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August 03, 2021, 01:51:44 pm

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Author Topic: A Night at the Poker Table (M For Anyone)  (Read 459 times)

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A Night at the Poker Table (M For Anyone)
« on: July 31, 2012, 06:59:38 am »
Hello, thanks for coming to look at my idea. I have room for one more game and have a plot running through my head so I thought I would write it out and see if I have any bites. The role is open to male and female players, I simply wrote it out as a female playing against me but males are more than welcome to send me a message.

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In the not so distant future there is a city ignored by most situated in South East Asia littered with crime and poverty. Once a year however there is gambling tournament held with the major attraction being a very high stakes poker game. The local head syndicate who controls the province has organized and run it for the past fifteen years without problem due to their very strict enforcement of cheating and people who would back out when payment is due. Taking a small portion of the profit they allow the worlds elite gamblers to have a chance at wealth that is normally unseen by the common gambler. Smaller syndicates have begun to allow almost anyone to enter, fronting the cash for their buy in, in agreement for a simple signature on a contract. The contract effectively states that they are legally now lifetime organ donors, sex slaves or pit fighters, whatever will net them coin until they pay back their debt or die. For the past six years, the illusive and equally seductive "Queen of Cards" has held the winners seat in the final table. Almost everything of her life is unknown, she appears only for the tournament to win a lifetimes worth of wealth and vanishes into thin air only to reappear the next year. Rumor on the street is she first joined up in the tournament when she was only eighteen, having an insight into peoples tells and an almost demonic ability to foresee the cards before they are dealt. What is known only to her is that she has been spending the money she has earned faster and faster as the years go on, getting cocky with her luck in the tournament. This year she gets into the tournament by giving what is left of her wealth to the syndicate for their cut, the rest of the fee for the players who she would be against written in a simple note, putting her very body as a slave on the line. The leader of the syndicate, Maou has always wanted to see her crash, burn and be humiliated and more than agrees to her proposal. This of course is unknown to the other players at the table, all of them being prestigious regulars who wish nothing more but to win back their losses and then some from the Queen of Cards.

An unknown man enters the tournament from a mysterious deal to a minor syndicate, having nothing left to lose he decides to put it all on the line. Having studied gambling his entire life he is quite proficient at it, but has never had enough money to enter the bigger establishments. He further struggles through the tournament,  yet somehow he barely makes it to the final table, most people calling it a fluke. His eyes filled with shock and dreams as he is regarded as fresh meat by the normal regulars, one less real threat at the table. Surely someone who has not been seen before in the tournament could not best even the worst of them, never mind the Queen of Cards. Yet he endures, playing small bets and taking equally small victories, watching the Queen knock out her opponents one by one with a cocky smirk on her face. Yet when it is only the two of them left in time she finds herself defeated, her almost demonic charm failing her as she looks at the river. Surely she could not have lost? This mere peasant, his arms and neck covered in tattoos looks at her with an astounded smile as he has won the tournament. With a dumbstruck smile he goes to collect his reward from the man only known as Maou, the Queen of Cards slowly following behind him knowing she has no other choice. If she were to run she would be killed, surely she could use her cunning and wits to somehow escape the situation? Yet when he finds out that he has won no actual funds what will he do? He now legally owns her within the province, the question now is what does he do with her and what of his own agreement?

The idea can be played out in a lot of ways, leading to a romance or having the two characters detest each other. It will most likely start out with forced or even non-con but even that is up to debate. No actual knowledge of poker is required so don't let that scare you off if you like the sound of the game. I would like to play out the final table in the actual game thread to set the tone for the game, allowing back stories to be told and emotions to run rampant before we get to the alone time. If this sounds like an idea you would be interested in please read some of my posts or send me a private message if you think we'll work well together, thank you.