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Author Topic: CuriousCat's 1-on-1 Story Ideas  (Read 831 times)

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CuriousCat's 1-on-1 Story Ideas
« on: April 23, 2008, 03:00:26 AM »
Titles of the story are in blue. Info for the story following. If any of my ideas catch your attention, but you want to suggest something or do it a little differently, tell me. Who knows, I might like your suggestion or twist better! If there's no blue text before the info, then I couldn't think of a title for it. :(

Fated Soul Mates: Excitement, hope, emotion, need, and a physical lust rising so sharply and suddenly, it could mean only one thing. His lifemate was near! Unfortunately, she's a woman that he use to tease when she was a teenager. He'd had no choice, she had a crush on him back then and he couldn't risk the teenage girl finding out what he really was. So he'd been deliberately mean to her to get her to hate him. He hated doing it, but it had been for her own good, and his. Now, years later he understood why his world had suddenly turned to grey the day her family had moved out of their small country town, and into the big city. He is NOT human. (I'll let my writing partner decide what he is. But I suggest vampire, werecreature or type of demon) In his world, his kind does not choose their mates. It is not a choice, it is instinct. He will feel an overwhelming urge to 'claim' his mate physically. He may have had sex with others before his lifemate was revealed to him, but his race only has ONE TRUE LIFEMATE. Without them life would become bland, grey, they would suffer a sever depression and feel that life is not worth living. To save his sanity he HAS to bind his lifemate to him, mind, body, heart and soul. He does this by speaking ritual words to her and a blood exchange, sex is also a part of it. A little of his blood in her drink, for example in her wine would work initially, but the link would be stronger if she takes his blood by his neck or chest. The blood exchange, if she's a human mortal, must be done three times. He may be a decent guy who never forced himself on anyone, the very thought of raping someone could be something he would never do. But his urge to bond, mate with and claim his lifemate is so strong that he may do something he'd never thought he would do, force himself on her if she resists.

Regardless of whether she is willing or resistant, she is forever changed the first time their blood is exchanged and they are 'intimate'. Even if it was forced, they are now linked mentally and spiritually. She will suffer a horrible aching loneliness if away from him for a considerable amount of time (3 days or longer). Her mind will play tricks on her, she will dream about him, long for him, even if she's resisting. She does not become his slave, nor does his need for her make him her slave, but both will feel that there is no one without the other. They have to have the touch of their bodies and minds often. And if she's already involved? For example if she has a fiance or husband.. god help him, because he could end up dead, or at the least, beaten up or his life threatened.

The link is established between them after the first time, but it takes 3 blood exchanges from both of them, and him saying the ritual words the third time for his lifemate to change completely to become what he is and be bound to him forever. Then no one can 'save her'.

There is a secret world that most mortals don't know exist. Vampires, were's, demons and other creatures do exist among the human mortals. And fit in well. Your next door neighbor for example could be a demon or a werecreature. That man or woman who is as attractive now, twenty years after high school, as they were in high school. You know the one who barely appears to have aged at all? Could very well be a vampire or another supernatural creature who doesn't age or ages very slowly. That person who seems to appear out of nowhere when you need help, only to vanish without anyone else seeing, could very well have been a guardian angel or even a fallen angel. The point is they are all around us. The government is aware of them and works with them to keep the general population from finding out they exist. Mortals don't want to know that their bitch of a boss is a she demon, or that their high school crush who wouldn't give them the time of day really is from out of this world. Mortals have their own problems. They have a hard enough time connecting with each other, and if you can believe it are actually more violent than the supernatural beings around them.

There's nothing special about Ann, she's one of the mortals living every day the best she can. She is blissfully unaware of the creatures around her, even though a crush she had when she was sixteen years old was -unknown to her- not human. Relationships between mortals and these supernatural creatures are rare, they have happened, but they are frowned on for obvious reasons. He had feelings for her as well, but couldn't let her know. Couldn't risk her or other mortals finding out what he was. It was for this reason that he was really pretty mean to her, and it worked. Ann grew to hate him. But now he has a problem. The girl that he'd been mean to for her own good, was back and fate had revealed to him that she is his lifemate.

