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Author Topic: The Last Days of Sapphire Point (F seeking M)  (Read 424 times)

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The Last Days of Sapphire Point (F seeking M)
« on: July 18, 2012, 08:24:36 PM »
Two kinks that have captured my interest of late are incest and pregnancy. Since I tend to like RPs that take place in at least a semi-believable setting, and are at least slightly plausible ... well, I usually don't come up with too many concepts where all these elements are compatible. (Most incest/pregnancy doujin that I've read tends to be cringe-inducingly funny, in an awful way, rather than any sort of a turn-on. ::) ) However, I came up with the following idea ... here's hoping it works, and it might interest you.

It's the year 2025, and there's a Second Cold War going on, this time between the United States and China. Cyberwarfare is the main face of this conflict, but just like in the good old days, there's a nuclear arms race going on as well, with each side developing creative and new weapons of mass destruction, enough to reduce the world to a cinder a hundred times over. 

Out in the Pacific, there's a small island known as Sapphire Point. There's an abandoned U.S. Air Force  base there - no planes, just empty, derelict buildings. It's also the scheduled target for a new weapon called the Omega Bomb - and the U.S. plans to drop the bomb there as a demonstration of its power.

Presently, the weapon and its target are top secret. Only a handful of people even know of the existence of the Omega Bomb. Among these people are the soldiers and pilots stationed at Pacific One Tango, the island base where the bomb's located - and where the missile containing it will be launched from.

A bunch of teenagers - children of some of the military personnel at the base - decide it'd be fun to check out Sapphire Point before it gets blown to Kingdom Come. They lie to their parents, saying they're going on a trip in the opposite direction of Sapphire Point ... and then they set sail for the doomed island instead.

Of course, there's a storm. The ship crashes on the reefs off the shores of Sapphire Point. Some of the teenagers are tragically killed ... the only survivors are a brother and sister. They have no way of calling for help, and any would-be rescuers or search crews are looking for them a hundred miles away, in the wrong direction. And in three days, they know the most powerful weapon ever invented will be heading their way.

What would they do, all alone on an abandoned, with three days left to live?

Besides exploring the ideas mentioned at the start of this post, I'm looking for someone to collaborate on the details of this story with me. What happens between the brother and sister? What do they find on the island? How do they try to get help? (And what happens if the Omega Bomb never shows up??? ::) )

I'm looking for someone to play the character of the brother. If interested, please check my O/Os and previous posts to see if my writing style is something compatible with yours ... and shoot me a PM with any ideas you might have for your character, and more importantly, for the story. If there's a good fit between your ideas and mine ... well, we might have a story to write. :)

Thanks for reading. :)