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Author Topic: M Seeking F to Play Married Heroine [Action, NC, Forced Infidelity, Pregnancy]  (Read 2040 times)

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Hi all!  I've had this general framework of an idea rolling around in my head for quite some time, and I can't seem to get rid of here I am, writing my first advertisement on the Requests board.  Basically, I'm looking for a sassy, motivated female player with both a romantic and smutty side to play the role/write the story of a strong, sexy heroine.

I'm flexible on the details of the setting, but to give you an idea of what I've had bouncing around so far, I seem to be tending toward something modern, with either an Indiana Jones-style flavor of pulp adventure or a Bourne Identity-style spy flavor.  Ideally, there would be lots of bad guys, lots of action, and lots of movie-style violence...not so much gore for the sake of gore, but if you want to take some mooks out, then you're gonna take some mooks out, knowwhatI'msayin'?  If I had my way, and if things work out and we mesh well, this would be a long-term/episodic RP, with hopefully a cast of support characters and especially arch-nemeses that would make recurring appearances.

The right candidate for this would be interested in playing the heroine, mainly, as well as any NPCs that specifically catch your interest.  I would be responsible mainly for the male lead/love interest, as well as the "environment" or majority of other NPCs (with your input behind the scenes!).  There would be a pretty heavy NC quotient in the story...our heroine is strong and sexy and a fighter, but she's highly desirable and unlike Hollywood's whitewashed fare, the villains don't just tie you up and walk away here on E.   ::)

As for the "cheating/infidelity" label in the title, I keep thinking that it would lead to intense moments if the heroine and male lead were either married or committed to each other in some way.  I foresee many erotically-charged moments for her, both with her lover and with the dastardly evil-doers that they'll encounter, and I have this urge to explore the jealousy/guilt/arousal involved in testing their bond.  The evildoers in their adventures will not take no for an answer, and in many cases the fact that she is married will just make the heroine more alluring...forbidden fruit, right?  It's not the same thing as the old "cheating wife" scenario...she doesn't go around looking for it, and though she may tease men with her body or use it to her advantage to get the job done, she fights to stay faithful to her husband...she's just not always successful.  ;)  I hope I'm making sense with my explanation of this aspect of the RP...if not, please feel free to PM me and ask or offer suggestions/clarifications!  I'd much prefer to receive PMs anyway, just to keep this thread clean.   :-)

And, since everyone seems to have inspiring pictures in these posts, here are a few of mine:

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- Blame Xandi for this one, and for putting the cheating/fidelity angle in my head.   ::)
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Re: M Seeking F Heroine For Adventure With Cheating/Infidelity Elements!
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2012, 12:08:56 PM »
Additional inspiration!

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Re: M Seeking F Heroine For Adventure With Cheating/Infidelity Elements!
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2012, 07:52:59 AM »
For anyone interested/intrigued by this idea, here's a relevant writing sample!

Writing Sample:

