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Author Topic: Cat's Cravings (Multiple ideas, from Light to Extreme)  (Read 776 times)

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Cat's Cravings (Multiple ideas, from Light to Extreme)
« on: August 05, 2012, 09:24:12 am »
Curiosity killed the cat? Hah! A little burnt fur maybe, but this cat is still very much alive.

I'm looking for a literate roleplayer to share stories with, from world-building tales to roaming pre-made worlds. I am fairly easy going about my own likes and dislikes, but a simple look at the O&O should answer any larger questions about that. Nonetheless, I am usually willing to adapt to my companion's wishes and carry games out with those in mind.

I aim to post 2-3 times a week at minimum, but I've had moments when I can post 9 times in a single day. It seems to depend largely on just what kind of a tale is in question, what kind of idea bouncing can be started between myself and my companion, and how the real life is proceeding in the background.

Summer time has caused a few games to run to a halt so I've been thinking about joining a few new games, or starting a few of my own. I've already looked at a fair share of other people's ideas and decided to post my own up for a thought as well. I can be reached by a post here or by private messages. I'll aim to update the first post here periodically about new ideas.

I'm going to list a few themes in mind for the game, as well as the role I hope to find someone to fill in a tale. I am always willing to discuss things and if someone is more than happy to play several characters at once, some ideas can be adjusted to make this easier.

*   The Lady and the Rogue (Romance, Class Difference, Short-Term(?), Arranged Marriage) (Needs a rogue or the lady) TAKEN
When a lady's carriage was attacked on the road by a group of bandits and the lady herself then held for ransom, the King had a feeling that it was a task his knights could not accomplish without endangering the lady's life. Few in the kingdom knew that the lady in question was to be wed to the Prince, and the announcement would have been made only when she had safely arrived. The fact the bandits had captured her right before her arrival had made the king very careful about this.

Rather than let the knights or heavens forbid the prince himself ride out to a rescue mission, he had a talented rogue brought out from the castle's dungeons. Promised a full royal pardon for his crimes and a sizable reward in case he succeeded, the rogue was sent to find the lady in question and bring her back safely. In the meanwhile the king would focus on gathering the soldiers just in case the first attempt failed. As dangerous as a direct attack seemed, if the rogue was caught they would have to take that chance instead.

What the king did not count on was the fact that on the way back over the countryside something might begin between the rogue and the lady as well, although she knew what life was waiting for her at her destination that time on the road might cause some complications.

*   Sultan's Heir (Romance, Harem, Intrigue, Multi-Character Game, Intrigue, Arabian Nights Theme, Long-Term (?)) (Need a Sultan or a strong female lead)
The Sultan died suddenly, and the people are in mourning. Securing the succession means the young prince has to rise up to the Sultan's seat soon, and begin to rule the lands. The Emirs are gathering to greet the new Sultan, and the Viziers are preparing for the change in power. As the young prince is brought to the city the people are already whispering hurriedly.

Emirs prepare to offer their loyalty to the new Sultan, and several of them have brought a gift. Whether an exotic slave-girl for the Sultan's new harem, or offering their own daughter as a wife or concubine, they compete for his favor, as well as influence. The Viziers likewise wish to gain his ear, and the Grand Vizier is not above this either.

Yet there are those, both within and outside the Sultanate, that believe the change of power was already due but the new Sultan is not fit for the job. Threats both internal and external surround the Sultanate, and the Reign of the new Sultan begins under ominous signs. Intrigue, deception, and much more lays ahead still.

*   Thief's Punishment (Bondage, Discipline, Humiliation, Defiance) (Needs Female Thief)
When a thief broke into the home of an eccentric nobleman she got more than she bargained for. Caught by a trap she fell asleep only to find herself in her current predicament. Prisoner to a nobleman that seems intent on re-educating her to be a more respectable person. Though she had been reassured that her virginity is not at risk with him (whether she is or is not, the nobleman used this term when explaining things to her) but her pride will face a challenge when he seeks to change her.

For the following days she is bound, exposed, embarrassed and disciplined. A collar around her neck locked in place to remind her of her status, a leash to take her out for a walk in little more than that collar around her neck, and if she has happened to be good, a set of leather straps that barely cover anything. Beyond that, its a matter of what the discipline takes, from wooden paddles covered with a thin leather skin, to feathers or shards of ice, and only getting further into strange from there.

