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Author Topic: Craving the Forbidden: Plot Ideas [F seeking M]  (Read 942 times)

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Offline psyche78Topic starter

Craving the Forbidden: Plot Ideas [F seeking M]
« on: August 02, 2012, 11:39:49 AM »
I wanted to name this request thread as Ideas of the Mortal that Angered a Goddess... XDD


There's the greetings and let's get down to business. *wink*

"Every plot is a cliché. It is how you deliver that marks the difference."

Color codes:
I prefer het sibling incest - older brother/younger sister, twins, step-siblings. Sometimes, also cousins.
I only write consensual incest.

Forbidden Fruit/Power Play
Any relationship that isn't suppose to happen.
(Incest is one but it's my favorite so I'm giving it its own place)
Teacher-Student; Superior-subordinate; etc

Well, all that involves something not usual.

Modified January 2013

All the loves!

Send me a PM if interested. Please DO NOT reply to this thread

But first, do check my Ons and Offs, like initial compatibility test.
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Offline psyche78Topic starter

Re: Craving the Forbidden: Plot Ideas [F seeking M]
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2012, 01:17:18 PM »
Plot sketches

A Secret Shared
She had always been the model-everything: a good daughter, outstanding student, name it. At first it was fine, she was not even trying. But the pressure to keep up the image gave her limited freedom on what she could explore. Especially when she got to college. Fed up, she flew to the other side of the world to spend a weekend exploring ALL that she would not. If it would mean sleeping with someone she meets there, then maybe she'll also be losing her virginity over the weekend. Given her 'sheltered' lifestyle, she spent time preparing - well, through books, reading over the internet and stuff. On the much-awaited weekend, she meets a wide variety of people and among them is a man that had her at first glance. A man who is bound to be part of her life anyway - a will be new professor in her department, in her university. A man who is also spending the weekend trying out a different life.
That weekend, he meets a wild woman and she meets a nice guy. But when they meet again, he will meet the polite model student and she will meet a very arrogant and dark man.
Notes: This RP can begin during that weekend or after, when she meets him again at school. It can involve him blackmailing her over what transpired between them in the island to have her sleep with him again, or to have her do things he wants done, etc. Age difference between characters can go up to 10-15 years or so, but not larger than 30 years age gap.
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Re: Craving the Forbidden: Plot Ideas [F seeking M]
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2013, 09:23:27 PM »
Runs in the Blood
Daniel was 23 when their parents died in a plane crash. Rosalie was 20. And they were forced to take over the house and look after their younger siblings. Daphne and Jason were 17 when it happened. There were too many people willing to look after them - they were kids with too much money. But Daniel and Rosalie are of age, and they were raised to lead, not follow. Left with a fortune to play with, along with Daniel's brains in business and Rosalie's skills in management, the siblings did not struggle financially. They managed to keep the family business afloat and send the twins to a well-known university.

Four years after the tragedy, Daphne and Jason are one step away from graduating in college, both with honors. That weekend, Daniel decided to give the twins a surprise. He and Rosalie both had a key to the twins’ flat. But the door opened to something that surprised him instead – Jason was fucking Daphne hard on the couch and his sister was moaning loudly by the sheer force of it. Who would have thought, Jason muttered to himself quietly, that their younger siblings were also doing what he and Rosalie had been doing for years.
Notes: Could be a small group RP or a solo RP with both partners portraying two characters. Names of the characters are subject to change. I only opted to use names for easier writing. What happens after the described scene is negotiable, debatable, open to discussion. I could just see it leading to many delicious things and I don’t want to limit it by imposing.
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Re: Craving the Forbidden: Plot Ideas [F seeking M]
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2013, 09:24:20 PM »
The Princess

Setting: Modern Italy

In the days when the royal families in Italy are but stories, Victoria is born a princess. A princess of Italy's mafia underworld. But by the age of 13, Falco fell. The Boss was dead along with all his consigliore in one night of ambush around the city. The Falco didn't simply fell, the family was eradicated. The princess was dead and never found, or gone missing to those remaining of the family that hoped.

Indeed she was taken into hiding by one of the only remaining consigliore of her father, Daniela, the only female consigliore of Falco. She was suppose to be death too, her car bombed. A female body was found but it was Daniela's identical twin, who was unfortunately riding her car that night. Victoria had always looked up to Daniela and found that the woman did not shed tears at the death of her family and Victoria thought she must not too. Daniela said it was okey but still Victoria didn't. She claimed that tears will not help them claim leverage. Daniela would have wanted to keep the princess safe but Victoria wanted to get back her father's ring by her own hands.

There are two strengths in a woman, Daniela said, something Victoria committed to memory. A true powerful woman will wield both and Daniela taught her both. Victoria was 19 when she emerged fully in Italy again. She entered a known university in Milan and was living under the name Gabrielle de Luca, an orphan that working part-time as a model. Daniela had orchestrated everything smoothly, Victoria was in a bus that was bombed on her 16th birthday, a true occurrence. She would have been introduced to the Italian mafia underworld at the age of 16, Daniela thought it was symbolic. She was sent to an orphanage after that. She was suppose to have lost her memories from the trauma and so she was called Gabrielle. There is no one called Daniela ever near her but the two kept contact. Constant contact. But Daniela does not exist in Italy anymore. After all, all Falco consigliore are supposedly dead. She remained in the shadows of the dark alleys and handsome cathedrals.

It's been six years since the Falco wipe-out and not one knows how Victoria Falco looked like anyway. Gabrielle stood 5'9" at the age of 19, a slender woman with beautiful green eyes that mirrors the depth of spring. Her hair is fiery red, fire around her delicate face that falls to her hips. She's among the few models that have substantial curves and flesh in her body. She took up Chemistry and is among the top in her class. Ever kind, innocent and gentle, no one would associate Gabrielle to the underworld of the Mafia world. With her tentative smile, her reserve façade gave her an air of mystery.

But she means to slither back to that world. She knew every name of the sons and daughters of every man and woman connected to the Brassili, the family that wiped out her own. Meeting Henry was the first step towards the old underworld again.

Henry can be a son or brother of one of the upper consigliore of the Brassili. Or the son of the boss, as long as he is connected to the Brassili. He's suppose to be older than her. A three to five years age gap. He can be student in the University too or a business man or a hotel owner. She can meet him in the university or in a party or in a modelling stint.

The idea is for her to wound up on the Brassili world, so there will be the need to play multiple characters but the main characters will be Gabrielle and Henry.