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Author Topic: Nazz's Storyboard (M for F)  (Read 493 times)

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Nazz's Storyboard (M for F)
« on: August 09, 2012, 08:33:55 PM »
Hello [you], and welcome to my very own request thread!

These are all based upon the idea of M/F, where I will wish to play the Male part. However, I've ended up finding that F/F pairings for these are possible too, which I'm also not opposed to doing if you have faith in my ability to roleplay as a female despite my actual gender. None of the details of the below plots are set in stone, and discussion for modifying them is encouraged. If there's anything you wish to modify in your chosen plot, please do tell! That said, each plot is only currently planned as a short-term/one shot. If it fancies you, these can all transition into something much longer. If you find one you like, please PM me instead of posting here.I do understand a couple of these were typed out hastily, so if you need any clarification on any of them that you're interested in, say so! And, of course, do check my O/o's here!

The list might be small now, but updates can and will occur depending on what's taken and/or what's added/removed! I'll be sure to bump every so often when I make changes!

I've added a slot system! I'm willing to take up to 2 people for most RPs, and you'll know if a plot is full by the number and the big bold FULL in the parentheses!

Action: Knockout (0/2 slots)
Two skilled fighters come to the point of a challenge to prove who's the best through a sparring match. However, it seems the winner has a few special ideas for the loser...whether they like it or not.

NOTES: The details on this can vary a lot, I just want to try out the basic concept. Perhaps they're two old friends who just decide to test each other, and it ends up something consensual or otherwise. Maybe a couple of cocky strangers end up in the ring to beat submission out of another in a switchup situation. I'm not intending for this to be a legitimate beating-the-shit-out-of-each-other smut part, but moreso one takes advantage of the other whenever the opportunity presents itself. Just say what you'd be looking for as far as sexual content goes if you PM me about this one.

Fantasy: Demon Hunter/ress (1/2 slots)
A powerful supernatural being has been bearing down over an expansive kingdom, pillaging the surrounding villages without mercy. No knight has been able to stand up to him/her without getting their asses handed to them, but luckily, an experienced exterminator arrives to take care of the problem. He/she enters the mountaintop castle of the demonic entity, who converses and battles with the hunter/ress.

NOTES: This is more or less a domination-esque scenario. Either character has the potential to overcome one another and make them into any sort of asset they wish. Heavy BDSM or extreme-ish stuff isn't something I'd like for this, but definitely go for some enslaving or something like that.

Fandom: League of Legends (0/2 slots)
There exists a pleasant village in the midst of neutral territory built for the powerful Summoners and their favorite Champions to mingle and meet with one another in person. The village became a popular spot for members of both parties soon, and several establishments are built in case of different activities the pairs wish to pursue...including a hotel.

NOTES: I can play your favorite champion, or you can play your favorite champion. This is also pretty open in terms of sexual content too, which can also depend on which LoL champion that gets involved...

Semi-incest/Romance: Won't Give You Away... (2/2 slots, FULL)
He saw a boy walking her home today. Why could that be? Suddenly, he feels a sense of worry he'd never thought of before...could his sister be slipping away? Since mom and dad passed away, she has been under her brother's care, and that little sight is triggering his protective urges. Upon entering the house, he tells his sister he must inspect her to be sure nothing is "out-of-order"...

NOTES: This can be non-consensual or consensual, mostly about dominating from the male side. The reason "semi" is in the description is because anything like a step-sister or even just a childhood friend living together would be fine.

Modern/NonCon: The Tease(0/2 slots)
It's a very odd sort of friendship. She's been the childhood friend of his love interest, and was recently introduced to the easily flustered male college classmate through her. They only know each other through this connection, but she's taken a cruel interest in him. Though not really attracted to him(or otherwise), the alluring girl has been taking advantage of the way he reacts to her groundless flirting, always drawing back to laugh in his face just when he thinks he's about to get lucky. However, eventually she goes a little too far, and one of her simple little flirty pranks begins to backfire. This time, he won't take no for an answer.

NOTES: Based upon the idea of non-consensual, but can be altered to be a bit romantic/consensual.

I also have some pairings or ideas I'd like to try and work up a plot for if none of these strike your fancy:

Zombie Plague
Teacher/Student and vice versa
Mostly anything Anime-styled
Anything with Samus Aran. (Call me what you like, but the things I'd do to get in that...)

Thanks for reading [you], and hope to hear from ya! ;)
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