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Author Topic: Kokaine's Kravings - Selectively Seeking Partners (M/F/Futa)  (Read 2507 times)

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Kokaine's Kravings

Warning: Slow poster alert! - Just to be fair, if you're a person that likes to post to a thread daily or can't handle slower posting (roughly once a week as long as nothing crazy happens) then I am not the partner for you. My group games tend to come first and my work schedule can be exhausting. There are times when I may post more frequently but ultimately I don't want to have to feel bad for my posting rate. I already had to let go of games because of that. If this does not bother you then feel free to read on...

Below are the bare bones of a couple story lines I am wanting to play. They are not fully fleshed out because I prefer writing to be a collaborative effort and not a fill in the blanks type deal and even what details I've provided are always negotiable.

Feel free to PM me if you are interested in anything you see here but before doing so please be sure you have looked at my O/O's! If something is not clear feel free to ask of course.

For the record I play females, males, and have dabbled in intersexed or other characters. M/F and F/F pairings are my favorite but I am interested in developing my skills as far as playing other pairings. I do prefer stories with a healthy mix of plot, romance, and smut and the better balanced they are, the longer they are likely to last. Smut heavy will likely only go so far and plot/action without any sort of romance or sexual tension in the story usually bores me quickly. I will also sometimes consider playing the same idea with more than one partner as I enjoy the differences that that two different individuals can bring to the table. Plus since nothing here is absolutely set in stone, once the brainstorming/plotting process is done we may indeed have two very different stories!

Also note! Lately I've had a craving to play a full on Domme or full on submissive so if you have any ideas that might fulfill either craving I am certainly up for listening.


*** = Craving!

Close Cover - F/M or F
Spencer Rios
The situation: Daniella Spencer Rios (named after her mother and her father's childhood friend) is daddy's little princess. Her father is a powerful man who walks his dark path with a natural ease and no regrets but he is aware that his enemies would love to take him down by harming the one thing he cares about most in this world: his daughter. As such, his daughter has spent every day of her life with at least one bodyguard present with her at all times. Her safety is of the utmost importance and even though it breaks his heart to deny her anything, her father is quick to do so if it puts her in danger.

Currently, Spencer's father has found himself in a war on two fronts. His enemies have zeroed in on Spencer as a key piece to taking him down but he refuses to let that be the case. As two attempts to kidnap Spencer have already been thwarted, she has been taken (against her will) to a secret location with a small but very capable guard detail. The house is spacious, well furnished, and stocked well enough to meet any of her needs. The grounds are just expansive enough to allow the illusion of freedom without compromising safety but of course there is high tech security, high walls, and a contingency of exit plans should they become necessary. The location is secluded and known only among a handful of individuals.

My Character: Spencer Rios is 21 years old and is frankly tired of being treated like a child. Growing up she was home schooled and not allowed many playmates other than the servants' children or her many “uncles” so she spent a fair amount of time watching, studying, and learning the very things no one wanted her to know. She is intelligent and crafty and is not shy about getting what she wants. Her father believes her to be sweet and innocent but the truth is Spencer knows full well what kind of man her father is and despite being young and fairly inexperienced in the real world, she's a chip off the old block with a skill set not even her father fully knows about. She is headstrong and can be very demanding and will not hesitate to try and manipulate others into doing what she wants when the direct route is blocked.  She is far from being some helpless damsel—she shoots as well as any guard in her fathers employ and can take down a grown man nearly twice her size (though daddy doesn't know)—but she also has a softer side she keeps hidden.

What I am looking for: 1-2 people to play her bodyguards (and other NPCs if they so choose).

-Bodyguard 1 (m or f): Grew up with Spencer and is relatively close in age but has been thoroughly trained specifically to protect Spencer at all costs. This person knows her intimately and is never far from her side. Spencer's father is fond of this person and treats them like family but does not let them forget their true purpose. I am looking for this to either be a love/hate relationship with lots of tension or a forbidden lust/love deal.... feel free to play with the concept.

-Bodyguard 2 (m or f): Highly trained specialist that has just been appointed to Spencer's detail though has worked for her father for a while. They should be a little older and knowledgeable about the situation and absolutely deadly. They will function as the head of Spencer's personal guard and receive all official orders.

I am looking for a threesome (f/f/m or f/m/m if both males are comfortable with m/m interaction) and wanting to explore a story line full of sexual tension and some deeper feeling as well all while a plot rolls on in the background. Yes, I mean plot w/ romance and sex. I love love love tension! I am not opposed to adding elements of D/s but it isn't required at all. Mostly I am looking for 1-2 people (player gender does not matter to me, only well written characters) that want to create a good story.

Breed Secret - F/M

Based loosely upon The Breeds Series by Lora Leigh

The daughter of a once high ranking scientist working for the Genetics council has spent her life under the ever watchful gaze of her parents for reasons unknown to her. That is until a breed assassin goes undercover to get close to the young woman in the hopes of gaining valuable information. The breeds have reason to suspect the young woman's father holds some very key information regarding the breeds, information that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately the assassin finds more than he's bargained for when he comes face to face with his mate, a young woman that has no idea she's a feline breed herself.

I am open to playing either the male or female role in this one. I am looking for someone at least loosely familiar with the book series as there are aspects to being a breed that I'd like included and its just easier if you've read at least one of the books.

One Shot Ideas:
Open to expanding into longer term stories or to play as shorter scenes.

