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Author Topic: Look here, plots, ideas and fandoms. (M/F seeking anyone)  (Read 1172 times)

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Offline SkekfaerTopic starter

Hello everyone.
I've posted some of the ideas I've come up with and would love to do a role-play around. I'll update some more now and then but I have a few things that I need to throw out first.

These are just basic rules. I'm not overly strict but try to keep with them:
- Be literate: I'm not a native English-speaker myself but aside from the occasional typo I'm doing fine. So I expect the same from you.
- No one-liners: no exception on this ever. I always manage to squeeze out at least 2-3 paragraphs, one at a bare minimum if I have little to work with but never have I given someone a reply with just one sentence.
- I am patient but try to understand that it's difficult to get indulged again in a role-play that's been left unanswered for quite a while. I understand if something in real life comes up and I'm patient then but if your average is one post per week I'm sorry but this will not work out.
This doesn't mean I expect you to reply several times a day. If you can all the better if not doesn't matter. The average I'd want is one per two to three days.
- Be creative: I leave the spots for your characters so wide open by choice. I find that it restricts if I'm given a strict role to play. I merely give the connection for our two characters to meet up. Her or his personality, backstory, appearance and more are all left open for you.
- My plots: They are very open both in what we will be doing as in your character. I love someone having input into the stories and come up with something together rather then just playing out a scene I have in my head.
I can play female and male and love to play multiple characters be them side or main. How you want to pairing to end up is completely up to you. Most of them are MxF but it can be changed to FxF or even MxM though I am less experienced with the latter.


The plots are overall written for M(my role) against F(yours) but those can be easily changed to suit either F(my character then)xM,  FxF or MxM.
I adapt the gender of my character to your wishes.

Druid's revenge
MxF, FxF, MxF
Industrial era
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Next to a forest a village was build a long time ago. It was always kept within boundaries and for every tree the people chopped down they ensured that nothing of it was wasted. The same counted for the animals of the forest.
Predators trespassing on their grounds were shooed away while deer, boars and pheasants were only shot when needed.

But things didn't remain little for long. With the arrival of the Industrial era more practical ways were discovered of doing things and swiftly factories rose out of the ground like mushrooms, occupying space and devouring trees like never before.
With the factories large amounts of people flocked to the town, swiftly converting it to a bustling city.

The nearby forest grew smaller with each passing day. Predators were shot, killed by traps or poisoned while the wildlife was hunted down by the masses.
Unknown to the cityfolk deep within the forest there had always been a band of people, personally selected by the spirit of nature itself.
Rangers, people skilled with a bow while linked to an animal with a bond even thicker than that of siblings.
And druids, wise men and women gifted with the forgotten ability of magic. Gifts to either control an element or to control the plantlife or a gift to become one of the creatures they had vowed to protect.

While the elders, peaceful at heart, had tried to negotiate with the younger, more fiery ones to delay any attacks to the city for as long as possible in the end they drew the short straw since the multitude of druids and rangers sought the destruction of the city. Gathering in the masses at the edge of the forest they prepared their attack.
My character: Leader of the younger druids
So pairing will be M/F or F/F. Which gender I'll play is up to you.

Dragonriding Scum
MxF, FxF
Dragonriding, arranged marriage, barbaric meets noble
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Imvor, an industrial country bend on exploiting the fact that they were the first to process with technology sought war with it's neighboring countries.
Lordel, a small and sophisticated land, would not survive the war seeing how their opponent wielded advanced military structures, had a soldier ratio of 5 to 1 and wanted the Lordellish kingdom to fall before it.

However, Lordel still practiced the mystical and arts of magic but not even that would give them the upper hand.
There was one last advantage Lordel could exploit but for it they'd need to give up their pride. Lordel was a land filled with mountains, areas very suitable for the large, winged lizards more commonly known as dragons. With them housed a barbaric band of bandits, using the reptiles for their own profits.
Murder, pillaging, slavery, kidnapping, theft, rape… There was little to nothing that the gang didn't indulge itself in.
Dragons were not kind souls, they fought for their basic survival and petty, shiny objects for them to hoard like the greedy things they were. They would acquire those mountains of gold at any means possible. Only riders with a similar, barbaric demeanor were accepted. The reason why the king's men had been unsuccessful in capturing the beasts for themselves and use them.
The king had no other choice but to appeal to the leader of the dragonriders for a helping hand.
Eventually they have come to terms and know that both must bond together if they wanted to live through the impending doom that Imvor would be.

