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Author Topic: When worlds collide (Supernatural) (Girls Biky Gangs)- interest check [MUL]  (Read 417 times)

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Offline KateTopic starter

The pressures of keeping a family progressing had often taken its toll on men before to find them part of motor bike gang which dispensed of conformity and others expectations. Collectively strength appeared by choosing their own set of values that didn't attempt to fall inline with those imposed by society. But as equal opportunity in the workplace for women began, so did the appearance of similar pressures on the modern woman. Dreams and aspirations they held and promised others who relied on them all centered around continual success. Ones often thwarted by variables they had no control over. Frustration with being loyal to an industry that wasn't loyal back, two bikey gangs formed. Both entirely made up of corporate women who were all disillusioned with the American Dream.

At first the differences were subtle, one group, the "The Panthers" adored the modern high performance bikes, the other "Storm Seers" preferred a more classical layed back presence of the Harley. Both of their core values were the same, to be free to explore without strings of previous commitments given when times were different, but within months other changes appeared.

Both gangs had money and contacts from their previous careers intact, and used their wealth to further their gang's dream. The Panthers embraced modern technology and scientific research while the Storm Seers embraced the wilderness and sort the council of American Indian shamans to expand their awareness of life.

Due to planning and excellent corporation both gangs found successes that others could only dream of. Discoveries of researchers financed by the Panthers opened up occult translations of previous enigmatic alchemy symbols which had long confounded less financed historians and archeologists alike.  Meanwhile Storm Seers respect of the American Indian shamans was soon rewarded by the being introduced into the spiritual world the rest of the western world was all was all too dismissive of.

The Panthers had learned to be able to mind calming fields to meditate on symbols of crop circles in a manner which opened insight into sacred geometry.  Once this path was accessed the need for the calming fields reduced, once the trances became daily practice some began to apply their visions to focus on their own DNA. Soon DNA strings within their blood became something they could change to some extent by will alone. Those that were talented at doing so trained the others. After which effort to use their new found knowledge became coupled with the high-tech laboratories they owned and focus soon turned on true interpretation of all ancient writings.

What came of it was nothing other than outstanding. They had learned that Vampires of fairytales were not ones that needed others blood to survive, but a practice extended from the abilities the Panthers already knew which could fathom memories of anyone by sampling blood directly while they were alive. The fresher the blood the more clear the memory visions of the other became,
the more blood sampled, the more one could direct these memory visions to focus an issues that were interesting to the drinker.

Thus "abrupt rush of knowledge" and insight was very addictive, not due to need for the blood itself, but due to a literal thirst for knowledge such feeding provided.

As the panthers insight grew, so did their sensors, their eyes naturally adopted catlike pupils in the dark but bright lights soon became nauseating to those that followed the path. Many direct benefits were counted, they had discovered ability to stop and even reverse aging, remove their own genetic deformities, vastly improve speed and strength .. but it didn't seem to stop there, as new ancient texts were translated by their improving abilities to apply existing knowledge, everything seemed just the beginning.

Meanwhile the Storm seers sort the sage counsil of Monks from the East and Native Indians religiously, strange narcotics were used during fire-dancing rituals, stories told as an analogy became guide stones for pathways into mysticism. This en-devour instilled an ability to commune with their animal guides and spirit directly. Over time such exchanges imparted abilities to transform at will into impossibly powerful forms mimicking animals. Stranger still an acute sensitivity to the weather grew.  All in their gang could instinctively predict it, later some began to form an ability to even control its chaotic patterns.  The ability to channel spirit, animal entities and raw elemental forces made all they previously knew feel so far away. Both of these gangs had tasted different fruits of different tree's of ancient knowledge and were eating them as fast as new fruits appeared. Although both heard of the others strength growing, both were too focused on their own discoveries to pay much heed to the other. Small skirmishes occurred, none serious, but enough for both to be distrusting of the other. 

But there was a reason these abilities were learned before and had been oppressed in the past, for once others started developing so, it opened a portal to something else much more ancient. There was a reason witches were burnt at the stake in the past, and not all of it was due to superstition. A reason some knowledge was deemed forbidden.

Strange stories of other occurrences that couldn't be explained by either gang started to find the ears of both gang leaders, ridiculous at first but then other members of their gang became to grow nervous.


I will not be playing a character in this I will be storytelling only. Ideally later if another budding storyteller/writer joins tis and likes the plot I will share storytelling developments with them

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Offline AurelieCatena

Interested. I'll keep an eye on this to see how it evolves.

What would be the general plot? Will the two clans fight each other or ally against more powerful forces?

Offline KateTopic starter

There may be a few "heated disagreements" between them but more of the latter.

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Allow me to offer my tentative interest, hoping that this gets some interest. :3