        The large Cablecast repair van blended well with the other vehicles parallel-parked along the sidewalk as the tall, jumpsuited repair person approached.  People were walking up and down the city street, as per usual, and no one glanced twice at the guy in the ill-fitting uniform.  There was a click as the back door unlocked, and with a discreet glance directed first one way, then the other, the technician climbed inside.
   The view of the van’s inside was completely incongruous with the nondescript exterior…so much so that Elena Williams found herself grinning a bit as she removed the faded cap from her head and shook out her long red hair.  Rows of monitors and communications equipment lined the left-hand side of the vehicle’s cargo area, while the right-hand side was filled with racks of tactical equipment…varying types of firearms, explosives, climbing gear, and pretty much anything else that a few years doing her kind of unusual work had taught her to pack, just in case.  The chair mounted in front of the various monitors and panels squeaked slightly as its occupant spun it around to face her.
   “I’m guessing from the grin on your face that things are going according to plan?” Matt Williams smirked, arching one brow at her.  With his height, he’d insisted on the largest van size available even before completing his mental checklist of the tech equipment he’d need to help coordinate his wife during their operation.  Wide-shouldered, with thick, sandy hair that never liked to stay combed, wire-rimmed glasses, and a boyish, crooked smile, he looked truly happy to see her even if he did give in to the impulse to tease.
   “You guess right,” she replied, her grin only widening as she sauntered the few steps to the post that her husband and partner occupied.  Leaning down, she pressed her lips against his in a kiss that began as a familiar expression of affection but quickly slipped into something more intense when her tongue traced the curve of his lower lip.  With a low rumble of arousal, his hands slid to her hips, squeezing and massaging before the two of them finally separated, panting lightly.
   “You always get like this just before a job.  If you aren’t careful, I’m going to be tempted to write you off as an adrenaline junkie, Mrs. Williams,” he breathed.
   “If you haven’t already written me off as one before today, I’m going to be tempted to question your surveillance skills, Mr. Williams,” she responded tartly, feeling the pleasant flush in her own cheeks.  No matter the situation, it seemed that they both responded to each other in the same way…one becoming enflamed always seemed to immolate the other.  It had led to some interesting situations during previous assignments, but the timing on this one was such that Elena had to force herself to step away from her husband and begin preparations.
   “I dunno…” Matt grinned as he watched his wife move out of reach and begin tugging the zipper downward on her borrowed uniform.  “From where I’m sitting, I’m thinking I’m really good at surveilling some things in particular…”  Despite her skill at camouflaging herself, Matt knew that his wife was worth surveilling by anyone’s standard.  At 5’10” tall, she certainly got peoples’ attention when she walked into a room.  The sides of the bulky, oversized jumpsuit separated as she pulled the zipper all the way down, nearly to her crotch, and she stuck her tongue out at him as she pushed the arms of the garment off of her shoulders.
   “So basically you’re saying you’re trained in female body monitoring…”  Toned, strong arms came into view, along with a stout white bra that - while designed to minimize both protrusion and movement - completely failed to hide the fact that she was very well-endowed once the jumpsuit was out of the way.  The ill-fitting uniform slid to the floor, revealing the rest of her curvy frame:  wide, rounded hips, a belly that would always look soft and feminine regardless of her training regimen - complete with a small pooch beneath her belly button that curved down into the front waistband of her matching white briefs, and long, strong legs with thighs that would show surprising definition whenever she used those muscles.  Many people would likely say that she was “thick” in a fertile, feminine way that harkened back to the days of renaissance painters and their ideal subjects…Matt preferred to say that she was built like a brick outhouse.
   “HIGHLY trained,” he coughed as her hands went behind her back and unfastened her bra, those heavy mounds immediately springing the undergarment outward and falling free.  They succumbed somewhat to the force of gravity thanks to their sheer weight, but they had a slight upturn at their peaks, forcing them into a gorgeous teardrop shape that Matt had to turn away from before he lost focus completely.  He made a show of fiddling with the controls and double-checking the surveillance equipment they’d discreetly hidden the day before in the high-class apartment building less than a block away.  One screen was dedicated to a rendering of the entire building, with floor plans, ventilation ducts, crawlspaces, etc as layers that he could select, filter, or display on the fly.  Another was dedicated to timekeeping, with the current time shown in large letters along with a countdown timer pre-set to coincide with their exit strategy.
   Elena grinned to herself as she watched her man out of the corner of her eye.  Despite the amount of time they’d been together, she still saw clear reminders of how she affected him.  Still, the job had to come first, and while some tension would help heighten her awareness, she tried to focus more on the business at hand of getting changed and getting her hair back under control and less on the tightening of her nipples and the low, needy ache that had been building between her legs during their kiss and her husband’s…visual appreciation.  Within the space of five minutes or so, she’d traded the functional underwear for a satiny black strapless bra - which Matt had already established was a true feat of engineering for not only containing her prodigious breasts but also for presenting them in the most alluring way possible - and matching thong.  Once that was done, she stepped into a strapless little black dress with a hemline that came more than halfway up her thigh.
   “Zip me up?” she murmured, presenting her back to her husband.  He blinked as he turned and saw the view from behind before doing as requested, the soft buzz of the zipper audible in the quiet vehicle.  His task complete, he couldn’t help letting his hands trace down the curves of his wife’s silhouette in the stunning garment.
   “Well, what do you think?” she asked, spinning around to face him.  Between the way she’d coaxed her hair into falling around her shoulders in a cascade of curls, the twinkle in her eyes as she watched his reaction, and the amount of pale flesh on display, Matt just had to stare a moment before responding.
   “I don’t think they’re going to look too closely at your ID or the guest list,” he finally smirked, shaking his head in bemusement at the tightening he felt in his own uniform.  His wife’s looks were definitely part of her arsenal when it came to certain aspects of their job, and he accepted that…but that didn’t mean he was immune to her charms himself.
   At that moment, one of the timers let out a long beep.  “It’s go time,” he noted, his face turning serious as he donned a headset with a microphone attached.  Elena nodded, slipping a tiny listening device in her ear through which she’d be able to hear his voice, and activated the microphone that was sewn into her bra.
   “Testing?” she whispered quietly, feeling out the sensitivity of the mic.
   “Loud and clear,” Matt nodded.  He reached out and grabbed her hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing the back of it gently.  “Be careful, Elle.”
   She grinned and squeezed his hand before pulling hers away and heading to the back of the van, checking that the coast was clear before opening the door.  “I’m always careful…” she winked before slipping out and popping a shoe with a suicidally-high heel onto either foot.


