Married by the Mob. NC with a twist. [M seeking F]

Started by Canuckian, July 14, 2012, 08:51:17 PM

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Michael was always the black sheep of the family, never quite fitting in with the famly business.  This was a good thing, since it was a Mob family with roots going back to the Roaring '20s, and Glen was the only one who could avoid the alure of the quick money and flashy lifestyle.  Instead he went to university, got a degree and a good, honest job and was proud of his accomplishments.

Enter a woman who bumped into him and struck up a conversation.  A whirlwind romance later, they married in a Vegas chapel ceremony and things seemed to be going just great... until Mike's brother got wind of this and did a little digging.  As it turns out, this woman was a con-artist with a record a mile and a half long, out on probation for her last arrest and was probably angling to get every single penny out of Mike before moving on.

His Mob brother decided that this just was not going to do, and instead pulled her aside and made a very real demand: don't do it.  She was to stay married to Mike for at least 2 years, to provide him with a happy home life, listen to his stories, laugh at his jokes, support him in everything he did, and basically become the ideal homemaker wife, which naturally included the "conjugal attentions" as it was phrased to her.  And she was to keep her end of the bargain, because he'd be calling each and every week to make sure or else the brother would use his Mob contacts to get her arrested and sent to jail for a long, long time.

What I'm looking for is more a story about how this conwoman, used to the high-rolling, party lifestyle struggles to live a quiet home life to a successful white-collar worker.  Yes, he loves her and tries to make her happy, but he really wasn't her first choice (not that she had any choice at all anymore).  Does she settle down and accept that sort of suburban life, does she try to subtly change Mike into more the sort of man she'd have picked on her own?  What sort of life does she try to make for herself in this situation?

Drop me a response or a PM if anyone is interested :)