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Author Topic: Comic-Fest (Wanted; overachieving males in lycra with enormous egos).  (Read 1255 times)

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Hello [you] I've been expecting you.


So on the back of the fact that there has been an avalanche of super-hero DVDs out recently; coupled with my being a complete and utter nerd I’ve updated this thread a little. I don’t have much time currently however I want something playful, easy and fun to kill some break-times at work and to dampen the creativity-lull of my Christmas-time hiatus. 

I adore Spiderman, as you may have gleaned from this so far, it's something of an obsession. I am well versed with canon, comics, movies, smatterings of TV knowledge Anything. What I don’t know I am happy to learn.

Just to throw it out there too in the interest  of solidifying my nerdiness, I also am kind of craving a Harley Quinn roleplay, paired with either Joker or Batman.

What I want is a passionate, roof-top-sex filled love story with....the female canon of your choice. Whichever one floats your boat, pushes your buttons, gets your motor racing - can I stop with the metaphors now?

The only one I absolutely cannot play is MJ, there is little to no scope for development there and I'm afraid Kirsten Dunst put me off the redhead for life. A shame but that's how things go. That isn’t to say I won’t cameo her in, or throw her in as a segue to create drama for other love interests.

Important stuff; I want a dude here I'm afraid, I'm being picky but I cannot play Peter Parker. I adore him too much. I will only play canon girls; I think original comic-book characters usually end up being entirely un-workable and my interest wanes. However there are a few exceptions depending on circumstance. Come to me wanting something completely invented I will say no, come to me wanting to warp existing characters to our own twisted amusement? Well I can dig that.

Felicia and Peter is by far my favourite pairing, closely followed by Gwen and Peter (though I'd require a plot entirely different from the movie, I’m not interesting in re-hashing what has been played out) then followed by absolutely any other Marvel (heck even DC) girly you can think of as long as she’s fun and hot.

Just want me some comic action :D!

I write a lot, I like the same back, literacy turns me on like nothing else so feel free to wow me with your vernacular, and lyrca-clad sex is a must (not an all the time thing but for God's sake the man can hang upside down and stick to walls. We can get super inventive here!)

Get in touch....please ???

I have a few plots now too, born of too much time and a wayward imagination. If anything catches your fancy then shoot me a PM, even if you want to alter things, you’ll never know unless you try.

Peter Parker Has a Secret

Peter Parker x Felicia Hardy

Peter Parker has a secret and it’s a pretty big one. He spends his nights out of the house, doing God knows what and when he comes home he’s often beaten, bruised and entirely exhausted. His friends and family don’t know, his friends and family can never know. Not that he has many friends left anymore, the night, the city has consumed him entirely and it’s all he thinks about anymore. He spends his days wishing for night to fall.

Peter Parker has a secret; but it isn’t what you think.

You see, everything was going well until she showed up and now Peter is questioning everything. She distracts him, consumes his time and he doesn’t know why. They’re toe to toe every single night, fighting, hurting each other, scraping and trapped in an endless game of one-up-man-ship. Blow to blow the damage they’re dealing each other has escalated rapidly, now he’s surprised either of them can walk away at the end.

The problem is, the thing that makes him question everything about himself is that he enjoys it, the pain, the fighting, hurting her. They fight and it’s so sexually charged that he isn’t even sure it’s fighting anymore. It’s like he can’t not see her, like there is some magnetic pull drawing him back to that white hair and those wicked green eyes. Those eyes are all he sees when he closes his own anymore. Peter can’t stop going back, can’t stop searching for her and she’s never particularly hard to find.

Something has to give soon otherwise they’re going to end up killing each other; he just isn’t quite sure what that something is.

This plot isn’t about BDSM, it isn’t about submission or control or power. It’s sheer animalistic attraction, undiluted need presenting itself through other courses because neither of them know how to give in. BDSM might some into play later as the relationship establishes, bondage more than likely with webs, but pain (nothing horrific) will play a big part in this. The idea is that Black Cat makes him volatile, makes him absolutely claw-your-eyes-out crazy, because she makes him feel like he isn’t as good as he wants to be. She makes him want to hurt her, she makes him want to be hurt.

