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Author Topic: The Gate Seekers, Merchant of Desires (a modern fantasy mystery)  (Read 346 times)

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The Setting

In the quite town of Brin (fictional),mysterious events are taking place. A rumor is spreading that if you know where too find him a mysterious merchant is offering the impossible too become plausible. He can offer too you whatever or whoever it is that your heart most covets for a small fee of course. Of course fantastic promises like this are nothing new in the modern age, one only needs too go to facebook too find someone promising the impossible for reposting a message. The trouble is here and there people have actually gone missing altogether. More mysterious still is that the ones who disappear are altogether forgotten by almost everyone in town. In response too this a ancient and secret organization known as "The Gate Seekers," have sent in a team of agents too find what's happening to the missing people, find the merchant, and stop him or her.

Or maybe you're one of the townspeople with that are considered "the gifted," and still have memory of your missing friends and townsfolk, and are trying desperately too find out what is happening before you or someone else you love vanishes and are simply forgotten.

The Idea

Depending on how many people are interested in the idea I may just focus on the group investigating or the townspeople being affected the idea is pretty flexible in that regards. But "The Gate Seekers," would be a group of four to six who are well versed and armed in the ways of the occult and have sworn too protect the ignorant from the super natural. The townspeople being affected and the Merchant and his/her agents who are trying too seduce the city for their own plans. (If interested in the merchant's side of things PM, I'd like too keep things as big a mystery for everyone as possible). Humans are the main race on Earth, but as this a modern fantasy I'm pretty much ok with any humanoid race, obviously a centaur would stand out, but a cunning elf could probably hide his or her ears, or claim too be a "giant geek," and that they are fake.

In a nutshell it'd be like Men in Black but with mythical creatures out of fantasy instead of aliens, the conflict being inspired by Stephen King's "Needful Things," with a few original twists too the overall arc.

The Gates

In this world there are gateways that link our world, or “The World of Science,” too the world of Terra or “the world of magic,” the world of Tempest or the world of Darkness, (named such for the gigantic amount of demons and dark creatures that run rampant in it), and the world of Celestria or the world of Purity, (named such for the strict order that takes inside of it, everything has strict laws and breaking any one of them could mean death). 

The gates are widespread and sometimes hundreds of miles separate them, and while most of the world will never lay eyes upon them, there are “gifted” individuals who can recognize and see the magic around them. These people are considered too have origins too the world of Terra and therefore can see and interact with the different gates. Those brave enough can step through them, but it’s a dangerous Endeavour due to the extremes of Celestria and Tempest many who foolishly step through unprepared rarely are ever heard from again.

The Gate Seekers were funded by a group of “gifted” who were drawn together by a great evil force that was trying to subdue the world. Since then the organization has grown in secret and act as a police force of kinds looking too protect the ignorant from the super natural. The main headquarters is located in Europe but they have cells all throughout the world, and even have spread a great deal of cells into the world of Terra. The organization is compromised of more then just humans, as in the fae there are many that seek to right injustice it’s not uncommon too see races that have been shrouded in myth on Earth.

The Gate of Brin is located in the heart of the town.

Magic in the world of Science

Everyone born into our world that doesn’t have ties too the World of Terra are unable to perform or even comprehend magic. They are susceptible many great powers and are often prey upon for the vulnerabilities against it. Though due to the fact that magic itself really doesn’t exist on Earth a great wizard of Terra might find himself only able to perform minor tricks here. When a spell, hex, or curse is used on earth something must be used to compensate for it. Most of the time a magic user will use a spellbook or a wand infused with the soul of a animal as payment, though one can use their own life energy to perform magic.

If too much magic is used without allowing the spirit too heal usually the magic user will fall unconscious or go into a coma if the magic is great. In special circumstances where the spell is great the magic user may give their life to perform it, or all of their memories. Those who use too much without caution or reason are always lost and burned for it, above all else magic shouldn’t be taken lightly because their consequences for abuse are long lasting if not permanent.

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Re: The Gate Seekers, Merchant of Desires (a modern fantasy mystery)
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Open Spots

The Gate Seekers
Team Leader:
Team Member: Jack Sullivan: Untamed_skies
Team Member:
Team Member:
Team Member:
Team Member:


The Merchant
The Merchant:

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Re: The Gate Seekers, Merchant of Desires (a modern fantasy mystery)
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2012, 07:29:12 PM »
Name: Jack Sullivan
Age: 21
Race: Aasimar (human with large amount of celestrial blood)
Role: Gate Seeker
Abilities: Light:Jack has a racial ability of light, even in the darkest of places he can create little orbs of light that allow him too see in the dark without using much of his spirit at all.
      Electricity: Jack’s trademark is lightning he uses it too spark up his metal bat, and also uses it too propel himself into blows. He’s very flashy in his use and often pays for it with long naps afterwards.
Weapon of choice: Jack has a metal bat he normally carries on his back, he uses it too enhance is electric abilities, as well as a pick up game of baseball whenever the time may call.
Position in the town: Jack goes to college during the day, and works as a bartender at night too keep him close to the social life. It’s a easy position too hear rumors in.
Personality: Jack is a very laid back young man, only ever taking a situation serious when it’s critical. Many view him as reckless and lazy as he is very prone too simply enjoy himself when on a assignment then actually do leg work. While he is often selfish, it masks the overall good nature he has. He plays hero quite often and even if it’s from a distance looks too make sure his team and innocents are kept safe.
Background: Jack has been with the Gate Seekers from birth. His father a very skilled field agent, and his mother a half celestial it was natural that he ended up under their protection. He even grew up too embody a great number of his fathers talents and too anyone who took a look at him as he grew in the agency many thought he’d follow closely in his father’s footsteps. However while most people who discover The Seekers a wonderful awe inspiring thing, as it is usually their first glimpse into magical things. Jack views it as more of a prison. He was born too be a tool for their war against magic, and the entire process crossed him as a pain.
          His father died in the field when he was seven and his mother was taken by illness soon afterwards. With the entire expectations of the agency boiling down on his shoulders he lashed out. Often disappearing for long periods of time only too be drug back too his room and made a example of with punishment. There was a period of time the question was posed that maybe they should just imprison him for his own protection. However when he reached middle school Jack met Isaac Slade and Trish Morrison and found a kinship in both of them. Isaac being chosen too take on the Slade heritage and be a immortal, and Trish being a half elf he felt he didn’t stand out so much, and since both Isaac and Trish were very strict workers and learners the rubbed off on him in a good way.  For the first time in years Jack displayed the potential everyone else saw in him and easily excelled in the courses and training.
            Once Jack graduated high school however the three friends were split up and sent too different corners of the world, and as a result his careless attitude has begun to show more often. He was the former squad captain in his team but it was taken away when he elected too sleep in on the morning of a important operation and while he did show up in the nick of time to play hero two members were severely injured. Afterwards he’s been at odds with whatever lead they try too put him with, uninterested in all the legwork and preferring to enjoy himself when out investigating, it’s a task for anyone group he’s with too focus on the mission rather then the brief freedom he gets too enjoy that he has never otherwise had. Many would have given up on him if it wasn’t for the fact that whenever he’s been needed the most he has never come up short. The Seekers hope that with the new group he has been placed with Jack will finally learn too take the mission more serious but only time will tell if he will actually settle down.