A Wife Returned (Seeking recovering rape victim)

Started by Jester, July 12, 2012, 08:25:48 AM

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This is a story that is probably a little risque.

You will play a normal wife. A woman with a career and a loving family. But one day your life is changed forever. You are taken, bound and gagged and gang raped. You suffer hours of abuse, pain and humiliation. At the end of the rape you are taken home and left for your husband to find.

This is a story of how you continue with your life.....

I would like to explore the following:

1. Your relationship with your husband.
2. Whether you report the crime or not.
3. Your relationship with sex. Are you put off forever or does it turn you into some sort of sexual animal?
4. Are you impregnated during the rape? Do you keep the child?
5. Do you find yourself craving the abuse again?

Please get in touch if you are interested.


I am very much interested in this one. Get back to me please?