Rider Mine
Name: Rider Mine

Content: Human or possibly Exotic - open to F/M, F/F, M or F/Futa. Kink level negotiable, no non-con please.

Scenario: Character A comes from a long line of dragon riders of old, however in their present times dragons are little more than myth whith much of the old ways having been lost to the ravages of time. Even magic has nearly faded from existence.

Until Character A stumbles upon a large stone hidden in a cave. They would have ignored it and kept going about their business but this stone seemed to glitter ever so slightly in their torch/lamp light. What was more they swore it was calling to them. Confused but intrigued despite themselves, Character A returns day after day to the stone to investigate it.

Meanwhile Character B, the dragon, is slowly awoken by the presence of the one destined to be its rider. The bond is formed through the continued exposure until finally a young dragon bursts free from the stone egg.

Basically I am wanting to play out this intense bond (it is not supposed to be some gentle or easy thing) between dragon and rider.

Setting: Alternate Universe or Original Setting

Requirements: Firstly let me say, I do not anticipate sex involving the large dragon form. No thank you. The dragon will possess the ability to transform.

With that said, I will be playing the female (or possibly futa) dragon. I am looking for someone to play the rider--real life sex/gender/identity does not matter so long as you can play a convincing character. Which character is dominant or not is totally up for discussion if that even matters. The rider may be of any humanoid race provided there is not an extreme size difference and they are not excessively monstrous. No slimy anything, please! I could possibly be convinced to switch roles and play the rider for the right partner, so feel free to ask if interested in that.

I will also point out that I am not extremely well versed in any particular dragon lore or setting so this is primarily freeform. I'm open to considering particular 'verses if they are fairly easy to understand but essentially I will play the dragon I want to play.

I have no mandatory post length though I prefer more than just a couple lines and less than a novel please. I try to give at least as much as I get. Roughly one post a week is all I'd be looking for but I am open for exchanging shorter posts a little quicker. I'd be willing to make this into a full on one on one if someone was interested. I'm open to try new things as long as it's not something explicitly listed in my Offs.

Other Info: My O/Os

Better to Reign in Hell***

Name:  Better to Reign in Hell

Content: Human M/F - Kink level negotiable but could include bondage, elements of D/s, non/dub-con, etc

Scenario: I have more of a general idea than a specific plot but I am interested on writing out a modern twist on Hades and Persephone's story.

Persephone was Queen of the Underworld. Despite how the events came to be, she reigned in truth and was beloved by all the denizens of Tartarus, most of all by Hades--the harsh and cruel Master of all doomed to dwell below. It was true that Persephone grew to love Hades as he coveted her, but in all the ages never once did he give her the words she longed to hear. So finally, fed up, Persephone escapes and hides herself away as a mere mortal.

Flash forward some negotiable amount of time and Pershephone has set up a nice life for herself when suddenly, Hades tracks her down...

And things would go from there.

Setting: Modern & Mythic

Requirements: I will be playing the female role. I am looking for someone to play the male role--real life sex/gender/identity does not matter so long as you can play a convincing male preferably Dominant but loving.

I have no mandatory post length though I prefer more than just a couple lines and less than a novel please. I try to give at least as much as I get. Roughly one post a week is all I'd be looking for but I am open for exchanging shorter post a little quicker. I'm open to try new things as long as it's not something explicitly listed in my Offs.

Persephone's human guise is up for discussion as well if you have preferences.

Other Info: My O/Os

Name: Stalked

Content: Exotic | Bondage or Extreme. Open to kinks.

Scenario: Your character, a male were of whichever canon species you prefer, has caught scent on my girl and decided she should be his (can be for a night or for keeps depending on chemistry and what backstory we work out). My character, either a human servant of a local master vampire or a vampire herself depending upon preference, will be flirty, even outright teasing him, but ultimately leave it at that until the pursuit begins in earnest. Either he lures and traps her somewhere inside or he follows her home, I'm flexible.

The goal of the scene is smut but with some plot elements to make it a bit more juicy. With the right partner this could be turned into a longer RP--which of course would mean more of a balance between plot and smut.

Setting: Anita Blake Alternate Universe. Possibly even one of the canon locations.

Requirements: Post roughly once a week at least, though faster is certainly acceptable for this encounter. Min 2 paragraphs but I'm not gonna be a nazi about it as long as I have something to go off of. I do love description, even if it's more your character's inner thoughts. Tension is total WIN.

I am not looking for hardcore non-con though dub-con is totally acceptable and even likely. I will be playing the female role. She will be a switch by nature but far from a push over. I am looking for someone to play the male role--real life sex/gender/identity does not matter so long as you can play a convincing male. Male character must be Dominant. Bonus if writer is open to furryxhuman sex but not an absolute requirement.

Other info: My O/O's

Game Over - *Taken*
Name: Game Over

Content: Human M/F - Lots of teasing, possibly revenge, kink level negotiable

Scenario: She'd been in his class for the past two years. She always sat somewhere where he couldn't help but see what she was doing, couldn't help but notice whatever it was she wanted him to see. And she wanted him to see alright. It was clear it was all for him. Flashing whatever lay beneath her skirt or sending him inappropriate messages during class or other ways she'd try to get his attention. She even ran into him outside of class and would find ways to touch or tease him further. She was a spoiled brat who always got her way and for some reason she'd decided that toying with her teacher was what she wanted to do, that she liked teaching him the lessons instead of the other way around. However, while he couldn't manage to make her stop or work up the nerve, or even desire, to report her antics he'd always held firm to the few lines he refused to cross. He'd never reciprocated her touch or did anything that could put him in jeopardy. It was hell watching her, hell this little game, but on some level he enjoyed it as much as she did.

