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Started by Anna Katrine, July 07, 2012, 12:55:00 PM

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Anna Katrine

Hey all, I have a couple of ideas I want to try out. I am not the most talented writer so there will not be the biggest requirements as to the lengths of the posts. All I ask is some decent grammar, that you know what is going on in the RP and that you will help drive the RP forward. If you are interested in any of them please give me a PM. Now that all that has been said, here are my Ideas:

Mass Effect: The Blind Date (m/f f/f)
The premise is quite simple. Our characters are being set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. They have dinner on the Citadel and see where the night take them. This RP can be between any two races or genders thinkable in the Mass Effect universe.

World of Warcraft: Met in a Bar (m/f f/f)

This RP is similar to the Mass Effect one only this one is set in Warcraft. Two strangers meet in a bar and hit it off. Again all races and genders are up for grabs.

Skyrim: In the footprints of the Dragonborn (m/f f/f)
For this one my character would be a follower of your character, the Dragonborn. One night they camp in the wilderness and see just how close the two of them are.

Another Mass Effect / WarCraft adventure (m/f f/f)

I imagine a story of a couple of adventureres going on a... well an adventure. If you got a good idea for such please feel free to tell me your ideas.

Star Wars inspired (m/f f/f)

For this idea I really want to play some sort of a Jedi on either side of the Force. Any pairing would be interesting, whether it being another Jedi, a clone trooper or something completely different.

Crazy Cosplay (m/f f/f)
This one is simple, really. A couple of cosplayers meet at a convention, they have a few drinks and then goes back to one of their hotel rooms and have some fun. The point of this RP is that you get to cosplay what you want. Imagine Aang from Avatar getting it on with Samus Aran or Lara Croft. All bets are on.

Pretty Princess (m/f f/f)

Its simple. I want to be a princess. Im thinking the princess can be paired with something sourrounding the castle. The butler, maid a knight or a nobleman /noblewoman or even a regular peasent. Bring some ideas.

AssAssin's Creed (m/f f/f)

Lots of stuff to do with this one really. TemplarXTemplar, TemplarXAssassin or AssassinXAssassin. This one could be set in any timeperiod/setting we find interesting.

Something from one any of these pictures:
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These are my ideas for the moment. 
If you are not interested, then I am sorry for wasting your time.

Have a good one.

Anna Katrine

Anna Katrine

Anna Katrine

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Howabout combining two plots... such as A Princess who is studying to be a Jedi and her Jedi Guardian/bodyguard.

Anna Katrine

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Atlas Daylis

I would be interested in this. I was thinking maybe the crazy cosplay idea, with you or I being a futa. Characters we cosplay as are obviously up to you and I.

Anna Katrine

Anna Katrine

Anna Katrine

Anna Katrine

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Anna Katrine


I like the Pretty Princess idea, it is similar to a (ahem) film I once saw.  A princess was kept away by her father the King from men and sex (he thought), but the ladies in waiting and servants were selected by her and the head Lady-in-Waiting to be hot young kinky girls...who had to do as they were told.  Sounds like a group game, but...Possibility of male roles too, although most of my focus is on F/F, I must say.
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Anna Katrine

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