In order to ensure the dragonriders loyalty as well as that of the king a marriage had to take place. An old but ancient and effective tradition.
The bandit leader was to marry a woman of high standing within the kingdom and she would have to adapt to living a rough life like the nomads with little other choice.

My character: Leader of the dragonriders
So pairing will be M/F or F/F. Which gender I'll play is up to you.

Morgan's Chapel's Secret

FxF or MxM
Prison theme, supernatural, powerplay
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two supernatural beings living in one prison, both know there is only room for one.
Morg   an's chapel, just another prison system within America. Prisoners were send in and needed to sleep in small cells with a cellmate and during the day they were free to roam around the block and go outside for their daily exercise. A small television set was placed within one of the rooms fixed on a channel where inmates could watch it should they wish so. Other than that there was the gym, the library or the chess tables to amuse one self with.

All in all pretty standard but Morgan's chapel housed an evil of unknown proportions. An inmate, looked and acted like just another being while that was not true. It was not incarcerated because of a fuck-up on it's end no, it had counted on being locked up, on having an endless supply of food at it's beckoning.
However things grow dire for it as either a clever young thing enters the facility and sees through it's disguise or if even another beast of supernatural nature enters the facility and threatens to cut it's food supply by half.
Needless to say the beast does not wish this and needs to take actions to either remove the threat from the prison or have the threat submit to his very whims.

My character: The supernatural being that's there from the start.
Seeing how this is a prison and they don't allow mixed genders this'll be either MxM or FxF unless you have a plot in which it could work otherwise. As always, I adapt my character's gender to your wishes.

'Let's just test how safe his house is…'
MxF, FxF
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"I will make this city safe! As safe as my own house!"
While perhaps not intended this little bit of information given by an important figure in the city, the mayor, the commissioner or another figure of high standing, someone watching the television had seen that sentence as a challenge if nothing else.
He abides his time until the parents of the house leave for their vacation and will be out of reach for a couple of weeks. One of the kids threw a party and under that guise the villain entered the house without much difficulty. He remains within the house until the party ended and as the last visitor was gone from the house he goes to work. He beats and ties up the son of the household but leaves the daughter alone except from a tracking device and cuffs.
Taking over the mansion he uses the girl to do his every bidding, just to mess with her father and his so-called claim to rid the city of the villain's filth.
Now trapped into her own house by a tyrant she needs to find a way out without the villain killing her brother or otherwise harming herself.
My character: The villain. He (or she) can be whatever you want. A psychopath like the Joker, a stonecold mobster, a killer, a political enemy. You name it and I'll probably be able to pull it off.

MxF, FxF
Steampunk, Fanatsy, inquisition,
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Mankind was a species of inventing, of making it's life easier at the cost of other beings. Horses pulled carriages, cows were milked, pigs slaughtered and all that.
And when finally the Industrial era had arrived it seemed that mankind had truly placed itself as top predator of the lands.
Unknown to themselves, however, mythical creatures still lurked between them.
But eventually they found out as sorcerers, witches and wizards too used mechanisms to make their lives easier.
Technology and magic were imbued nigh perfectly. The magical humans first used it for themselves, as defensive, offensive or just comfortable devices. The other creatures never commented on it, letting the semi-humans go about their business.
However a small fraction of them decided to sell out. To grant the elites of the world with gifts beyond their belief in order to gain either respect, recognition or wealth.

The success of humans exploded swiftly after, seemingly having no obstacle that could be placed in their way. Weapons of murder, weapons of defense and recreating the earth were made.

However the success of the magical folk swiftly wore off. The elitists had what they needed; the devices and knew how they could extract the essence they needed to power their machines.
Wanting to keep this magic for themselves they extended the knowledge of this sort of humans to the commoners and clergy, wanting them to hunt down every witch and wizard there was until eventually it had bloomed into an Inquisition. Anyone opposing the elite families or connected to magic somehow was incarcerated if not killed.

However that was not the last of the witches and wizards problems. They had betrayed the very beings that they belonged to; supernatural beings. Now they were not only hunted down by the people that they once were but also by the beings that had lend their powers to them.