Then the fateful day came. Graduation. She was out of school and, if rumor was to be believed, she was headed for some big University far away from him which would effectively end their little game.

Only it didn't end. Or at least not right away.

She went away but the messages still came for a time, sometimes little wishes of a carnal nature or detailed descriptions, even pictures. Until they just stopped halfway through the year, cutting him off from their game so abruptly it was like the biggest tease of all...

He waited and waited, but nothing further ever came and in his desire for more even his usual methods of getting off ceased to work for him until it was only her pictures and her words that he craved. He was about at the end of his wits as far as what he should do about the problem and then she came back home for the summer...

Setting: Modern

Requirements: I will be playing the female role. I am looking for someone to play the male role--real life sex/gender/identity does not matter so long as you can play a convincing male somewhere between the ages of 30 and 40. Older but still in decent shape--skinny does not do it for my muse, sorry. Interracial possible.

I have no mandatory post length though I prefer more than just a couple lines and less than a novel please. I try to give at least as much as I get. Roughly one post a week is all I'd be looking for with the option for more if the muse strikes. I'm open to try new things as long as it's not something explicitly listed in my Offs.

Other Info: My O/Os

Beauty and the Beast***
Name: Beauty and the Beast

Content: M/F or F/F - Vampire, Blood play; light bondage, light pain, dub-con are negotiable

Scenario: A variation on one of my favorite themes...

A centuries old vampire who once thought love a foolish mortal game, spots a young woman and instantly is drawn in. She might be a seemingly ordinary woman going about her day, homeless and a true diamond in the rough, or a bored rich man's betrothed--it doesn't matter. He's seen her, glimpsed more than the outer layers to that certain something hidden within, and he wants her. He will have her.

The scene will open with the female character having been abducted and whisked away to a secluded estate from which escape is highly unlikely. Her kidnap will have been the result of him stepping in to save her but she may only have glimpsed this or thought she dreamed it. She will not know, at least not at first. Still, it makes no difference to vampire... From there the seduction will begin.

Setting: Modern

Requirements: I am open to playing either character in this instance. Though there is indeed a little substance to this RP (and it could be expanded into a longer RP really if someone is interested in the romantic aspects) this is intended to be a highly sensual and sexual RP.

The main character is a vampire and I expect that blood will be apart of the story though it need not be the central theme. Still, if blood squicks you out when sexualized in any way, this is not the story for you!

I have no mandatory post length though I prefer more than just a couple lines and less than a novel please. I try to give at least as much as I get. Roughly one post a week is all I'd be looking for with the option for more if the muse strikes. I'm open to try new things as long as it's not something explicitly listed in my Offs. My O/Os

Other Info: While my partner's character is of course largely up to their preference, if playing a female I'd prefer she'd have at least average bust size and not be flat chested. Athletic and/or curvy females capture my interest more than thin or boyish. With males, I prefer athletic/muscular and tall. Average works since personality and manner can still enthrall but not skinny, please.

Other ideas/potential pairings/settings that don't have specific plots just yet:
(bold indicates preferred role, if no bold then I can play either role)

Yang X Blake - from the RWBY series
Korra X Asami - from The Legend of Korra
OC Tag X Canon or OC Character - from Gangsta.
Jessica Hamby X OC Female - from True Blood
The Black Dagger Brotherhood
Anita Blake Series
The Merry Gentry Series
Resident Evil (more movie 'verse than game)
The 100
The Walking Dead
Akame Ga Kill
Air Gear

Furry X Furry
Human X Furry***
Dragon X Rider
Vampire X Werewolf
Vampire X Human
Werewolf X Human
FemDom X Submissive Toy
Assassin X Mark
Succubus X Human
Demon X Human
Futa X Human

Anime characters transplanted to the real world...
Original Superhero origin story...
***Beauty and the Beast theme...***
Anything involving Greek, Roman, or Egyptian Gods. Celtic Gods work too.
Fae settings...
Childhood friends reunited...
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Re: Kokaine's Kravings
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Updated info.

Actively seeking writing partners!

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Re: Kokaine's Kravings - Actively seeking partners (M/F/Other)
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Added One Shot Ideas.
Minor clean up of overall post.

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Re: Kokaine's Kravings - Selectively Seeking Partners (M/F/Futa)
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With my focus shifting away from group games I've decided to give solos a real go again though please make sure you've checked out my O/O's and can handle a slower posting rate if you do PM me. I will only play on the forum usually in threads but possibly by PM if I feel comfortable with you. No IM RP requests please though you may contact me via messenger to chat or plot so long as you identify yourself.

Minor update to ideas and cravings.

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Re: Kokaine's Kravings - Selectively Seeking Partners (M/F/Futa)
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2016, 01:20:15 pm »
Potential Story Idea...
>F/F only, Weird West type setting (monsters, magic, steampunk-ish), Soiled Dove, Female Outlaw<

Name: Harley
Faction: Unknown to the public thus far
Date: June 1872
Time of Day: Night
Location: Outside town / Miss Greene's Room
Tagged: N/A - Closed

A soft breeze shifted around Harley as she stood before the fire, the orange light shifting over her features and casting them in shadow despite the darkness that waited just beyond the light's reaches. Her normally sober features were even more drawn, a deep sadness just managing to break through the tough shell she'd crafted about herself at an early age. Fortunately there was nobody around—at least not anyone conscious—to witness the slight fracture but even if there had been she wasn't sure she'd have been able to hold back and that was just plain unacceptable to her. Crybabies didn't make it long in this life and she had no intention of provin' those cacklin' roosters right by letting emotion be her undoin'.

