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Author Topic: Small Group Ideas (NSFW)  (Read 791 times)

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Small Group Ideas (NSFW)
« on: July 11, 2012, 01:22:32 PM »
Plots etc all found in the SPOILER text.

NSFW Images for ideas

All ideas can be elaborated or changed. Character names are just place holders. I am only looking for people to fill in the female roles.

Some one can play both roles, or I need two individuals.

Plots are left rather vague so that the details etc can be worked out with interested partners.

Role 1: Mother (Mary)- OPEN
Role 2: Aunt (Anne)- OPEN

Mary is a single mother, raising her teenaged son. Her sister, Anne, moves in with them for the summer to help Mary out.

Marys son, Peter, is rather shy and introverted. Mary has enlisted Anne to help break her son's shy shell open.

Little does Peter know what he is going to be in for this summer.

Role 1: Mother (Julie) - 38 - OPEN
Role 2: Daughter (Jess) - 18 - OPEN

Julie and Jess are spitting images of each other. Most people think they are sisters. They use this to their advantage, seducing men of all ages for some fun.

Role 1: Wife (Julie) - 34- OPEN
Role 2: Neighbor (Jess) - 18 - 21 - OPEN

Julie and Robert are swingers. They enjoy their lifestyle a lot. Their neighbors daughter often house sits for them and the husband and wife have decided that they'd like to introduce her to their lifestyle since she is a beautiful girl.

Role 1: Julie - 18 - 21 - OPEN
Role 2: Jess - 18 - 21 - OPEN

Jess and Julie have never known the touch of a man. They're both Lesbians and had grown up as bestfriends. But they're both intrigued - a little bicurious - over having sex with a man. So they make a post on a local adult website seeking a man for the job of taking their hetereosexual cherries.

They narrow it down to three men and invite them over, requiring the men to then strip and show off their cocks. They base their decision on that.

Role 1: Laura - Student, 18 - 21 - OPEN
Role 2: Sarah - Student, 16 - 18 - OPEN

Laura is Miss. Popular at the Boarding School for Young Women. She's smart, beautiful, and rich, always the focus of attention. She's been with boys AND girls and is very much in charge.

Sarah is shy, the kind of girl you wouldn't notice. She is always part of the group of girls that follows Laura around. Of course, behind closed doors she is Lauras lover and has never been with a guy before.

Mr. Simons is there teacher and writes erotic stories about his students. Laura has recently discovered this hobby of his and decides she wants to see if he will really do to her the sorts of things he has written about. So she decides to seduce him and decides that it'll be a good time to introduce Sarah to her first cock.

The girls in this one are sisters each time - either similar in age or twins.

Role 1: Sandra - 16 - 18 - OPEN
Role 2: Sasha - 16 - 18 - OPEN

Sandra and Sasha share a room. When their father hears noises coming from this room, he decides to investigate, thinking they've snuck some boys in. Instead, he finds the two of them having sex with each other. Aroused, he introduces them to the male anatomy. ((Alternate: Brother Finds them))

Sandra and Sasha are web-cam startlets. They use their pay-site to find men interested in having sex with them, filming each encounter. The girls want to make it into the porn industry.

Sandra and Sasha are jealous of each others boyfriends. To get at each other, they each seduce the others boyfriends. Interesting situations ensue.

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Re: Small Group Ideas (NSFW)
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2012, 02:21:51 PM »
Bumping this as I'd like to see some of these ideas filled.