One witch has shown the abilities to track down others of her kind. She was swiftly found by an Inquisitor and broken to do his every bidding until the day that she fled and tried to live a normal life within a rural village. Until her master showed up again with his posse of law officers.
The village was given an ultimatum; give up the girl or die. However, her so-called master was no human being and lacked any empathy a human could display.
Our roles:
My roles: Inquisitor and the tracking-witch. (Inquisitor will be the main character and the witch just a means to start off)
Your role: Someone found in the village or someone trying to rescue/protect the tracking witch but ends up  within the clutches of the Inquisitor. Or whatever you want it to be.
Romance could be between the Inquisitor and your character or with the Tracking-witch.

An assassin's burden
MxF, FxF, MxM
The main 'concern' beyond the obvious one is age with this role-play. If your character is say 20 mine will be 40, at the very least.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Being a friend of the woman's father the man was a regular at the house though his interaction with the child were few. However when one day he gets word of a hit put out against his friend he rushes to intervene, only to arrive too late. The assassin had already done the deed and was now trying to infiltrate the children's room. In time the friend killed the assassin, only to be left with a young girl whose parents were brutally murdered.
It is at this point that the girl realises that much like the man who had killed her parents the friend of her father's was an assassin too.
Two options:
Either he takes her in, knowing nobody else who could take care of her. She insists him on teaching her as well as finding who put the hit on her parents. (Your character must be more than 18 to do this option)
Second one:
Knowing no better solution he leaves her with her closest relatives and leaves. Only years later does she seek contact with him again. By then she had trained herself (crudely or not) into the art of assassination. She wants his help on the current hit that might lead her to the truth about who wanted her parents dead.
My character: The assassin

An ancient war:
MxF, FxF, MxM
War, distrust, former enemies forcibly befriend each other
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For centuries the vile practices of the necromancers were seen as a twisted and sick abomination in the eyes of the noble dragonriders.
For now both lived with each other, knowing their fights would result in nothing until eventually something had sparked a full-on war.
A war lasted for weeks on end, neither of the sides ever stopping to re-evaluate. Everything they had was thrown at the other.
It was evident that the fight had diminished their numbers to a pitiful amount that was hardly capable any more of staying awake, let alone fight any longer.

Scouts, send by the humans, noticed this and relayed the message to their own commanders of the army. The humans had long since lived under the fear of the terrorizing necromancers while the dragonriders were nothing but fighters of good, killing everything that could oppose the good of nature. Often human civilians or villages were wiped off off the map in the attempt.
Now with both sides nearly dead the humans went in to deliver the finishing blow. The necromancers as the dragon riders were forced to flee, neither side wanting to fall to the pathetic humans.

However as a soldier of both sides sought refuge within the woods they end up with each other. While they could kill each other and be done with it both know that they'll need the other for their own survival.
Putting aside a grudge that was both taught to them as bred into them they need to rely on each other to survive the merciless hunting of the humans.

My character: the necromancer.
Your character doesn't need to be a dragonrider. She (or he) could just as easily be a wolfrider, witch, mage, paladin or whatever mythical occupation comes up in your mind. It's not essential to the plot.

Demon's lessons
MxF, FxF, MxM
Pre-apocalyptic, modern, supernatural powers, demons
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Byron Fellinger was always a strange boy. He had always been an always would be. One evening he relays a strange message to one of his former schoolbuddies, a woman. Asking her to join in a strange ritual that might grant her phenomenal powers. Her reasons for following may be diverse; perhaps believing in such things, perhaps wanting to amuse the boy, perhaps just ending up there to tease and mess with him.

Whatever the reason she complies and meets him at the destination, only to see three other people standing there. Byron explains the ritual and the lot of them do what they are told.
Unlike the majority had expected something did happen. From the sudden fog five horrid-looking creatures came. Each of the creatures now tied to one of the people attending.
In fact the five demons are the senses of the Devil himself, who is still locked within the deep pits of hell. With them he wants to know where the world stands at this moment and if it's already time to strike at heaven.