The moon but a mere sliver in the sky, Harley looked up as fingers of doubt made her question her decision. Her gaze landed upon that waning crescent and lingered as if it might whisper something to her. Of course, no such help was forthcoming and again she was reminded that a man—or woman—made their own destiny with their own two hands and whatever combination of right and wrong they saw fit to commit.

Her hand tightened for a moment and as her gaze lowered back to that dancing fire she felt her resolve firm and settle into place with and an almost audible thump that reverberated though her chest. In her hand she held a folded note, the paper gone ragged from the way her fingers had rubbed across it nigh relentlessly since she'd first received it. She knew the light scent of honeysuckle that clung to the fibers. Knew the silky caress of the cornflower blue ribbon that was tied around it. She even knew the dainty, flowing scrawl and its pleading request like the back of her hand.

Just as she knew what her answer had to be...


Like always, the first thing she noticed was the scent of honeysuckle.

It enveloped her, teasing her senses and invading her being with every inhale, trickling throughout her body to slowly loosen the knotted tension in her neck and at the base of her spine. It was a scent she had come to associate with comfort and companionship freely given—something that she would never admit to needing—and every time she smelled it the tight fist that squeezed her innards on a near constant basis eased for just a little while.

Candlelight played about the room, softening the edges of the expensive and quietly elegant decor. Unlike some of the other rooms at Miss Greene's, this room was understated, opting for simplicity over extravagance and much like the room's occupant its quiet beauty spoke for itself.

“I was beginning to think you wouldn't come, stranger.”

“Aww, now don't I always show darlin'?” Harley's head tilted, revealing dark eyes smudged with heavy shadows from beneath the tilted brim of her borrowed hat. “Though I admit I was surprised ta get your invitation. Tonight ain't our usual night doll.” They met every fortnight, the same night, just a few hours before dawn when Harley would climb her way up to the second floor to slip in through the open window. The Madame knew of Harley's visits but so long as they were kept discreet and and the woman kept up with her rent, she didn't have too much to say about it.

“True enough,” came the reply. “I suppose I just wanted to see you. Though I am beginning to think you like making me wait.”

Harley couldn't temper the smirk that crossed her face as she watched as the woman rise from where she had been perched upon her bed to made her way nearer. The chemise she wore slipped down off her slender shoulders and the pale swell of her full breasts teased over the top of her corset while her sheer, layered petticoats swished about her with every stride. Harley dared not take a step further into the room to meet her, her dusty boots remaining in place where they'd landed just inside the open window she'd come through. “Naw, Gem. Way I sees it ain't much sense in makin' you wait. Ain't nuthin' to be gained by wastin' time.” She shrugged, a languid motion that lifted the shoulders of the over-sized duster she wore—again borrowed.

“Mm-hmm, says you stranger.” Miss Gemma May Tyndall, or rather Gem as she went by, smiled as she stepped closer to Harley, her hand lifting to slip beneath the ridiculous coat the woman wore to push it off shoulders grown stronger than she reckoned they ought need be. “Perhaps you'll be so kind as to tell me your name this time 'round?”

It was an old question. One that had been asked since their very first meeting when Harley had run off a couple hard cases attempting to make trouble for the pretty young Miss on her way into town. She had admittedly been on her way out of the hell hole that was Gomorra but unfortunately she never had developed the sense required to mind her own damn business when good folk run into trouble.

She shoulda kept ridin', shoulda kept to her own and high tailed it outta there quick as could be but hearin' the young woman scream had brought her round faster'n a strike of lightening. Dismounting the stolen mare she'd though to ride out of town, she had picked her way around to the direction of the noise to take a closer look and the sight she'd come upon had roused a deep loathin' in her gut. Quicker'n she could register her well cared for Peacemaker was in hand, her lips drawn back in a sneer. At first she had aimed for a head shot that had seemed to be pointed out by the moon herself but after some consideration decided against the trouble that might follow that course of action. Instead two well placed bullets shot from behind the cover of some rocks helped convince the two bullies the pretty young filly wasn't worth the trouble. Their pain filled hollerin' did little to ease the raw burn in Harley's gut but the desired results were achieved and that was all that mattered in the end.

After the two got on, ridin' their sorry mounts away in tizzy, Harley had crept forward from the shadows and had done her best to set Gemma to rights. The woman's face had been bruised and was swellin' something fierce but it seemed Harley had arrived in time to prevent any more than that and a little tearin' to her garments. With barely any urging the young outlaw had settled the woman back upon her horse and after sending her own ride back into town riderless to find its way back to its owner she'd escorted the shaken woman to her final destination.

Every time she saw ol' Bart about town now, barely a nub where his left thumb had been, she got a serious hankerin' to finish the job but for her own sake more than his she restrained herself.

