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May 26, 2018, 10:46:59 PM

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Author Topic: Back in action and ready to write, F looking for Lit Dom Male  (Read 335 times)

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Offline SinairyTopic starter

Hi Hi everyone I am back and ready to start a new. This is something that as been floating in my head for a little while and I really want to get this one going. My posts can at times be slow, do to work and my day to day life. Though if this grabs me as much as I am hoping it will I'll be on top of it as much as I can. I really would like to find a person that can and will write long replies, I prefer well written and detailed replies. Though I understand some times that doesn't always happen. But here the world that as been floating in my delightful mind.

This world is more of steam punk-ish/ new world tech means old world era. There a lot of things I gotta flush out with it, but I hoping to find a partner that is willing to help me with it. I was hoping to play a neko(cat girl) or an elf type of women. Though I can't help love neko's ears and tails lol. I was hoping for my partner to play a male dominate anthro, I like the anthros that are more wolf/dog type foxes are always awesome too. Though I am completely open to other types too, just gotta sell me on it ;) But here a rough draft of how I see the world and what I would like to see happen to a point.

Its 4869 the surface of the earth had been abandon for over 2000 years, most people were living a pretty normal peaceful life on the colonies above the clouds. Though of course there are the airship pirates that love to bring mayhem were ever they go. There many different colonies spread out all over earth just above the clouds. No one from the colonies had every step foot back on the earths surface for thousands of years. It was rumoured that no one survived the attacks from the monsters that had crawled there way to the surface some 2500 years ago. It was expected that the monsters now run rapid ever were and it not save to return to the surface. So either out of fear or just not wanting to know, no one had ever tried to return, instead they just live there lives blissfully unaware of everything that is going on below them. 

It wasn't till as of late, that this one airship pirate captain thought it would be a good idea to go down and see what hidden treasures he could find. He had become bored going from colony to colony stealing and running a muck, he wanted to be known for something more then just his plundering skills. So he had come to dock on one of the largest colonies on the out rim of the skies, to stock up for this possible suicide mission.

Though his plundering hadn't gone unnoticed by the royals that call this colonies home. Luna had been hired to go and find this captain and his ship. To steal back, something very valuable for a the Lord of this colony. The Lord's daughter had been foolish enough to go out sky yachting with out her guards and her ship was captured and all there things taken, luckily no one had been killed. So here sat Luna, the most renowned cat burglar sitting in her feline form watching the lowest pirates get the ship stocked and ready for push off. She figured the others must be out partying it up at one of their local hang outs. She had no idea why they were here, or what their next stop was, but this was her best opportunity to get back that stupid girls items. Normally she wouldn't work for any one that shoat her out, but this man was paying her a very good sum of money for this items back. Though she was breaking one of her cardinal rules when it comes to recovering items. She was going in blind, and hadn't find out how long the ship was going to be at dock for. This was going to be her down fall, and take her life in a totally different direction, then she had planned.

(( What I was figuring was she would get stuck on the ship as it push off and headed for the surface.  Were either she would get catch and found out as a thief or as stowaway which she would be brought up to the captain to be dealt with as he sees fit. If you like this idea and wanna play this out with me please pm me and lets get this on the road))