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Author Topic: A Little of This, A Little of That  (Read 608 times)

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A Little of This, A Little of That
« on: July 16, 2012, 06:21:33 PM »
Don't see something that you want to do below? I'm usually pretty open to a lot so just ask me! I do not mind whether you post here or in a PM and I'm not usually picky. I do like to play the female in a M/F RP, so I do ask for that, but pretty much anything else goes. I'm open to new things and story plots because, to be honest, I'm pretty bad at coming up with them!

So I have a couple of plot ideas and a couple of pairings.

Ideas with Plots

Fandom Ideas

Hogwarts/Harry Potter Themed – J.K. Rowling

The Wrong Time for Romance (M/F)(Lit)

   My character (Grace) is a Gryffindor. She does well in school and is known to hate the purists (Death Eaters). In her seventh year at Hogwarts, Grace is itching to pass her N.E.W.T’s and to work for the ministry going after those who dark wizards that are beginning to crop up more and more. You character (male) is a Slytherin and he is great with women. He dates them for a few days, dumps them, and sleeps with another one a few days later. Sometimes, he just sleeps with them and most of the girls are okay with that.
   The funny thing is though, the past few years, he’s realized that he actually likes Grace even though they argue more times than not; even though she threatens to hex on a regular bases. It was subtle at first, noticing that she wears a vanilla perfume or that she enjoys the rain. And the only reason he would know that was if he liked her. But the problem was, how could he like Grace if his father wants him to join the Dark Lord and Grace wants to fight against him.
   This story will take place in their last few months at Hogwarts and beyond. I have a number of ideas that I can discuss if you send me a message. I do want to say though, if you choose this one, I’m not looking for sex right away. I want these characters to grow and learn to fall in love. Grace isn’t going to give your character the easiest time because she wants a relationship and not just to be one under the belt.
   Like I said, I have a lot of ideas for this and I’m looking for ideas as well, so send me a PM if you’re interested!!

Shoebox (MxM)
   ***I’m looking for something like the Shoebox Project but it is not a requirement.
Sirius grins like the sunrise and whispers, "yeah." When he uncurls his fingers against the juncture of Remus's neck and jaw and kisses Remus again, laughing into his mouth, curving against his body, Remus is finally, finally ready to stop thinking about it.”
   Sirius Black and Remus Lupin have been friends for years now. The Marauder Era this year is coming to an end though as the Marauder’s enter their final year at Hogwarts. And though school is ending, emotions are steaming. Sirius kissed Remus on the platform before he went off with the Potter’s then got himself a French girlfriend saying that it was just a spur of the moment thing like if it was with James. But Remus is finding that he doesn’t just want to be a friend with Sirius though he can’t figure that out without a little help and Sirius is just as confussed as Remus but neither Padfoot or Moony will say anything to the other so they go on with their mixed emotions. Until Remus finally kisses Sirius and their relationship begins. But what is it that finally gets Remus to kiss Sirius and what will their relationship be like afterwards? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
   If you haven’t read “The Shoebox Project” I would read it if you’re a shipper with Sirius and Remus. I love it and I love the little things in it. So even if you don’t read it all, it would probably be a good idea to read the last few chapters to understand the big get together scene (Chapter 23). That way, little details that I think are adorable kind of make-sense. Like the fact that Remus likes chocolate so much that Sirius eats a ton of it so Remus wouldn’t want to stop kissing him.

Study Series by Maria V. Snyder
   A Little Fight, A Little Magic, and a Messed Up Lifestyle (MxM)
   Ari and Janco have been best friends since they came under the cammander and serving as Valek’s second. They helped save Yelena (multiple times) and helped save Opeal and they aren’t getting any younger. They have been partners in crime and what if… just maybe, Ari and Janco actually had a relationship? I would like to take their story inbetween the lines of the Study Series. From the strategy game in the woods to teaching Yelena how to fit with bows to teaching her how to picklocks and to breaking into the castle, fighting off evil casters, and healing from fatal wounds that turned out not so fatal. All of it.
   Unlike the Shoebox idea, I really do need you to have read these awesome books to be able to play Ari and Janco and their stories or the RP won’t really make any sense.


Enchantments and Illusions (Historical MxF)
   Jacob (your character) has everything. He is next in line for the throne and every Princess in the area is looking to be his bride. His father has passed away when he was very young, but it was his mother who was currently on the throne, holding her son’s place until it became time for him to marry and become King. But Jacob doesn’t feel so lucky. He feels trapped and he wishes there was a way he could get out of it.
   Willow (my character), is the poor daughter of a farmer who wanted to be an artist. But he feel in love and turned down that dream for her. Willow never really worried about being poor until her mother became ill and her family didn’t have any money to pay for medical expenses. That had Willow going for a job and because she was handle with a needle, she got an apprenticeship with a cobbler. Not the best, but it paid even that she could save.
   One day, when Jacob’s horse gets skiddish, and Willow finds him fallen with a broken ankle, she helps him get to her house where she cares for him. Sparks fly and they become friends. But with Jacob’s mother pressuring him to marry before his twenty-first birthday in a few months, will Jacob ask Willow to be his wife as a friend? And will she leave her ailing parents to learn the ways of  Princess to full the entire Kingdom? And what happens when the pair begin to fall for each other but are afraid to say anything? And what would happen if someone found out about Willow’s true past before the wedding? Before the crowning? Will Jacob be able to protect her?
   *** I’m looking for this story to take a while before they actually get into bed with each other. I feel like it’ll wait until they actually get married to prove they consummated it. So the story will be very vanilla and a real development of characters. 

Non-Plot (If not indicated, M/F or M/M possible)

Teacher x Student
Boss x Employee
Ecmplyee x Boss’s Spuce
Brother x Sister
Father x Daughter
Master x Slave
Captive X Capture
Anything animal (I’ve never actually done an RP like this but would like to explore
Something based off fairytales/ mythical creatures
Fandoms if I know if. Feel free to ask but I can say now I’ve never read anime so I really have no idea how to adequately perform a role play in that category. But like I said, feel free to ask!

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