The people are given the task of letting the creatures relay as much information about the world to their master and thus giving them as much information as possible. Either by taking them places or by telling them stuff. In exchange they are granted powers connected to each sense.
Sight: able to become invisible, have 'remote eyes', make others see things that aren't there, blind people,… (Pretty much anything visual you can come up with)
Hearing: Become completely inaudible, make people hear things, make others deaf, make them dizzy,… 
Tasting: Make people believe they are eating something (be it good into bad or bad into good, also making them believe they have poisoned themselves and thus killing them or consumed drugs),…
Smelling: Making people smell things that there aren't, suffocating people,…
Feeling: Becoming untouchable, making people feel things be it good or bad

Now the five young men and women have a demon as good as on a leash and a whole array of supernatural powers at their beckoning. It's anyone's guess how they'll use their newly found abilities.
My character: The demon being guided by the young girl or boy. In his turn he will teach the girl how to handle her own powers while she teaches him about the world
My own preference goes out to either Sight or Touch but it's negotiable.
Your character: She or he can be pretty much whatever you want. A demonic fanatic, a nerd getting revenge to the bullies, a criminal mastermind using the powers for theft or an average person just using the powers to make his or her own life easier or just anything else you can come up with. I'll let my character play into it.

The Good Son
MxF, FxF, MxM
Adoption, blackmail, drugs, abuse, semi-incest
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young girl's parents had adopted a young boy. They got along fine and dandy but as they grew up they went their separate ways.
The girl was now married and had a kid, perhaps even one on the way. Her marriage isn't the fairytale she was promised by Disney standards but she is happy and does love the man.

However, one night suddenly her adoptive brother appears on her doorstep after 10 years of not the least bit of contact. She lets him in but not everything is as it seems. He had changed a lot from the imaginative, happy boy he used to be. Scars over his body suggest a difficult lifestyle and his dull, hazed eyes speak of drugabuse.
One evening she watches the news only to see his face appear in it. He is wanted for serial killings.
Her adopted brother knows that she now knows about his killings and forces her to keep her trap shut lest he kill the kid and her husband.
My character: The adopted son/daughter who has returned.

Newgate Prison
MxF, FxF
Prison, domination, corrupt officers, wealth
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was the newest system of incarceration, one that wasn't governed by the government but rather by a private company.
The prison was of the highest security there was. It was build upon an island, much like Alcatraz but set in a more tropical environment and with a larger area of operation.
But one look at Newgate Prison and one would see that it wasn't really just a prison. Corruption and greed were part of it's founding and would be part of it's doom just as well. 
There were two types of prisoners there. The poor slobs who worked during their stay. Be it mending the rubber trees, picking various fruits or nuts from the trees around or even do the dreadful mining.

However there were more fortunate prisoners just as well. The people who could pay for it were received and bathed in luxury. Men with the cash could pay for rooms with the most comfortable beds, the most scrumptious of foods and no labor at all.
What was more… The men entering the facility with the cash were given to a private security officer. It was up to them if they accepted the female, or if preferred male, guards or if they pushed them aside.
After all.. On one hand it could mean fun but on the other hand it was an officer who leeches off of money while keeping an eye out on the prisoner. 
My character: The officer or the wealthy prisoner. Male or female character I don't mind.

Haunted Guardian
MxF, FxF, MxM
Paranormal, overprotection, obsession, abuse
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As a child a woman had been gifted a teddy bear by a relative or even one of her parents. Unknown to them a malicious spirit was tied to it, a Poltergeist. Everywhere the teddy bear went the spirit would go as well.
The plush ursine had been handed down from family to family. Either pestering them or even going as far as traumatizing people or killing them. However with the new girl he finds that there is little she is afraid of and as years drag on he develops a fondness for the young girl, watching her as she grows into a young woman.

As she grows up her parents know little if nothing about the poltergeist and the dim nothings he performs like smashing vases or opening faucets they all acclaim to their daughter. In a fit of her mother her parents decide it best to send her off to a boarding school.
There his tricks do not end but instead of the blame on the girl he manages to make others take the brunt of his blows.
But as his little girl becomes adult and shows interest in other things but playing his possessive streak makes itself known. Never had he allowed anyone to touch her in a bad way be it to hit her, to hurt her or otherwise and when her own lusts take the better of her he doesn't allow any of the boys to enter in his proximity. Slowly his overprotectiveness over the young girl turns him into the being that the girl starts to fear.
My character: The poltergeist.

