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Author Topic: Sarah's RP Musings..  (Read 368 times)

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Offline sstone72Topic starter

Sarah's RP Musings..
« on: July 10, 2012, 02:37:02 PM »
Sarah's On/Off's

Below are some storyline ideas I would like to explorer in a fun, open and detailed role play.  I am a bit of free spirit and love someone that can flow with the storyline and roll with the "reality" of a role play where things, like life are not always scripted and can/do change.   If you would like to play with me on any of these or you have a suggestion in the same vein as these, please PM me.    Please read my O/O's for my likes and dislikes.  If your curious about my writing style and detail, please look at my posts and rp's I an currently involved with.

Hunting Grounds  (succubus/human  F/F)
As star and moon light filtered down onto the city, the night sky half hidden by towering buildings and dark clouds, the nights latest predator smiled.  Charity ran a hand over her head, fingers stroking through her red hair.  She could almost hear the night singing to her blood, to her hunger!
Moving through the towns dark streets, her silver skull belt buckle and pentacle earrings  glinting dully, Charity listened carefully, trying to feel what was happening around her with her senses, all to aware that she was traversing unfamiliar streets and that though a larger population would help her hide it also meant there would be more police, and possibly even one of the hunters that would eventually start looking for her as might other criminals already established within the city’s environs.

Evil Walks Among Us -  (fantasy/human,  F/F)
The crack of the whip echoed through the night, the sound so much like lightning that several people on the wooden streets of the town look into the late night sky in puzzlement, then their heads turned towards the dark end of the open dirt street as the reverberating sounds of horses hoofs beating on the earth caused the street lanterns to shake.

The Assassin  (human/human – M/F/F)

Looking down again at the small card and then back up at the tall raven haired beauty standing in front of her.. "if Ms. Julie  send you, then she want you to have the best,  her eyes seemingly trying to undress the tall woman standing in front of her “let’s get you comfortable" she claps her hands and two slim, pretty Chinese twins run in and smile, "this is Ghost,” the Chinese twin respectfully bows and this is Darkness…Their Chinese names too hard to pronounce, but they take care you..”  she hesitates,  “personally”  and then she says something in Chinese.  The two twins smile knowingly and nod, then they step up to either side of the woman and lead her into a very exclusive fancy room with a table covered in a white silk sheet, another silk sheet and a pillow laying on top of it.  One moving in front of her, the other slipping to the back, she can feel the hands begin to unbutton her white blazer off…

Darkness Comes (Vampirella/human  F/F)
Nothing ever really changed over the years it seemed, only progress, and the invention of newer and better things. Progress, in America always had came at a price. Unlike most other countries in the world that the long black hair woman had called home over her centuries of existence since being born to Lilith. Her mother, the first ever Vampire technically, the woman whom started the curse on
the world. To atone for her sins, Lilith gave birth to a daughter finally, to combat the evil Vampires in the world, Vampirella. The woman herself from time to time strayed the line between good and darkness, many did even the most pure soul.

Every country in the world kept as much of their history intact, Rome had glorious ruins, Egypt was another, the Pyramids were astounding, a true marvel, but in America, they just tore down the old and built new.   Vampirella finished running her hands through her hair and then turned and walked over to where her boots laid on the floor by the bedside. She had rented the room only for a night or two until she could find a more permanent residence to call her own. She had gotten heavy draperies for the windows for the harmful daylight. Sitting down on the bed she put on the boots before she got to her feet and started to make her way to the door to leave her room. When she stopped, she turned back towards the window, after a sudden chill ran through her well  toned and sexy body.