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Started by Bruja, May 05, 2008, 08:13:10 AM

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OK so I have not done extensive RP as a submissive, and since I am all about flexing my brain and creative juices I have decided to give it a whirl.

The New Assistant-

                 Mara's love of the written word and severe shyness has plagued her social abilities for years. She has very little interest in people, mostly because they fail to appease the ideals she has developed from reading, and of course she doesnt really talk to people due to the extreme shyness. Until she takes a job at an antique book collectors store as an assistant. Not one to sell the books, but to cataloge and help prepare them for auction. What she doesnt know is the owner/collector has unique and rather intense fetish for control, but soon finds out this quaint perfect little job comes with alot more than she bargained for.

So I am looking for a Dominate, male or female is not relevant, to help bring the shy violet out of her shell and into the world. So if your up to the challenge shoot me a pm or a reply here and let me know what you think.

Potentially non-con, definitely bondage, mental tension and master/slave relationship material. There really isnt a huge intricate plot involved. I know there about 500 other stories like this running around out there, but still I would like to take a shot at it.




It's pretty rare for me to write from the top side of things, but for you? I'd be willing to do my level best. *smiles* The only thing would be that time is at a crunch until school lets out in a couple weeks, so it might be a tad slow.


I can live with that, it would be a great pleasure to write with you Trieste, consider it a deal.

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