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Female looking for female to RP with!

Started by innocentliz, August 08, 2012, 09:16:30 PM

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Hey there everyone! I'm looking for some Female partners to roleplay with. We can come up with a setting though PM if you'd like I'll jot some ideas down but feel free to give me yours as well. I did a on/offs thread so you can check that out for what I like. I love sex in my rps but I also really like story and background and all of that so with me I'd like it more than just sex sex sex.

pairing for settings.

Bully/preson getting bullied (nothing too harsh)

you get the idea stuff like that.

Some setting ideas.

1) Nerdy, shy, lesbian sister who has a huge crush on her older more outgoing partying sister can never tell her about this crush but it has started to get between them making the nerdy sister avoid the older one and becomes angry fast when questioned too much, and it slowly gets reviled that she's a lesbian and who she likes.

2)The Tomboy of the school is pretty popular and is well liked to her classmates and teachers. She's an all star Soccer(football) player as well as basketball. Though she's popular and well liked she's never been on a date or even gone to a school dance because she is a Lesbian and no one at the school want to be "outed" as one for going with her. Her best friend, and lead cheerleader, always there to cheer her up with making it clear she's straight... almost too clear at times it seems she's trying to convince her self more than her friend that she's straight.

That's just a couple ideas that I would like doing at the moment If you like them great or if you have other ideas please pm me! Will rp on the forums or though pm/im it's up to you :3 thanks for reading!