It will be a romance, it will be convoluted and it will be (I hope) incredibly hot to write.

Lines to Cross

Peter x Gwen

Peter is a good student, he’s clever, excelling in his college classes and he’s finally gotten something of a handle on balancing his powers, responsibilities and his social life. He’s even got a job, something a little more stable than snapping pictures of himself and selling them to the Bugle. In fact it’s quite a good job, he’s tutoring. It uses his skills, it helps people and he enjoys doing it. He is in fact a rather good tutor.

The problem is one of his student’s, well, she’s not a problem in herself but rather Peter’s having a problem with her. The problem is that she’s beautiful. Everything he could possibly image wanting in a girl, she’s funny and she actually cares that he exists. Or that could be because he’s helping her pass her advanced classes. It’s not that she needs help, in fact he’s noticed that she hasn’t needed his help for quite some time. She’s clever and she’s noticed it to. Somehow neither of them have mentioned that she doesn’t really need his bi-weekly visits anymore and yet still he goes and still she pays.

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

And that’s the problem.
Because the girl is in High School and not only is the gorgeous seventeen year old jailbait, but she’s also the daughter of one of the most prominent lawmen in the city.

Peter’s in a lot of trouble; but unlike the rest of the trouble he finds himself in he’s not quite sure he’s strong enough to pull himself out.

This is mostly a forbidden romance RP, she’s underage and he should know better. That’s basically the premise, there will probably be a whole lot of scandal at some point where the you-know-what hits the fan and Spiderman gets accused of tapping an underage girl. Other plot points/fetishes/etc can also be explored.


MJ x Peter
Felicia x Peter

Mary Jane Watson is beautiful; everybody knows this, so quite why she’s with Peter Parker nobody knows. Everybody hears the whispers, that this girl should be with somebody a whole lot more successful and attractive than a dork with a camera. Everybody thinks it but they don’t know. They aren’t privy to the inner secrets between the couple, and so whilst everybody stares Peter and MJ hide behind their anonymity and the disbelief.

The truth is that MJ thinks if anybody is trading down it’s him. The redhead knows exactly who she’s dating; she was placed in a position to seduce him, to ensnare his heart, to become his one weakness.

This is where things get complicated.

Unfortunately try as she might MJ can’t curb Spiderman’s nights, placing pressures and demands on him there’s no way he can meet. And that’s where she comes in, the blonde in black leather that drives him crazier than anybody ought to have a right to. She takes his frustrations, she takes him, high above the city he buries himself inside her and pretends that he isn’t falling for her.

Pretends that he still has the picture perfect life with MJ.

MJ has stopped asking about the deep scratch marks he comes home with, she’s stopped asking about most things. They’re relationship has become a sham and all he can think about is that blonde on the rooftops. The one that he can’t ever seem to catch, no matter how many times he actually does.

It’s almost easy to pretend, it’s almost easier than it should be to lie, until one day he comes home from work one day to find her sitting in his apartment. Blonde tresses, green eyes and a body that he’s spent every night for the past six months manipulating expertly.

So simple.

“This is Felicia, she’s new at work.” Then whispered “she doesn’t have very many friends. We’re headed to catch a movie.”

He recognises her instantly; he’d recognise those eyes, those breasts, anywhere. But she can’t ever know who he is, as her and MJ become closer Peter finds it harder and harder to keep his worlds from colliding and destroying everything.

Battle of the Blondes

Spiderman x Black Cat
Peter x Gwen

So the basic idea for this is pretty simple. I had this sort of 'war' over Peter's humanity in mind. Obviously there would need to be some tweaking to the canon characters, snipping here and there for no other reason than we can. As for the blondes, well that should be obvious enough if you’ve read any of this thread!

Sort of a more 'evil' Felicia Hardy and, well, Gwen pretty much as herself.

