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August 15, 2022, 11:59:50 am

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Author Topic: Interest Check: Rising Shadows - The Cleansing of the Spirit King  (Read 509 times)

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This is going to be a Bleach rp.  If interested please let me know.

If you have not read the manga or seen it you can check out some information here:

Story/Plot: 250 years (shinigami years so like 25 human years) have passed since Aizen and his army were destroyed in Hueco Mundo and Soul Society has been slowly turning back to normal. Things are going pretty much like before with paperwork, training, and killing any hollows that go into the real world or plague the citizens of Rukongai. However the Spirit King has become a threat to them all. With his own army of spirit warriors, the spirit king plans to wipe out all of Soul Society and more to start over. He wants to mold the newer souls that come in to his idea of the perfect image and perfect soldier. It is the responsibility of the Gotei 13 to protect the souls, the people of Rukongai and the real world, but will they be able to do that and protect themselves as well from the King's cleansing.

You can choose to control a canon character, if you wish. You can control more than one and up to three canon characters.

If you want to be a captain or someone's lieutenant fine. However if you wish to control an actual captain or lieutenant that is also fine. You can NOT be captain or lieutenant of the 1st division.

You can choose to be a human, Shinigami, Hollows (Vasto Lordes) or Vizard.

If you want to control some of the King's spirit warriors and give them name or profile as if they were espada please ask me in a PM and I will tell you more about it. Just so I can keep track of spirit warriors and such. Anyone is allowed without permission to control any spirit warriors that can do damage and not kill but be killed. Also you are allowed to control random hollows including Gillians these must be able to be killed. No higher Menos can be controlled without permission.

Obviously there can be romances and such. I also do not mind canon characters being a bit or more OOC for the simple fact of the matter is that this is a whole new situation. If you keep them close to themselves though it would be nice as well.

Character deaths must be approved as well. I do not mind if you decide to make more than one character and kill off one. People must have permission to kill off other OCs from the person controlling them or must ask me for canon character deaths.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.