“Name's Harley, Gem, just Harley.” She shrugged out of the duster she'd borrowed from her buddy Jasper, letting Gem take it and the hat to be hung up out of the way. After downing a fifth of firewater, poor Jasper was soaked, layin' ass up and snorin' so hard half his bed roll had likely disappeared. Wasn't likely he would miss his hat or coat none. As big as he was one would assume it'd take a lot to do him in but Harley reckoned she could out drink that bull of a man five times over with barely a wobble and she weren't no sponge. Big JP was just a soft one but considering he had both charm and manners when he wanted to, she had nuthin' against the bill feller. He also had more luck than sense but he was handy to have in a fight, be it bullets or fists, and was strong as an ox which meant Harley didn't have to deal with too many unwanted advances when he was around.

“Mm-hmm, says you stranger, says you,” the purty dove commented as she made short work of ridding Harley of the ill fitted mens work shirt she wore. Pausing long enough to shake her head when she got a look at the bindings the tall young woman had wrapped about herself in an attempt to minimize her bosom, she tsked at the woman she'd grown quite close to.

“I swear I dunno why you do this to yourself.”

“Says the woman wearin' the torture device.” Harley laughed as she gestured toward Gem's corset, her timbre dark and rich and seemingly holding a maturity far greater than her mere 17 years. She'd been stuffed into the damn things a few times herself and couldn't claim to miss them any.

“I have no idea what you mean, stranger. I dress as a proper lady should.” Gem wiggled her brows as she unwrapped the bindings. “Besides, I don't attempt to hide what God has seen fit to give me.”

“No ma'am, you most certainly don't.” Thick eyelashes lowered to shutter brown eyes that had gone to heated pools of melted chocolate and her hand lifted to brush across Gem's cheek. A sigh shuddered out of her as her bindings were done away with and she was able to take in an unrestricted breath. A light butterfly kiss was feathered against her breast bone and then her shoulder and her lashes lifted to take in the pretty features of the petite raven haired female beside her.

“I shouldn't be here.” The same old protest when it was already too late.

“Shush now.” Fingers trailed along her back, making her skin ripple with the sensation. “If it weren't for you... well, who knows where I might be now. Least I can do is offer you some ease. Won't hurt nobody none to let me.” The same argument for more than a year... Only this time, Harley was forced to swallow her words back as her gaze met those clear, cornflower blue orbs, unable to voice the fact that it might very well hurt someone.

“Come, lets get you cleaned up some and relaxed, we ain't got long.” A bright, inviting smile urged an answering grin from Harley and after toeing off her boots she let herself be tugged further into the room.

Sometime later, after she had been washed and rubbed down with oil that gave a light scent of vanilla to mingle with her natural cinnamon and spice, Harley sat on the edge of the bed, her legs drawn up to her chest while a brush was pulled through her hair. Her eyelids grew heavier with every stroke, Gem's soft humming soothing to her ears. It could easily be said that there was no other time Harley was at her most vulnerable than when someone got to messin' with her hair. For some reason the simple act seemed to lower her defenses almost completely as she took comfort in the gentle play of fingers through her tresses.

“There's something I should probably tell you...” The words seemed to trail off as Gem hesitated and Harley stiffened. “There's... someone.”

“Someone?” Her eyes closed for a moment as everything seemed to seize up for a moment.

“A gentleman... he... he wants to take me away from Gomorra.” Harley didn't move or respond and Gem rushed on to continue, “He says he'd take care of me. That I wouldn't want for anything and that all he'd expect in return is children. I haven't yet accepted his offer but all the others think I should.”

“Whut're you tellin' me this for? Seems like it's all you've ever wanted wrapped up in a pretty little bow right there.”

“No... not quite,” came the quiet whisper. “But it is a grand offer, one that's hard to refuse...” the brush stilled, “not without a good reason I mean.”

“And you've got no good reason to refuse. You said yourself you didn't want to be here forever. Here's your ticket out.” Harley's feet dropped to the floor and she pushed herself up, all the warmth and comfort she'd felt just minutes ago drained away to leave her cold. She didn't understand why, but then again she wasn't in the mood for deep thinkin' just now.

“I don't know. I guess... I guess I was hopin' somebody would give me a reason because as pretty a picture as he paints, there's something empty about it.”

“Empty?” The word was said incredulously and Harley shook her head. “He offers you the world an' you say its empty? Darlin' I'm not sure what it is you're lookin' for then.” She stalked over to where her clothes were waiting and began to dress.

“Love Harley, I want love," Gem admitted with a sad smile.

And that admission was met with a snort. “Well you sure chose a helluva place to look for it. Do you remember what I told you that first night? Before I dropped you off?”

Gem looked away then, her gaze going to the candles beside her bed, and she nodded. “You told me no matter what a body was running from, Gomorra wasn't a place anyone with a lick of sense should run to.”

“Exactly.” Harley all but growled. She wasn't even sure why she was angry but she was and her chest felt tight and her eyes hotter'n high noon during a Texas summer. “That hasn't changed. Do yourself a favor, don't look for a reason to stay Gem, get out while you can.”

“Where are you going? There's still time yet. I don't want you to go.”

“It's better if I do. Might fall asleep or sumthin' and I cain't afford you darlin'.” A weak excuse.

“You always fall asleep.” The words were spoken quietly, Gem's gaze now resting on her as she finished dressing, something resigned in that pretty blue gaze. “What's different now?”

“Nuthin' just need to be gettin' on.” A lie.

“Fine. Let me fix your braid at least. I'll do the fancy french braid you like.”

