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Author Topic: Harmony of Empires (Sci-fi/ Fantasy) (LF Kings/Queens)  (Read 381 times)

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Harmony of Empires (Sci-fi/ Fantasy) (LF Kings/Queens)
« on: August 10, 2012, 12:07:32 AM »
NOTE1: This RP will contain violence.
NOTE2: I don't care if you are a male playing a female or a female playing a male.
NOTE3: All information stated thus far is open-ended on purpose.
NOTE4: I do not own any of the images.

Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in my idea. My main priority is getting the queen or king for each empire. The conditions for applying for a queen or king is as follows:

1. You must be able to post at LEAST once everyday.
2. You have to be comfortable managing an empire.
3. You are responsible for approving anyone applying for your empire.
4. If you have to be gone for an extended period of time you need to let everyone know.
5. You must be open to conversing with the other four empire rulers and myself on organizing and coming up with ideas.

If you know you don't qualify you are still welcome to make an application for any of the empires. Also, I want to encourage, when this RP does get going to build relationships with one another and of course the number one rule is to have fun!

The Prologue

Oselia was a lush and beautiful planet in its creation. It formed as a small planet orbiting a large and wondrous star that bathed it in the light of day. One day five races appeared on the planet and began to build each of their own unique empire. They thrived on this small planet and each race developed astronomically fast. The technology was astounding and phenomenal as it kept being developed. Unlike other planets of civilization this one wasn’t plagued by war, allowing each of them to get stronger and stronger. Soon the planets natural beauty died and was replaced by a new kind of beauty. The surface of the planet looked like silver as each race built and built until the entire planet was covered by the five empires. The planets new beauty was that of harmony.

But, it didn’t always stay that way. The empires grew so much they each ran into each other’s borders making any more expansion impossible. They had covered the planet in a skin of steel and mechanics. The tension rose as each one wished to thrive, even more but each empire thought that they deserved the other’s land. They each began to develop weapons and soon the once proud planet descended from its harmonious ways into an all-out war against one another. The war went on for years with no clear winner in sight, leaving the empires to get closer and closer to extinction.

One day the leaders held a peace summit at the point in which their borders met. They negotiated and conversed among themselves to figure out how to resolve their issue. After days of discussion they had restored the harmony in which they had before. But this time each empire was united for the first time and they began to expand into the planet and up into the skies. They began creating the technology to go out into the universe and expand even more.

In the present day, the planet of Oselia has become a huge mechanical planet. The inside has been hollowed out and cities rest underneath. Cities now float in the atmosphere around their small planet and slowly but now the five empires thrive once again. Now they are even bigger and more powerful than ever.  They are taking minerals from neighboring desolate planets to fuel their expansion. They even started to build on other planets and they show no signs of stopping until they possess the entire solar system that they live in.

( NOTE: Each image depicts the first leader of each empire. )

The Quzai

Signature Weapon: Mechanical Weaponry

The Quzai appear to be human on the outside but their brilliance is shown best through their unrivaled intelligence. They surround themselves with all things mechanical, building everything out of their coveted machinery. Their city is purely mechanical, everything being electrically operated in some way or another. They even went so far as to augment their own bodies with machinery.  Some wished to stay natural but others jumped at the chance to become more intelligent and to enhance other attributes.

The Quzai also have very royal tastes. They prefer to dress in the nicest clothing possible as well as make every creation look in its most pristine condition. Because of that some Quzai can be eccentric and very traditional in their ways.

The Quzai are the inventors of the sky islands that float around the planet of Oselia. They are also the inventors of the ship called The Ark. The Ark was the very first ship invented that actually succeeded in space travel. Now, it is set in orbit around the planet of Oselia as a mother ship for all races to use for their purposes. Once they had discovered a way to travel in space they shared this technology with the rest of the empires so they can begin construction of their own fleets.

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The Zahai

Signature Weapon: Living Weaponry

The Zahai are an odd species of creature. They use a special power to infect any inanimate object and turning them into living masses. The Zahai use these masses for just about everything. They use it to fashion weapons and build massive buildings. Their entire city is one big living organism and so is every item that they use including clothing. The colors of each mass vary depending on the Zahai that converts it. Each Zahai can manipulate their form to some extent and they come in every color on the spectrum.
When the war happened, the Zahai were the most prepared because of the type of weaponry they used. When a Zahai is old enough to think for themselves they are tasked with creating their own weapon. It is the only weapon that they will use and it is very much alive. Unlike their architecture and clothing their weapon is sentient and has the ability to speak and think for themselves. Not only is the weapon sentient but the Zahai had to feast on biomass for three days. They build themselves up with the mass and then from their own bodies fashion their living weapon as they see fit. Some Zahai are also known for fashioning their living weapon into guns as well as melee weaponry.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The Caex

