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Author Topic: The web of lies we weave (MxM story, looking for F or M)  (Read 773 times)

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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

The web of lies we weave (MxM story, looking for F or M)
« on: August 01, 2012, 05:18:06 am »
This is a separate story and kind of experimental in the way that I have never done a MxM story before, so I put this on it's own to see if there's anyone interested, anyway here goes.

Just to be clear, I'm looking for someone to play the feminine boy, to avoid any further unfortunate misunderstandings :P


In a school like many others, there's a group of guys notorious for being jerks and general bullies. It's a group of 5 guys who like to get under the skin of whoever they can and somehow get always seem to get away with it. This because everyone is afraid of becoming yet another target of their antics. One of the victims, is a petite boy with very feminine features. Not looking particularly manly is awkward enough on it's own and doesn't inspire confidence in the young man, but the bully squad of five always make his life miserable whenever they can. This mostly by constantly reminding him that he looks like a girl day in day out.

This happening so regularly he decided to strike back in a very curious and odd way. Having heard one of the guys is still single from some girls in his class, it appears he is rather shy. So the boy creates a clever yet twisted plan and decides to actually disguise himself as a girl and seduce him, this to later black-mail him with so he can finally lead a peaceful life at school.

In the big city and with the help of a little make-up and different clothes, the guy doesn't recognise the boy at all and things go exactly as planned. However, rather rapidly, the boy finds out the guy isn't anything like he expected. He's rather self-conscious and doesn't act anything like he does at school, he soon finds out he himself doesn't seem to like school at all either. Due curiosity at first, the boy delays the 'surprise', though quite rapidly finds himself enjoying dates being his 'girlfriend' and quite swiftly starts falling in love with him.

Now he finds himself getting lost in it, not wanting to get find out yet at the same time wanting to tell him but afraid he'll break off all contact.

-That's really the jest of it, and everything that happens after, of course. Lots of drama and surprising romance. Basically the young boy becomes a 'trap' if you're familiar with that term rediscovering his sexuality along with the guy painfully and slowly.
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Offline Le RandomBlokeTopic starter

Re: The web of lies we weave (MxM story, looking for F or M)
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2012, 05:49:56 pm »
Re-instigated this, using and old thread so I don't clog up my other one since it doesn't really fit. (A long way of saying bump, I suppose.)