Gem crossed the room and Harley didn't bother to brush her off. As those smooth, pampered fingers slipped into her hair again, Harley knew it would be for the last time. So when it was time for her to go, and Gem asked her usual question just as she started to slip out of the window to climb back down, the Texas outlaw surprised them both.

“Can I at least know your name, stranger?”

Harley looked up from beneath her borrowed hat and with a tip of the brim replied with a lazy drawl, “Name's Isobel, ma'am. It's been a real pleasure.”


The hiss and crackle of the fire seemed inclined to pull her down memory lane but that was a trip Harley could honestly do without. Taking the ribbon from around the note in her hand, she tied the pretty blue silk strip onto the end of her braid. It was decidedly out of place against the drab background of her clothing but she didn't care. It would mean little to anyone else but her anyhow.

The words of the message were already etched into her mind but for some reason she unfurled the note and reread it for what must have been the umpteenth time since the mute kid had found her at sun up.

In the wake of your silence a decision has been made. I leave tomorrow.
I know you won't come and say goodbye but I can't help but ask one last time.

She took one last look at the neat scrawl and with dry eyes gone dull, dropped the message into the fire. For a brief moment the scent of honeysuckle rose up to tickle her senses but then it was gone, overtaken by the smell of the fire and the outdoors as quickly as it'd come. Across the way Jasper lay ass up on his bedroll again, snorin' so loud nuthin' would dare approach, and Harley settled down to watch the fire burn til it guttered out.

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Re: Kokaine's Kravings - Selectively Seeking Partners (M/F/Futa)
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Looking for a one on one set in this universe (Broken Bonds, New Orleans setting -- ask and I will gladly fill you in ;-)) with either of these characters. I am open as far as what the story itself revolves around and M/F or F/F pairings are possible. Kinks negotiable.

Name : Contessa Rose Levesque
Alias : Known as the Contessa at her club | Tessa to most, Foxy or Red to close friends | Concrete Rose on her artwork
Birthdate & Age : July 28th | 27
Gender : Female
Presentation : Rogue Guide

Occupation : Manager, Hostess & Performer @ The Gypsy | Tattoo Artist
Alliance : Tessa is first and foremost loyal to herself. There is a loose affiliation with the TKO's and other rogue operations who might need help hiding or moving people.
Relationship Status : Single, Unbonded--though she works to cover this as best she can
Sexuality : As pansexual as they come. Tessa may be attracted to an individual for any number of reasons but has a weakness for bad boys/girls/others. She's capable of switching but honestly she craves a strong Dominant for a partner. Thus far she has never been with a sentinel for safety reasons. The thought of bonding actually bothers her quite a lot.

Height : 5'8"
Body Type : Healthy
Hair : Waist length | Always dyed some shade of Red or Pink (she's not even sure what her real color is anymore)
Eyes : A pretty pale brown (really hazel)
Distinguishing Features : Contessa admittedly has a flair for the dramatic and is able to give off an air of the exotic without ever having traveled anywhere. Her voice is low and smooth, all smoke and heat that goes down like a sip of bourbon, and her mannerisms graceful and deliberate. She takes pride in her appearance. Her style choices might shift from day to day as far as hairstyles or clothing during personal time, but regardless of what she chooses to don she always strives to look her best. She is clearly a fan of body art and her smooth, clear complexion seems to be the perfect canvas but each modification is chosen for both significance and visual appeal rather than being the result of some frivolous whim. Nose ring (right), Offset Labret piercing (left), Ears gauged, Various Tattoos. She speaks Haitian Creole, English, and French, she also understands Cajun Creole.
***Note - Tessa's guide scent is well hidden behind the scent of the sentinel she has an arrangement with to scent mark her and her things, her fragrance of choice, and a special gris-gris made especially for her. Most find it strong but not overwhelming and sentinels of a high compatibility will still be able to detect her natural scent.

Personality : Whether by design or upon the whims of the fates, an air of mystery has always surrounded Contessa and its not something she's keen to dispel. While she is ever as bold, fierce, and warm as the flame she resembles, she can be rather quiet at times, almost watchful, leaving what goes on behind her pale brown eyes and pretty pout difficult to discern. She's far more adept at reading others than they, or even she, tends to be at reading herself but her natural flair and fondness for showmanship often obscures this and whatever else she is keen to hide. Her very demeanor radiates with innate sensuality and her passionate and playful nature is easily drawn to the fore when she is fully engaged resulting in expressive smiles and easy laughter. In fact, most will find that the vixen is surprisingly accessible, something which helps her hide in plain sight. Yet, despite being quite witty and engaging, Contessa does not tend to share without good reason, preferring to express herself through her art first and foremost. The creativity that drives her is evident in almost every aspect of her life and results in her being rather touchy about those things she is to put her name on, desiring the finished products not to necessarily fit society's idea of perfection but rather her own. Overall, as much as any other artist, Tessa is a slave to her muse and operates on her schedule, yet, when it comes to business she is ever the professional and bows only to the sentiments that "The show must go on".

