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Started by D is for Demon, July 23, 2012, 04:58:48 AM

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D is for Demon

d is for Demon
Hello, everyone, I'm d, and I have many years of RP experience.

If you're into M x M, m//, slash, however you like to term it, then I would like to play with you.
I have just a few simple rules and requests and some ideas for us to play around with, if you like.

So, first the part no one likes, including me...

--No scat
--No mpreg
--No bestiality (no, werewolves do NOT count, in my opinion they are just really hairy & snarly people!)
--No characters under 18 years of age

Now, with that aside my list of kinks I like at least occasionally is long, and I am more than willing to cooperate with most fetishes. If in doubt, just ask.

I ask that you return me at least 3 sentences a post, and that you pay at least some attention to the red squiggle indicating the spell-checker. I am not a literacy Nazi, I just want to feel like I can read a post without consulting a 2nd grade teacher for assistance.

Please do not god-mode. Do NOT kill or seriously mutilate my character without my say-so. That does not mean you cannot kick my character around, beat him up, etc. Please do!

I like to play switch or submissive characters; that being said, I will never give you a clingy, whiny, wimpy boy to use. My characters all have balls in TWO senses of the word!

I prefer being dominated; by an older or more powerful character even more so.

And now, for another list..

Supernatural: I love vampire x werewolf, human x vampire, human x werewolf...
--twisted fairy tails
--The Hunger Games (au preferred but convince me to go canon)
--Historical fantasy - I love many different eras of history from the Roman Empire to the 1960's

Some pairings I really like include (the role I want is first & bold):
*human x werewolf
*Panem AU x Panem AU
*Snow White (male) x huntsman
*bankrobber x sheriff/F.B.I.
*asylum patient x psychiatrist
*fae x fae, mage, or human
*vampire x werewolf
*gambler/gunslinger x sheriff
*Loki x other god
*knight x prince
*Sith Apprentice x Sith Lord
*drug addict/prostitute x cop/normal guy
*serial killer x serial killer

I also am interested in master x slave themes!

So, if any of this interests you, PM me please, or email me at: d.is.for.demon@gmail.com
...by a knight of ghost and shadow, I summoned am to tourney...

D is for Demon

ok, one month, so, bump, bump, bumping this!!! O8)
...by a knight of ghost and shadow, I summoned am to tourney...