I figured it could be set just after the ending of the Amazing Spider-Man movie, though this is of course optional. I just like the idea of Pete still being quite new to the whole thing. Peter is still in high school, maybe it's just ending, he and Gwen are an item. Even if it's secret; obviously this part is up for discussion to. But we can incorporate a lot of Gwen’s science whizz knowledge in helping Peter deal with his powers. Perhaps even handling and skirting upon advancing mutation and that sort of angle, becoming something of an expert in his DNA. There could be lots of angles to take there, especially if it went the route of him mutating further.

Also, up for discussion. I’m just rambling. It’s the hot, plentiful sex stuff you’re really after, right?

Which is we're Felicia comes in. I haven't much thought about how they know each other, we can discuss the how’s and when’s of the relationship. But whereas Gwen is trying to keep Peter grounded, Leesh is trying to lure him over to a more selfish/ sinister lifestyle. Urging him to push his powers and focus more on himself and less on noble goals.

I figure there could be another bad-guy too, sort of Felicia's boss/boyfriend who wants Spider-Man on side for some diabolical over arching plot. Of course I doubt he would be too impressed if he found out exactly what was going on between the Cat and the Spider.

What, did you think you were escaping this scenario without tonnes of filthy, gymnastic sex?

Just really like the idea of Felicia as this wicked, wayward temptress leading him astray. Or at least trying.

Of course (I say of course, but I think it’s rather integral) the main love story would be between Peter and Gwen.

It's Their War Now

Emily Lee is the epitome of a trust fund baby; she was raised with absolutely everything she could ever desire. Her parents, Sergei and Felicia never let her go wanting for anything. That said her father is a rigorously cruel and strict man and until his death five years ago the young blonde hadn’t known a moment of freedom. Her mother is a cold and absent woman, more so in the wake of her father’s death, and scarcely talks to her daughter anymore. Not that it matters because Emily has inherited every bit of the callous and vile nature her genes provided. When she moved from Los Angeles to New York to attend college, in spite of her mother’s warnings, she gained a freedom she couldn’t have hoped for.

She also gained a penthouse apartment and a monthly allowance that would turn most people green.

All except her boyfriend, who she met within the first month of starting classes. They’ve now been together for three years and though she isn’t terribly enamoured, the press are all over their relationship and her mother certainly approves. After all, what mother couldn’t approve of the seemingly flawless relationship between her only daughter and the boy who’s set to all but inherit New York City? Richard Fisk.

Emily couldn’t possibly know that the relationship was contrived before she could walk, that Richard’s father is and has been the reigning Kingpin of Crime in New York city for decades. And having chased Spider-Man away his rule has been running undeterred. How would Emily know when she doesn’t even know that her own mother and father used to be his A Team. A thief and a hunter that are sorely missed.

Fisk has his eye on the youngest Kravinoff, his future daughter in law, poised to mould her into being the perfect instrument the second she shows the inclination or skills. Unfortunately for him she had inherited every, single bit of it, and as far as the city is concerned she is a ghost. Never caught and with the city at her feet stealing almost seems too easy, but it’s fun.

So obviously this is a bit of a different take on the Spider-Man angle, I just think it would be quite a fun angle to explore. Perfect for anybody that wanted to inject a little more creativity into the setting. Since obviously Peter Parker would be older, it would be Spider-Man 2.0. A child, a relative, a completely unrelated experiment. Whatever. I just had the idea for the set-up and thought I would throw it up as a general plot, see if anybody wanted to bite.

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Re: Spiderman, Spiderman, wherefore art thou -- oh you get the idea..
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PM sent

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Re: Spiderman, Spiderman, wherefore art thou -- oh you get the idea..
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I don't bite and I love getting PMS.

No you don't. Hurr.

Bump for a lovely roleplayer.

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Re: Comic-Fest (Wanted; overachieving males in lycra with enormous egos).
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I had no idea you were expecting me. Interesting. ;)

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Re: Comic-Fest (Wanted; overachieving males in lycra with enormous egos).
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2012, 10:37:13 am »
Batman/Harley could be fun

I have been looking to play Oliver Queen again. Maybe we can work another angle with him.