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Author Topic: UC's P.L.O.T. Device.  (Read 647 times)

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UC's P.L.O.T. Device.
« on: April 23, 2008, 03:26:00 AM »
So, I have some ideas. More acurately I had inspiration for a character and idea she'd be perfect for.

First step: My character. This is her decription and history from the orignal setting she came from. Ravenloft.

Fiona Feral Heart

Fiona is a creature of magic. Once a "normal" human woman who had been left in the wilds as a child. She was found by a pack of plainscats (Lions basically) in the plains of Nova Vaasa. She grew up with them. Became more animal then human. After years though hunters found her family and took their pelts. Fiona then left to wander the world. She found her way to Valchan's forests and hunted their mighty panthers. From there she was captured and sold as a slave to a noble who brought her in a cage to a city back in Nova Vaasa named Rookhausen.

Once there in an attempt to show off his prize the noble let Fiona out of the massive steel cage. She promptly throttled the life from him before escaping the city. Once in the wilds again she was found by a group of tribal wanderers. They worshipped the plainscats and took her in. During one night, they suddenly ambushed her. After that they began a ritual ment to bring forth an avatar of their cat god. This ritual turned Fiona into a half cat half human beast. It hieghtened her rage an allowed her to escape the bonds of her captors and show them the wrath of their worship.

Now Fiona stands 7 foot tall, bright golden fur adorns her body. She is human in shape but has a lion head and reverse jointed legs with pawed feet. Her hands though human in style have powerful claws. Her hair used to be a dirty blond now is gone, conforming to the lack of mains female lions have. Her body is adorned with scars, the most notable are on her left arm which looks like a massive chunk of her arm was bitten, and a set of claw marks from her stomach to right thigh.

Step Two: the ideas.

Idea 1: Fiona stumbles across a village. This village is just as fearful of her beastly visage as any other. But this village has a champion. This champion sees right through Fiona and knows she is a person and not a monster. She works to both befriend and calm the beast and make a new friend.

Idea 2: Fiona comes across another person who like her was afflicted with hybrid status. Male, female, both. They originally fight but mid fight feel the tension between them ease and relax. They become quick friends but the sexual tension gets thick and when it comes to the mating... well.. both want to be on top... who can make the other submit?

Idea 3: Fiona has made a few friends along her travels. A knight, a woman pirate, and a druid. Each one of them has a more depraved side and while investigating a weird house in the wilderness some force is at work lowering the inhibitions of the party.... letting those desires... come to light..

Any of those ideas interest someone or they've got a storyline my feral hybrid could find a good spot in would be awesome. She makes a great conversation piece!