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Author Topic: Pick one I have many xD  (Read 1037 times)

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Pick one I have many xD
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:44:36 am »
***Added Requests***
All of these rps that are listed need male characters, mostly dominant, but read the description before you pounce on it please.
If you want any of these requests, please PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP, just send me the keyword in the <>. What I'm looking for is in the descriptions. Ideas are welcome, but not plot changes without permission, and if I say no, I mean it, thank you.

Female Needed
<Inferiority Complex>
A young male teen (senior in high school) is as crazy as they come; just as April vacation starts for the high schoolers, he murders three sophomore girls in a very inhumane way. In his eyes, he got them back for what they said to him. The search party who finds him and the girls consists of two women and five men, and one of the woman is your character, the older sister of one of the girls. Your character works at the mental institution he is housed at, either as an orderly, or a therapist, a doctor. Either way, you can help him try and recover, or you can hate his guts and spit at his feet. Either way, let's see if you can handle the boy who butchered your sister alive.
For the first part of this rp, you're going to play the younger group of girls who harass him all the time. You get to choose what horrible things to say to him that finally set him off! Have fun! Then for the second part you play the older sister. ^^


Male Needed
Angelique is just sixteen and somewhat shy when it comes to men. The twist is, she's homeless. She's always sweet to everyone though, and never really says anything negative to anyone. I'm just looking for a regular romance here, with a guy who is compassionate and very sweet as well. He doesn't have to take her in right away, but he could be new to the city, and came from a place where being nice to others is virtue. I don't really have a plot at the moment, to be honest, so if you think of something let me know.

This is the first post for an roleplay I started a while ago. It never really got continued, but if you would like, I definitely want to. Obviously this is a slave rp, male on male <3 And clearly he's being bidded off. What I would like to have happen later is something involving his sister, but that's way later xD

Aiji is a spoiled, rich brat of eighteen. She's pampered and lives in a life of luxury, something many people can't afford anymore. Father-dearest seems to do anything for her, which is the opening for your somewhat aggressive male. Late one night, he sneaks in and kidnaps Aiji (however you want to do that is up to you), then drags her off somewhere no one will find them. Of course, there's a ransom to be upheld, and the two of them hate each other. After several failed escape attempts and possibly unwanted sex (of course xD), they eventually start to warm up to each other. Mind you, your character can be either dirt poor or just barely getting by, but whatever the case, he has to be someone what mean.

<Male Slave>
Stephan is silent and submissive, a younger boy, about sixteen who is sold at a slave auction to your character, who is somewhat violent and very quick to infuriate, preferably spoiled rotten and always wanting his way as well as wealthy. He has a short temper, while Stephan, being the silent boy he is, refuses to speak. It's almost as if he can't, but that is for your male to find out. I don't mind if your character is a lot older, but not over thirty please. Obviously this is a sub/dom roleplay, so if you don't like that, then skip over it. I don't care what you do to Stephan; brand and piece him to your choosing. Even blind him and make sure that he can't talk period. Just no over-the-top things (go see my preferences). Feel free to cage and collar him as well. He's your character's slave after all. The storyline can be up to you as well, but don't mind if I throw things in along the way.

<Romance> (Tell me first or second)
Dominant, submissive, switch--whatever the preference is, just as long as he's not the blushy, shy type of guy who can't make a move worth a damn. Skylar doesn't mind. She's a big crybaby in the likes of things involving any soft of violence. I have two somewhat plots to go along with her, one a bit more extensive than the other.
~~High school prom night. Pretty amazing stuff right there. Dresses, tuxes, and the occasional snuck-in drug to make the girls all woozy so you can sneak them home and have your fun. In this case, Rohypnol is very useful. Slip it into her punch and you're done, yes? Not so much. That night, your character of course rapes Skylar in (possibly) the most brutal way possible. Lucky for your character though, she's not pregnant. This time at least. So he decides to give it another shot, or maybe a few, before he accidentally gets her pregnant. Skylar, only being seventeen and scared shitless of him after countless rape encounters (during the last week of senior year after prom, and of course after that in other places after stalking her a few times; have fun with it!) has no idea what to do. So your character has to gain her trust and show her that maybe he isn't the heartless man who raped her repeatedly, but rather a caring father and, quite possibly at some point, husband. Of course this is an extensive roleplay, but come on, it'll be fun~
~~The above plot can go two different ways. If you're not for pregnancy just like that, then we can do it this way: After meeting up with Skylar a few times, he slowly realizes that he is developing feelings for her, but she's terrified of him. How to deal with that is up to you.

<Fallen Angel>
I have this sort of idea playing in my head for about two years, but no one really bothered to pick it up. I need an aggressive, protective and pretty much territorial male who looks human, but is probably something like a vampire or something that's strong enough to overtake a human easily. But Angelique isn't exactly human. In fact, she's something a little more. She's a fallen angel without wings, and without her wings, she has no power. Your character has to help her find those wings and those powers, but of course it's not going to be easy, and your male may or may not be willing to help out. But eventually he'll have to agree. I already have a starting post written out for this rp, and it can go anywhere.
Basically what happened--and you'll get a background on this with the first post--is Angelique was pushed from Heaven by someone who wasn't exactly supposed to be up there in the first place. He used her, betrayed her, then pushed her to her second death. Of course it's nothing new to her--she's died many times. But it was different. It wasn't from Earth to Heaven, but rather, opposite. Everything looks different and modernized now, and she knows what things are, just not how they work.
Your character is basically homeless and lives in a broken down, leaky house way outside of town, and that's where she finds him in the pouring rain, wearing nothing but a tattered, white (now see-through) gown from above. He might not believe her when she tells him that she's actually an angel, and will probably laugh at her, but again, that's up to you. I would make him condescending though, and sometimes extremely mean and  verbally abusive. Of course, that should even out eventually.

<Female Slave>
On more violence-related terms xD I'm looking for a male who is MEAN. And I mean mean. Like break bones and stuff xD So...once again, preferably a vampire, or some sort of over-evil, blood thirsty demon xD This should go as a slave-type rp. I don't really have a plot, but I would very much like some romance involved way later. I have a starting post already; Akina is a rebel, grabbed off the streets at nineteen and this is her first time in the slave business. She needs to be taught some...etiquette.

<Arranged Marriage>
I'm looking for a human male, possibly around 20, or older, years of age, and he has to be very mature for his age. I have a female, who is 16. Her parents set her up with an arranged marriage with this man, and neither of them like it when they find out. The unexpected twist? They meet, but don't know who the other is. They never give names when they're together, and if they do, they're fake to protect their own identity. Their parents don't have a clue about what's going on between the 'lovers.' On the day of the marriage, they find out about each other what was supposed to happen originally. They get angry and argue a lot, but as before when they met, their love holds solid. Pretty much what I need for this is a dominate male who is loving, but has a somewhat quick temper. This is going to be set in the medieval era! Not modern.

I know, I know, there's a lot to read, but please please let me know if you're interested, and I'll do what I can ^^

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Re: Pick one I have many xD
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2012, 09:52:06 pm »
bump! lol