History : Contessa would say her childhood was pretty normal. Sure, she never knew her parents. Who they were, what they did, or the fact that she is the only survivor of the fire that destroyed her old family home are all secrets that remain unknown to this very day and while she could have possibly used this as an excuse or a crutch of some sort, the vibrant young woman did not let this unfair twist of fate get her down. She was raised to be a proper lady by her loving manman, attended school like every other child her age, and didn't really do too much she considered out of the ordinary. She took a strong interest in drama, choir, art, and even religion early on. The result being that simple playtime with chalks became an explosion of color, walks home became adventurous searches for unconventional beauty, bath time with bubbles a chance to sculpt a masterpiece... it didn't really matter where she was or what it was she was supposed to be doing. The mundane and practical took on new life through the young girl's eyes in a way that both grounded her and allowed her to soar. And as she grew she experimented liberally, molding and remolding herself as the whim struck. All of it was pretty much the typical course of an adolescent into the arts as far as she was concerned. Of course, to hear other's tell it there was nothing normal about her upbringing at all.

Though Acadian by heritage, that much has been traced, there were no clear records of how Contessa came to be with her manman. It was obvious that the dark skinned Haitian woman wasn't her biological mother and yet, legally she was the girl's guardian as far as anyone could tell. And the pair were rather close. The fact that she was a feared but respected practitioner of Vodou only made the whole situation more confusing to others but Tessa showed no signs of harm or deficiency so there was nothing that anyone could really do even if they did object. At least not until Contessa began presenting as a guide.

High school hit and all hell broke loose. Tessa had already begun to be regarded as something of a witch, rumors which spread out of boredom, jealousy, and just general superstition. Some parents took it upon themselves to warn their children away but even back then the girl had possessed a magnetic presence. She hadn't lacked for friends or attention in the least but once she began presenting she soon learned why moderation and control were important. Her teen years were full of incidents and not all of them involving young sentinels. Consequently, Tessa was expelled from two schools before the Tower stepped in and attempted to take her away from her home. Something her manman refused to allow. At first. Weeks later the choice was taken from her as the Tower returned with trumped up charges that imprisoned her manman and left Tessa without a legal guardian and therefore a ward of the state. The charges would of course fall apart but by then it was too late. Tessa had been placed in a foster home that would most assuredly see her straight into the hands of the Tower once she was 18.

Life at that point became so restricting Tessa feared she might suffocate. Her activities were heavily monitored and her freedoms all but stripped. Instead of attending public school she attended an alternative school with other young guides that were being prepared for the Tower and just seeing it all up close and personal made her sick. Especially the way some of the sentinel eyed the guides like walking pieces of meat they couldn't wait to devour. Oddly, enough Hurricane Katrina is the reason she managed to escape that dull fate. During the chaos of evacuation she managed to get lost and by the time things were cleared and the efforts to rebuild had begun, Tessa was able to resurface without anyone breathing down her neck. Unfortunately, being on the run meant she couldn't go back to her manman without putting them both at risk though she did manage to send the woman a brief message that only she would understand.

The following years were tough. Tessa couldn't bring herself to completely abandon her home so she moved to New Orleans and fell in with some small time resistance. She changed her appearance, began working small under-the-table gigs, and moved around frequently, trading on her looks and the kindness of strangers where she needed to. It wasn't til she was hired at The Gypsy, first as a server, that things began to settle somewhat for her. Regular pay doing something she loved made the risk well worth it, especially after she began strutting her stuff on stage. Her boss, a simple normal with a kind heart and tragic love story involving a guide, was already deep in and had turned his place into a loose way station of sorts so there was always some risk of being raided by guide hunters.

Still, those early days were some of the best of Tessa's life. She managed to gain a steady stream of customers both for tattoos and for a bit of... spiritual guidance on the side. If only she had known about the trouble that loomed ahead. She might have been able to help if she had. However, because she didn't notice, or simply refused to push for answers to her suspicions, the owner of the building ended up handing over his property to pay off his steep gambling debts. At first Tessa feared that she'd end up homeless but as it turns out the new owner has taken a keen interest in The Gypsy. Too bad they're a sentinel who just plain terrifies her.

          Meta Information
Face Claim : Cervena Fox
Player Name : Kokaine
Character Status : Trial

Connection Points : Guides in hiding would know that Contessa's club is something of a safe haven or way station. Local Resistance of varying factions might also be familiar with her, especially whichever group her sentinel "protector/guardian" (role open) turns out to be from. Also the new owner of The Gypsy and their people are likely to know Tessa as well. Customers of the club, co-workers, folks she's tattooed or given advice, friends of various sorts.

Character Purpose : A place for lost guides to rest and maybe find themselves. A neutral meeting ground for various factions. A guide able to navigate the darker side of things.

Name : Delaney Cipriani-Marquez
Alias : D, Kidd
Birthdate & Age : 21
Gender : Female
Presentation : Sentinel

Occupation : University Student | DJ | Computer Repair (Hardware & Software)
Alliance : No One
Relationship Status : Unbonded, Single
Sexuality : Unsure--crazy as it sounds, Delaney hasn't spent much time swooning over either sex. She's messed around a little bit here and there but she's still a virgin and has never had a relationship. She'd likely respond best to someone who can meet her on her own level, or possibly an older male. She would be open to exploring kinks with the right partner but isn't interested in any sort of formal D/s.

Height : 5'6"
Body Type : Athletic
Hair : Brunette | Medium Length
Eyes : Brown | No corrective lenses needed
Distinguishing Features : Delaney has a few small tattoos on her wrists and foot. She also has jagged scar under her left breast from falling on a fence. She is often seen with some kind of hoodie or hooded jacket, hood always up--its a comfort thing. She also always wears a long chain with a heavy men's ring on it.