   The short walk to the building’s entrance didn’t take long at all.  “You know I hate the plans that involve you being weaponless in the beginning, Elle,” Matt’s voice whispered in her ear as she rounded the corner.
   “Come on…did you really think I was unarmed when I stepped out of the van?” Elena teased back.  “Anyway, you know as well as I do that there’s no good place to hide even a small knife in this outfit.  We picked a good spot to stash the equipment, and I’ll pick it up once I’m inside.  Now give me a minute to deal with the doorman.”
   The uniformed man at the door was wearing the dull maroon and khaki of the building’s colors, and he looked seasoned enough.  The holster for his sidearm was worn but well-maintained, and though he was polite, he only gave the guestlist a cursory check to make sure the fake name she gave him was on it before waving her through.  “Okay, first hurdle down,” she whispered as she headed toward the elevators.  “I don’t think he ever looked above chest level, but he didn’t ask for my ID either, so I guess the dress was worth it.”
   “I already knew the dress was worth it,” came the dry reply in her ear.  “I’ll prove it to you once you get out of there with the package.”
   “Promises, promises,” she responded before hitting the button and waiting for the doors to part with a quiet hiss before stepping inside.
   “All right, got you on camera one,” Matt noted.
   His wife did a little shimmy and winked toward the hidden wireless camera as the elevator quickly ascended to the penthouse.  “The camera loves me,” she joked before opening her stylish clutch and pulling out a mirror to check her hair.
   “So do I.  Okay, there’s a guard in the elevator lobby, I can see him on camera two…and some guests making their way down the hall to the penthouse.”
   The doors hissed open again just as Elena put her mirror away, and she sashayed out of the elevator and past the guard.  She gave him a friendly smile as she went, and Matt had to just shake his head as camera two clearly caught the well-dressed man’s head turning to check out the passing woman’s rear end.
   “Hope I don’t have a panty line…” she whispered.
   “Not with those panties.  I checked,” her husband responded with a snort.  “Okay, the other visitors are coming into sight of cam three outside the door…if you get a wiggle on, you can enter the penthouse with the group.”
   “If I wiggle very much in this thing, something’s gonna pop out…” Elena muttered under her breath as she lengthened her stride enough to just catch up with the other four people.  They looked to be classy, high-society types, though as they turned to go through the doorway Matt was able to get a better look at the man who was second in line.  The monocle was a dead giveaway even if the angle wasn’t fantastic…and he was carrying a briefcase.
   “That’s Von Durant ahead of you…and it looks like he’s got the package.”
   Elle didn’t answer immediately, instead offering a winning smile and nod to the mountainous guard at the door as she drafted through on the group’s coattails.  The interior of the penthouse was so lushly decorated that the female agent had to glance around twice.  “This place is ridiculous,” she murmured after snagging a flute of champagne from a passing waiter.  “I guess robbing tombs and stealing ancient artifacts from foreign peasants pays pretty well.”
   “I guess it DID…but the Agency says it won’t this time, and what the Agency wants, the Agency gets,” Matt murmured back as he adjusted the feeds on the screen.  “God, what a lot of stuffy people in one room.  I’m scanning for the target.”
   “Don’t bother…Faltroy’s not in the room,” Elle noted as she mingled.  “Von Durant’s heading through another door, and he’s still got the suitcase.  I guess they’re going to do the exchange early on so they can spend the rest of the evening getting tipsy.”  A couple of the elegantly-dressed women that Elle passed got a bit wide-eyed as the tall, stunning woman went by, and perhaps because they don’t fill out their dresses quite as well, the verbal sniping began.
   “I suppose it’s obvious everyone here would be rich.  SOME people seem to enjoy showing off their treasure chests,” one sniffed at the other.
   Elle had to choke down the urge to make a scene, and instead settled for giving the slightly older woman a scathing glare.  She downed the last of her champagne, deposited the empty flute on a passing tray, and moved in the direction that Von Durant had gone.
   “That’s the back stairwell…it goes up to the roof, and down to the next floor below.  Camera six shows a guard at the landing…if you can take him out quietly, the ladies’ room where we hid your change of clothes and equipment is just a short trip down that hallway.”
   Elle gave it a slow five count, swept the room with her eyes once, and then carefully slipped out the door into the back stairwell.  She was just in time to hear the door one flight up close, apparently admitting Von Durant out onto the roof, and she carefully looked down to see the back of the guard below as he lit a cigarette.  The guy was fairly beefy, as well-dressed as the one outside the door to the apartment had been, and the thought enters her mind that the guards INSIDE the place just had to all look like football players.  She’d have been much more comfortable going hand-to-hand with the guy at the front door to the building.  After a deep breath, she started down the stairs, being mindful of her heels as she went.  The guard turned around in surprise, reaching beneath his suit jacket as he went, but stopped short when he saw who was approaching, instead lifting that hand to run it through short-cropped hair and down the back of a very thick neck.
   The redhead gave him her brightest smile and shrugs apologetically.  “Had to use the little girls’ room, and the one upstairs is occupied…someone told me there’s one on the next floor down?” she asked innocently enough.
   With his eyes roaming appreciatively over her outfit, the thug nodded.  “Sure is, sweets…right out the door here and down the hall to the left,” he informed her, suddenly feeling very helpful indeed as he eyed the deep valley of her cleavage.  With the way he was looking at her, Elena felt like a piece of candy being dangled in front of the hungriest kid on the playground.
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Re: M Seeking F Heroine For Adventure With Cheating/Infidelity Elements!
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More relevant visual inspiration!

NSFW pics need to be kept in the approved only sections.
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NSFW snipped-Staff
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Still looking for the right lady!   :-)

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Just gonna give this one a little bump...