Its a battle of wills, and the local guard are not amused by the fact a captured thief is not handed over to them but kept by the eccentric man in his home like this.

*   Training a Slave (Bondage, Dom/sub, Training, Discipline, Minor Drama, Short-Term (?)) (Need a slave to be trained)
Some become slaves as a punishment for their crimes, others are taken prisoner during a war and put into chains as part of the spoils of war, and yet some are born, or even sell themselves to slavery. In the Kingdom the practice of slavery is still alive and well, although the rules about the ways a slave is kept and trained are strict. They prevent the worst of abuse, and give even slaves some protection, but in the end they also make certain those bindings are enforced.

When a young master moves out on his own, their patron provides them with a new slave, instructing them to show what they can do. The offer is to either keep the slave for themselves and train them to suit their own need, or train and sell the slave for a profit once truly trained, as well as being officially invited to the Slavers Guild. Setting a slave free would risk losing the patron's favor, so a strange waltz is about to begin.

*   In a Drow's Dungeon (Bondage, Sadism/Masochism, Discipline, Humiliation, Forced Servitude, Gags, Collars, Rape) (Need a Captive)
Once in a while an expedition to the darkness beneath the mountains goes bad. Sometimes a person gets captured. When this happens, they may end up dead soon after, or find themselves in a new life of slavery. This is a story about one of such captives.

When a patrol of dark elves ran into the expedition a short fight broke out, and a handful of spells and poisoned arrows later those who were asleep were taken in as captives, and those who had resisted had perished still holding onto their weapons at the moment of death. The drow believe that to the victorious go the spoils, and these spoils include the captives. As such, one of them ended up in the hands of a fairly young Drow Priestess, and into her dungeon.

Now they face a life of forced servitude and a cruel mistress that delights in their torment. Rape may be present in the future, as it appears their mistress' tastes go for both men and women, and perhaps even stranger still. Will this strange life bind the person that entered the dungeons, or will they find some way out of their predicament?

*   Price of Peace (Multi-Racial, Cuckolding(?), Romance(?), Deception, Marriage) (Looking for Prince(ss) for both sides)
After a long war an agreement was made between the elves and the orcs. The borders were drawn that both agreed not to cross with hostile intent, and to seal the agreement a trade of sorts was agreed upon. The elven princess' hand to the orc prince, and the orc princess to join the elven prince. So sealed, the royalty of both races hoped to secure a lasting peace. The agreement also included the current rulers step down, but if their children ever rebel against the deal they would give the power back in the hands of their parents.

Thus there are strong bindings that make certain that the peace and the marriages should last. Yet how will the orc princess feel among the elves? How will the elven princess fell among the orcs? Will the peace truly last, or will something bring forth its downfall? Among the different races can a romance bloom, and if so is it between the married couple, or someone besides their significant other? Or will it be consensual at all for that matter. Only time will tell, and tensions are still high.

*   Security Breach at the Xenolabs (Monsters, Impregnation, Bestiality, Alien) (Need female labtech or monsters/aliens)
When the security breach alarm rang the staff only had three minutes to evacuate the xenolabs, and even then they would be thrown into an isolation tank for a while each, and checked to make certain they were clean before they'd be allowed out. For those who were not out before the blast-doors closed there would be a tough time ahead trying to survive until any sort of rescue operation would come, if one would be launched at all.

The blast doors sealed before one of the laboratory's technicians managed to get out. Working on the strange and bizarre might be an exciting way to earn a living but most people wanted a big, armored glass between them and the monsters being studied in the facility. Now that these beings were getting loose it might get very dangerous, and very uncomfortable in a quick order.

More will be added in time, but leave a post or send a message if you have interest in one of the ideas. These are framework, a lot can be changed and/or customized.
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Offline Miroque

Re: Cat's Cravings (Multiple ideas, from Light to Extreme)
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 01:38:22 pm »
Showing intrest in 2 of your plot lines..

In a Drow's Dungeon
Security Breach at the Xenolabs

Would love to play captive/scientist in those.