Signature Weapon: Magic

The Caex are a very proud and regal race. Since their beginning they have used magic and practiced its sacred art. They prefer things to be natural and they fashion their cities from the environment. They shy away from technology more often than not but don’t condemn those that use it. They kept to themselves throughout their expansion and rarely ever conversed with the other empires. When the war happened they were opposed to it and were the only empire to try and see reason. But, that was all for not and they were forced to fight against the other invading empires. After the war they began to blossom more on the social scale and in the present day, because of their natural way of things, are the main providers of all the food to each empire.

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The Kothar

Signature Weapon: Any weapon that’s larger than they are.

The Kothar are a race purely of beasts of all shapes and sizes. They boast brute strength over anything else and use it in their everyday lives. They’ve hollowed out mountains and uprooted trees for their empires expansion. They fashion their architecture from stone that they take from mountains. They were also the ones that burrowed into the planet of Oselia and hollowed it out so that it can be used for more expansion. The Kothar also have a “bigger is better” style to them, making their buildings as massive and huge as possible.

The Kothar come in many different forms all of them sporting a full coat of fur. Whether they be male or female they have a great amount of physical strength. Even the smallest looking of Kothar can break a boulder with their bare fists. This comes from their genetics. They gain muscle at a constant rate their entire lives and rather than growing in size their muscles are just condensed several times over giving them unimaginable strength. Their hierarchy is completely based on age; the leader of the Kothar is the eldest of the species.


The Cayosin

Signature Weapon: Their Bodies

The Cayosin are far from human. Their skin feels like paper and for the most part it is. The Cayosin’s original appearance was far too undesirable to even the eyes of the Cayosin. So, one of the first things they developed was synthetic skin to put over their grotesque forms. Most Cayosin’s synthetic skin look like many pieces of paper, making them appear to have lines all across their bodies. They do this on purpose leaving flaps across the skin so that some parts of their original form can come out and be used. They are experts of stealth and speed; they mostly use their inner form as a weapon. They use themselves as weapons by forcing the tendrils of their original form out and causing them to shift and become serrated making them excellent assassins. Most of the Cayosin are insane from simply being exposed to their own appearance. 

The synthetic skin the Cayosin use is more than just a way to hide their appearance. They developed bacteria that they inject in their systems so that they can use it whenever they please to construct such a skin. Because of this they can change their skins look at will giving them almost perfect disguises. However, because of the Cayosin’s insanity they unintentionally alter the appearance of the mimicked individual.

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Character Sheet
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player Name:
Character Name:
Rank: (If you’re not applying for king or queen leave this blank.)
Weapon: (If you are picking Zahai please include a physical description of your weapon.)
Physical Description/Picture:

Chapter 1: The Celestial Tournament
Finally, the day had come where space travel was no longer unique for the planet of Oselia. The empires now allowed any and all citizens of each empire to travel through space. It was completely open to the entire public. The empires had blossomed so much to make it this far. But, this red letter day came with an added surprise.

That night held a surprise for each king and queen of the five empires. The strange blue colored moon was high up into the sky shining its vague light down upon all of the homes. The bed chamber of each king and queen suddenly bursts open, the guards stationed outside each room unconscious. Framed in each of their doors was a strange figure. The armored figures wore pearl colored armor that shined brilliantly in the room. Each one also had a set of brilliant bright blue ethereal wings that waved gently like a flag. They all hold their hands out and drop a golden scroll with a gold aura coming off of it. Then each one bursts into a brilliant white light and disappears completely.

Each scroll read the exact same.

The planet Oselia has now reached adulthood. Upon finally opening space travel to your general public the kings and queens of the planet Oselia are now invited to The Celestial Tournament. Attendance is mandatory and if your planet has no representation it will be nullified. The tournament will be held in ten days.

This is where our story begins…

There is the introduction to the first chapter and the RP starts from there. If you made it down this far thank you so much for taking an interest in my idea. Everyone is welcome to join. There will eventually be more than just the five empires to apply for. But, for the most part, this RP is centered around the five empires.
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All the images work for me. The Kothar image is a bit off-center but all of them show off the individual quite well. If need be I'll put the actual links. If anyone else has a problem with the pictures let me know and I'll change it to the links.