Personality : On the surface Delaney could probably be a poster child for today's urban youth. She smart as all hell but tends to employ those smarts in the worst ways possible, spends way too much time on the computer, and when she does get out and move around its to climb all over shit like a damn spider monkey and make a general ruckus. Additionally most "adult" types would probably consider her wardrobe a sheer travesty and the words thug, hoodlum, and lazy ass good for nothin' have been used quite a few times in reference to her. There have also been many occasions when she's been addressed as sir or young man but that just amuses the shit out of her.

Fact is, Delaney is to some degree all of the above--except the young man part--but if anyone is dumb enough to believe that's all she's about, they really aren't paying attention. Intelligent is indeed an apt descriptor as is observant, but such an active and agile mind means that Delaney is curious beyond measure and prone to pursuing answers in a manner that is best described as ...persistent. Or annoying as fuck. Outside of that she's quite deliberately willful and enjoys attempting to make herself the brick wall others find themselves smashing their heads against, usually for a reason, but sometimes just because. Her tendency toward defiance is obviously one of her more endearing qualities as is her liberal use of expletives and frank assessments that are often not asked for.

Beyond that the girl has proven to be resourceful and adapts quite well due to an innate resilience. She trusts no one yet can't simply walk away from a problem or turn her back when she sees someone in need. She can become downright obsessive about resolving issues but well, perhaps it's a good thing she's not really that much of a "thug" after all.

History : Delaney is the secret "love child" of a high ranking member of a crime family back in New York--which family and which member is mystery she is secretly trying to unravel since the only thing she has from him is a ring she wears on a chain around her neck--and a Tower affiliated Sentinel and guide hunter that supposedly worked close to a decade to infiltrate the family. The fact that she was something of a secret meant that she didn't experience much in the way of persecution or privileage based on her parentage. In fact, she was such a well kept secret that she never really got much of anything from anybody. Of course there is a big difference between feeling invisible and actually being invisible.

Born Delany Cipriani-Marquez to a woman steeped in secrecy, D didn't understand much of anything until she took it upon herself to start digging. Boredom will do that to a kid--make what's in strange safe in her mother's closet look like the greatest mystery of all until its unlocked and things you didn't want to know were laid before you. In her case, she never did best that particular challenge but rather her mother simply opened it for her. To this day Delaney wishes she never had. The nightmares won't go away. Then again maybe those have a different root.

Still, as a kid she lived well enough. If you considered being sequestered away in a high end apartment living. She had plenty of food, tv, access to her own computer, clothes, hot water... even a private tutor so that school wasn't an issue. It was... great...

Yeah, no. Delaney wasn't having that. Slipping out of the house while her mother was out became a game. The greatest really. She always covered herself in an oversized hoodie and returning without her mother knowing was like the ultimate goal. She never actually succeeded in that task but despite being punished it was fun enough to her. The punishments were never overly strict either, just enough to be a firm "no"... which had the predictable effect of making her want to do it again. She wouldn't realize until much later that her mother was encouraging this little game of hers.

In any case, shit got real when she was 12. Turned out the skill honed by that little game--getting out undetected, avoiding her mom's connects, etc--well it saved her hide after the contract was taken. Very few knew that she existed, or rather very few that could connect her to her mother and none that could connect her to her father knew she existed so he wasn't looking for her--sloppy. Especially since she saw him clear as day as he overwhelmed her mother. It was the one and only time she saw first hand what her mother was capable of and unfortunately it just wasn't enough. Not against this sick fucker who took great pleasure in beating her mother, raping her, and then filling her body with bullet holes. She didn't stay for all of it but the police reports later would do a good job of filling in the gaps. Not to mention the pictures.

So yeah, Delaney was a well kept secret and now she was one without a home. Secrets had gotten her mother killed and left her on the streets to fend for herself. There was no other family to go to. She tried tracking down her father and got as far as figuring out which family before she was laughed at and tossed on her ass with a fat lip and a bloody nose. Not by any family member directly of course, she never got that far. The guards took it upon themselves to handle her.

After that, Delaney had to find a way to last. So she did. She stole when she had to, ran when she had to, fixed people's computers for cash and rented rooms or found spots to crash. What she didn't do was turn tricks for money. Okay, she tried to once, on her own but... well she just ended up kneeing the gross bastard in his junk and taking his cash. She never tried that again. Still, by the time she was 16 she had a bit of a reputation for trouble. She managed to avoid any serious charges against her but after a stint in juvenile detention she found herself being plucked up by a Tower Sentinel who claimed to have known her mother.  She tried to ditch 'em but it turned out that years of training trumped even her considerable street smarts and they were having none of that.

A change of pace was in order after that. Delaney ended up in New Orleans officially under the guardianship of someone who seemed to feel more obligated than actually willing. Despite protests she was enrolled in proper school, made to study, attend things, graduate... you know, all the normal shit teenagers are expected to do. Though, to be fair, she never really lost her nose for trouble. Hell, if anything, setting up her little repair business just seemed to put her more squarely in the way.

          Meta Information
Face Claim : Michele Maturo
Player Name : Kokaine
Character Status : Trial

Connection Points : Fellow university students could possibly have run into Delaney on or around campus (campus tbd). She enjoys parkour, frequents underground spots, DJs at a local club, and has her own computer and electronic repair business. She may also be known to a few Tower affiliated types who might have questioned her or know her guardian (role open).

Character Purpose : Delaney has a tendency to end up in the worst places at the best/worst times. She's basically a magnet for trouble.