The Prince's Inheritance (Harem RP interest check)

Started by Snark, August 02, 2012, 12:45:12 AM

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Hey, I'm returning to the site after being away a long while, and wanted to retry a group RP I started a while back but things got muddled too early on and it didn't get to really go anywhere, but since there was a good number of people interested the first time around, I thought maybe I'd get the same luck again.

As you may expect the story takes place in a powerful desert nation, and, as the title implies the King has recently passed away, and left his kingdom and fortune to his son the prince- and also his harem of beautiful and talented young women- one that the prince wasn't even aware of! Despite being a bit shocked at this revelation, once he takes a chance and enters the palaces hidden room to meet his inheritance, he quickly develops an interests in exploring any possible kink he could think of!

We'll be putting a fantasy spin on this one, that way the girls can be one of many races- humans, elves, shape shifters- whatever you can think of!  I'll set up a character sheet once its seems like we've got a few people willing to jump in. My main idea is that each of the girls in the harem has "specialties" including a possible harem leader. There could possibly end up being some F/F in this- so being up for that may be a plus, but not necessary. Also thinking that some intrigue and tangled romances could make the plot go further.



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Well, that sounds like a start- a couple more and maybe we can get an ooc thread started


This could be fun and interesting depending on where it goes. I'd be interested in playing as a shapeshifter.

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I would like to join. This sounds very goood. I can play a human or an elf.
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