos there.  Despicable places!  Love Dad.

    Enjoyed my trip very much.  Especially, attractive flight atendant who bring lots of peanuts. When you come to Egypt?  See pyramids. I have big house, we relax in pool even wine.

    Thank you for ordering online with Chanel Paris.  Congratulations, you are now a silver card member.  Your confirmation number is....

    This is America West Bank calling for Darcy Shinohara.  We are calling about an overdraft on your account ending in...

    Omg, I know!  I thought if C18 pulled my ass one more time, the seam would burst!  Thanks for taking care of that.  I was ready to lose it!  Tell me your secret.

    9pm at 1632 Charles.  Private party.  Little black dresses requested.  That's all he said.  But he looks mature and he makes big bucks.  Bet  you it's a ritzy place!  What do you say?

In short, Darcy's life is apparently going on, and on and on...  It just happens to be appearing in bits and pieces on Cody's phone.  He realizes that at this rate, he could piece a lot together about Darcy with a little effort.  It's apparent that she is generally well liked and either very diplomatic or a little daring in discreet ways.  She has an on and off, traveling work schedule -- and if that changes for base training or airline business shakeups, Cody will also be one of the first to know.

Darcy leads a fairly free, if very compartmentalized life.  But who is Cody, anyway?  He could be rich or just making do.  He could be a person of mediocre or higher status, but with big fantasies of having more -- or just of seizing opportunities.  Darcy knows nothing of him... yet...  But with a few inquiries and a little effort on his part, that might soon change.  Or perhaps...  Darcy's life might change...  Possibly, before she knows anything about him?


     A bit of  thriller in coercion, manipulation, and perhaps slow corruption, my female character.   Can become more or less shocking but basically modern life (no permanent internments or disappearances are anticipated, although this one will probably involve exotic events creeping over a "normal" routine).  Do check out my Ons/Offs.  Please be aware I may actually post somewhat slowly, and I like to discuss directions in PM.  I do not generally do very short posts or respond well to early calls for super graphic scenes with little background or buildup -- I much prefer detail, toying, perhaps sparring, and some underlying running tension.  Also, be aware life is crazy and the future schedule may be sporadic.  But for now, I have some time to open up.  8-)