Justified kill
MxF, FxF, MxM
Monsterhunting, shared goal, distrust, 'bigotry'
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She hunted down demons and monsters for as long as she could remember, ridding the world of it's evil and thinking little of it. While he was a crusader for a better good. A sick, twisted individual that would slay humans, monsters, ghosts and demons at his very whim. His train of thought was simple. Every being that had taken the life of another one when the one slain was innocent would end at his hands.

Possibility one:
The demonhunter naturally killed every supernatural being that crossed her path, not always knowing if it was the righteous thing to do.
Once when killing a particular monster she comes across the other hunter who has trained his own gun at herself. They get into a fight to slay each other. He being a supernatural being while she was a killer in his eyes.
However the battle ends out even. Both sustaining some wounds but neither able to have killed the other.
They set up a truce as both figure that the other could likely help him or her out with another hit on a character that would otherwise be out of their league

Possibility two:
The two beings cross paths trying to hunt down the same thing. She is directed to him by a friend of hers and the same friend laid contact with him to her. On his side there is no true problem. For him the woman still is fighting for the innocent but on her side. It was evident that he was a being not human but she trusts her friend into thinking the right thing.
Now with a sense of bigotry towards him she needs to trust him and help him into taking down the big shot.
My character: the supernatural killer seeking justice.

Lycan's Arena
MxF, FxF, MxF
Pre-post apocalyptic, supernatural, fighters, arena, forbidden love-ish
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The roles of hunter and hunted have been turned around. Where previously the odd wanderer of the woods or the rare camper would vanish in the thick of the woods now it were other creatures that were violently dragged from their homes.
Evidence found about the existence of the Loupe de Garou or better known as Lycanthropes so basically werewolves. These beasts don't change merely by moonlight but more at will.
Other than that the general tradition of werewolves still consists: a bite of a werewolf will change you though surviving even the bite is a tricky thing as more often than not it will become infected and likely finish the victim off.
This lead to two different versions of werewolves. The Pack-hunters, the more traditional werewolves which hunted as their names suggested in packs. Even in human form they stick together like a gypsy community.
Humans are rarely attacked, their food is more aligned to wildlife, only men and women threatening their existence would be killed if they couldn't be scared away.

On the other hand there are the Changelings, the ones turned through violence yet survived the wounds. They are often unknowingly lycan and carry the disease back to their cities or villages where they'd run rampant in frenzy. Often resulting in an immediate death by police forces or special hunters.
The ones that do survive show great control over it and themselves but still the rage is in them and the lust to consume all that is around them.

Now the feral beasts no longer run the forests but the humans have claimed it all again.
While many lycanthropes died because of the hunts many were merely captured for another sinister plot.
The people of modern times craved violence again. Boxing matches were staged, wrestling didn't involve enough blood and movies were fake. The werewolves, beings not human and revolting were put in underground arena's to fight upon the black market.
People either armed with guns or some sort of advanced protection fought against werewolves or when in a twisted mood they'd unleash the wolves against themselves. Rivaling clans opposing each other or turning a Changeling against a Pack-hunter.
My character: For this role-play I figured to play a Changeling, captured for quite some years now and a favorite amongst the lycan fighters, trapped in the arena and waiting the days until he can be free.
Which gender I'll play is up to you.
Your character:Your role as always I leave open. You can be another trapped werewolf, perhaps a long time prisoner like my character, perhaps fresh. A changeling, or a Pack-hunter, the last of it's clan perhaps. Or maybe just a human character will do for you.
Whatever your choice we will find a way for it to work.

The ultimate plot of the story is to first have the werewolves captured and pitted against hunters, other werewolves, animals even but eventually the arenas are boycotted be it through activists or through the werewolves themselves. A whole army of werewolves is unleashed upon the world perhaps now turning the cards on the humans with sort of an apocalyptic scene going on. It's all up for debate, really.

A little note on this: I do not play canons and I'd rather have it if you didn't either. I will use the universe that was created around these movies, games, books or other but not it's characters.
Star wars
Lord of the Rings
World of Warcraft
Mass Effect
Vampire the Masquerade
The Avengers
Harry Potter
Dragon Age
Prison Break
Grand Theft Auto

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Re: Look here, plots, ideas and fandoms. (M/F seeking anyone)
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2012, 04:56:03 PM »
Made some changes to some plots (Good Son) and added Lycan Arena as a story.

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Re: Look here, plots, ideas and fandoms. (M/F seeking anyone)
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Scrapped an idea but added one as well: Newgate Prison