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Author Topic: April's desires (F for F or M) make me blush :)  (Read 873 times)

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April's desires (F for F or M) make me blush :)
« on: July 09, 2012, 10:10:33 pm »
HI!  I’m April Blush, and I invite you to view my desires.

Please don’t respond to this thread…
PM me if you are interested in any of these ideas.
     ... Or ... if you have an idea you think would be right for me. 

April's O/O list
My preferences

Relationship based plot ideas – my latest passion

The Shut-in

My Role:  Mandy, young girl alone in the world
Your Role:  Artist (M or F) who befriends and teaches Mandy

Possible fun:  This isn't a slave/master relationship, but it is an opportunity to make an intimate friend of a young girl, and use that friendship to "teach" her anything you want.  Instead of being your slave, she becomes your eager adoring pupil of need.

Mandy has been the sole care provider for her house-bound mother for years.  Since she was 12 she has done nothing but take care of her mom.  She missed out on high-school, is afraid to go out for more than a few minutes to buy nececities, and has a rather low self esteam.  Her view of the world around her is cop shows and dramas on TV.  Although prety in her own way, she thinks of her petite body as ugly. 
Now, her mom has passed away, and the social security checks have stopped.  She can't afford rent much longer... or food.  She is a little panicked, not sure what she will do next.  The outside world is so foreign to her.

That's where your character comes in.  You are an artists of sorts, a creative type who enjoys individuality, adventure, and a bit of darkness now and then.  Seeing the world through such eyes as Mandy would be incredibly enticing for you.  Who might you play?  I have a few ideas, but feel free to PM me with your own (male or female characters welcome).  These are my examples:

     A professional flute player with the local orchastra.  Perhaps you live in the same building as Mandy, have seen her around.  Perhaps you have seen how thin and worried she looks lately and go to check in on her as a friendly neighbor?

     A street artist who works the local market.  You have secretly drawn this petite girl several times over the last few years.  You have imagioned what her life might be like, have thought about her and her cute body.  You notice that she is visiting the market much less now days, and she looks rather worried and afraid.  Might you finally approach her?

     An Author living in the building.  You too spend many hours indoors, and have met Mandy in the hall a few times.  You have tried to start a conversation with her, but can't even get past "nice day isn't it?".  Now though, she worries you.  Scampering about like a mouse... and you heard the landlord yelling at her last night.. something about rent.  Would you look in on her?

And where might this relationship go?  I would like Mandy to learn about life a bit, find a friend.  Someone to help her.  As the two grow, you will need to teach her about her sexuality as well.  And her sexuality training must be thurough... covering as much as we dare.  Would you like to teach Mandy how spankings can be intimate?  Would you teach her that anal stimulation can be fun?  Where will the intimacy lead?

The best roleplay partner for this one ... is someone who IS the creative type, and would love to teach a young girl what life and sex is all about.

The Sex Therapist

My Role:  Dr. Riley Sommers, clinical sexual therapist
Your role:  Client (M or F) with needs

Possible Fun:  Almost anything, what happens in therapy stays in therapy!

Dr Riley Sommers is a great therapist.  She loves her work. 
You see an add for her services one day, and ... you can't help think that she might be able to help you.

You will play a person in need.  Develop your character, with one or more sexual problems to be resolved.  Did mommy not treat you right?  Have you never had sex?  Going to get married to someone who has experience?  Work affecting your intimate life?  Find yourself attracted to the wrong type of person?  Have questions that you really can't just ask anyone on the street?

PM me your character idea, let me know what you are thinking.  A well thought-out character can go a long way to getting you a time slot with the best sex therapist in town.

Comfort of a Mother

My character:   Andrea, 17
Looking for:    mom

Possible fun:   incest, spankings, breast feeding, consensual and non-consensual play, toys
                (I think the longer this one goes the more the pair would experiment)

Andrea is 16, and going through a horrible transition in her life.  She was loved by both her parents, but always had a special bond with her father.  Two months ago Andrea and her dad were out fishing for the day - when he died from a heart attack.  Andrea was there, helpless in the boat... watching her father pass before her eyes.  The shock of it all hit her very hard.  Since the accident, she has been an emotional wreck.  And her mom has no idea what to do.

[your character - mom] confides in a psychologist friend of hers about her troubled daughter.  Explaining that at times she just curls into a ball on the couch, not speaking or really doing anything.  She has removed herself from her friends, not inviting any over, or doing anything after school.  If she talks, she talks back in harsh tones.  And lately it's getting worse.  She wet her bed twice last week.  [mom] doesn't know if she should spank some sense into her daughter, buy her diapers, or try to consoler her in some way she hasn't tried.  The friend doesn't really help much, but does seem to give her freedom to do what she thinks her child needs, weather that is spankings, diapers, cuddles, or pancakes.  The friend encourages her to keep trying.

Andrea will at times will need sever punishment, and great comfort at other times.  And you can pick what to do when. 

Tea for Two

My Character:   Beth, young mom
Looking for:    Dominatrix Neighbor

Possible fun:   non-consensual, bondage, breast feeding, nipple torture, spankings, toys, anal, ...

Beth is a young mother.  Her and her Husband Patrick made a decision early on that they wanted to raise kids in the best possible neighborhood.  So they purchased a house in a gated community with wonderful neighbors and great schools.  What they didn't foresee is that this placed them on the financial edge.  They soon realized that in order for Patrick to earn enough money to keep Beth at home with their first child, he would have to move to a sales/travel position.  This again turned their world upside down, as Patrick is gone all week, and some weekends.  With Beth at home, and only a little one to talk to... she quickly started to go a little nuts.

Then one day Beth went out to get the mail a little late, and happened to be on the street at the same time that their neighbor (your character) came home from working the early shift at the bakery.  They just chatted for a minute, "fine day isn't it?" type stuff.  But Beth felt an odd connection with this lady.  So she altered her schedule and started going out to pick up her mail later in the day.  The two continued to chat, and slowly a friendship grew.  Eventually the neighbor found out that Beth was a stay-at-home mom, and that these little conversations were all she got during the week.  From that point on, She started inviting Beth over for tea right after she returned home from work.  Now the friendship truly blossomed, with the two sharing tea and conversation each day.

The relationship continues for a while, with little or no sexual tone.  Then two things happen in the same day.  First, Beth has to take her baby (unsure if it's a boy or girl - about 8 months old) in for shots.  The baby has a horrible time, cries for a long time, won't nurse, and then falls asleep.  So, Beth shows up for tea that day with a zonked out baby, and very very full breasts.  Then, while the neighbor is getting the tea, Beth happens to pick up a paperback that she had on the table face down.  And what a surprise that is.  Beth doesn't have time to read the title, but the picture sticks in her mind.  The main character (a young looking dominatrix) is holding the leash of a slave girl with huge breasts.  The slave girl is blushing, while the dominatrix has a whip in her other hand, and a very stern look on her face.  This sends Beth's heart-rate soaring, which causes her breasts.. which were painful and full anyway.. to start dripping milk. 

What will Beth do?  What will you do?  What journey starts here?

Other basic character ideas
     Furry (furry world, or created here)
     Slave (past, present, future)
     Alien (their not little gray men, their little yellow women)

Other setting ideas
     Revolutionary war (or French revolution)
     Fantasy worlds (standard or new)
     Modern / Cyberpunk

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Re: April's desires (F for F or M) make me blush :)
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2012, 03:58:55 am »
PM sent.

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Re: April's desires (F for F or M) make me blush :)
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2012, 12:02:03 pm »
Pm sent.