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Author Topic: Impulses. [M for F, BON/NC]  (Read 430 times)

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Impulses. [M for F, BON/NC]
« on: July 31, 2012, 01:43:45 AM »
If you have any questions or ideas, or would like to try out any of these RPs please PM for the details and we can work it out  ;)

A Flower for the Prince One female submissive
In the Kingdom of Ellemer, it is customary for each city and town to provide a tribute to the royal family when a new heir reaches the age of his manhood, large quantities of food, art, and other gifts are sent to wish the upcoming Prince well and prove their fealty to the Kingdom. In addition, each providence is to provide a 'Flower' for the prince, a beautiful girl of a young age to be trained to serve all of the Prince's needs. Each Flower is given strict training on how to please and pleasure the prince. Some girls are raised to become chosen Flowers for the Prince, while others are sent in chains unwillingly, but are quickly taught to become subservient under the very strict training of Flower Masters, usually owners of high-end brothels or even retired beast trainers. This roleplay would begin with the arrival and training of a rather unruly girl from a town, sent to become what she believes is a slave to the Prince, and her training.
Variation: If interested, I could see this roleplay being about more than one girl being trained, if my partner would like to try something of that nature.

Science laboratory One dominant female
Late one night in a very secretive private laboratory, a young rather cocky male thief breaks in with hopes of stealing a rather important invention or formula, and selling it for a large profit. He however, finds himself quickly detained by the security system inside, and at the mercy of the only scientist remaining at the facility that night, a very powerful, perverted female. The female scientist is rather intrigued by the idea of taking advantage of the thief begins to sexually dominate him, using all sorts of different scientific sex toys she had invented for private use in the laboratory, and later taking him away as her new sex slave.

Essence of Erotica One female
A small, poor village located along the coast and far from the politics and affairs of the rest of the world is visited by a mysterious gypsy caravan one night, and a local farmgirl known for her well-mannered behavior and prudence buys what she is told would give her fantastical magical powers, a small bottle filled with a silvery liquid. She takes the potion and finds herself endowed with small magical powers and prestidigitations, a revelation that sends her ecstatic, with plans to make her life and work far easier and simpler. What she didn't know however, was that using her powers had a very interesting side effect, each spells she cast left her with almost uncontrollable impulses of lust and sexual frenzy, the urges becoming more powerful when more powerful magic is used. This roleplay would take revolve around the many sexual encounters that the young girl would find herself apart of, with herself, and the men and woman of her small village.

A mysterious benefactor One submissive female
A package arrives at the run down apartment of a young, newly independent female, who finds herself struggling to find the funds to pay rent and feed herself. The package contains a check to pay the next month of the apartment rent, as well as a set of instructions for the girl to simply spend the rest of the day at home, only in her underwear. Desperate for the money, and secretly slightly aroused at the idea the girl follows the instructions of the package and manages to keep her apartment for another month. However when another message arrives for the girl, asking her to perform increasingly escalating sexually humiliating tasks from her 'master' with the promise of more money and rewards, she finds herself torn between following the instructions of the man and losing herself to her secret desires and keeping her own sense of identity.

Island of the Amazonians One/Multiple dominant females
A lone male sailor is the only survivor of a terribly violent storm that tears his ship apart, and finds himself awoken on a strange jungle island. Upon further exploring the island  he finds himself captured by a native tribe that lives on the island, a group of women who take men and keep them as slaves for menials tasks, as well as sexual pleasure. The sailor finds himself at the mercy of these strange yet powerful women, and begins to be trained into his new life as a sexual servant.
Variation: Depending on your tastes, my character could be captured and used as a single women's slave, or passed around to multiple women if you are interested in trying to play multiple characters.
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Re: Impulses. [M for F, BON/NC]
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2012, 01:47:39 AM »
< intrested in all of your lines except Laboratory... (one submissive girl)
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Re: Impulses. [M for F, BON/NC]
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