Several years has passed since she was a young girl with a crush, she's all grown up now and is married. Newly married. Tired of the city life the couple had decided to move to the country, Ann had convinced him that the small country town where she'd grown up would be the perfect place to settle down and raise a family. They had talked about having children a lot, it was the reason they'd decided to move out of the city, deciding that the country would be safer for raising children. But their first trip into the small town for supplies, she saw her old crush and the way he looked at her when he saw her... with so much lust and hunger in his eyes, frightened her.

I want this story to involve seduction and rape, and one murder. (That of her husband.) Or her husband could run off after his life is threatened. But the experience would be more frightening for her if he's killed, not run off.
Playing this one out twice. One version with Alexander, and another with Stevej101

Her Exfiance's Secret: Carol is shocked to find out that her fiance, the man she had dreamed of growing old with, is her brother! But the bigger shocker was that he had known the entire time they dated! Carol was adopted, after her mother's death she decided to find out her who her real birth parents were. If she had any brothers or sisters. She never imagined that she would find out that her boyfriend, who's proposal of marriage she accepted the previous night, was her brother. He had done his search a year earlier and sought her out, fully intending to introduce himself as her brother. But he changed his mind after he saw her. For him it was love at first sight. He confessed to knowing the entire time that they are related after she told him the horrible news that night, while in tears. He wanted to go ahead with the wedding plans they made, but Carol couldn't get her mind around the fact that they are related. She gave him his engagement ring and broke up with him, and said they should start their relationship over as brother and sister. But he wants to continue with her as boyfriend and girlfriend and eventually husband and wife. Can he change her mind? He has a plan to try. Pretending to give in to her, pretending to agree with her, he gets her to meet him somewhere, then kidnaps her, easily because she trusts him. I want this one to involve seduction leading to rape. Oh and I'm not really fond of the title for this idea, so if you can think of a better title for this story please please tell me.
Title changed to His Sister's Keeper. A much better title suggested by my writing partner Connor. Oops just realized that I didn't use the same name in the story as I did in this idea for the story. Instead of the name Carol, I've been using Emily. Oh well. :D

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Offline Alexander

Re: CuriousCat's 1-on-1 Story Ideas
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2008, 11:48:58 AM »
O.o  :o :o :o

I love your fated soul mates idea. If you would like, i will RP that out with you ;D

EDIT> i also love the seduction and rape idea too. So either one you would like to play, Or both if you ill let me be greedy ;)
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Re: CuriousCat's 1-on-1 Story Ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2008, 12:02:17 PM »
Hi Alexander!

PM me and we can work out he details. I already have a writing partner for the one you're interested in. BUT am willing to RP this with you too if you're still interested. Or if you have a similar story idea, I'd be eager to hear it. :D

O.o  :o :o :o

I love your fated soul mates idea. If you would like, i will RP that out with you ;D

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Re: CuriousCat's 1-on-1 Story Ideas
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2008, 01:18:10 AM »
    More ideas coming up! Anyone interested, post here or pm me!

The Pretend Boyfriend: Joanna has a crush on a guy who lives in her apartment building. She's the shy type, and the kind of girl that most guys hit on. Glasses, no makeup, mousy brown hair, dark chocolate brown eyes. Hardly ever wears a dress. Jeans and sweaters, anything comfortable and casual are more her thing. Sometimes dresses in layers. Vest over a blouse for example. She's a writer of romance novels. The landlord, who constantly makes passes at her, for which she blows off as meaning little to nothing because she's seen him make a pass at another woman in the building. Shame too, because for a while she'd considered... Anyway, one day he takes a peek at what she is currently writing (while picking up the rent which was late again) and notices the similarities in looks between the new male tenant Gary Preston, and the male lead in her newest story, and puts two and two together. And offers to help her. What she needs to do, besides change her appearance, is make Gary Preston jealous, and he's just the guy to help her do that. Of course it would involve them going out, to the same places her crush goes out to, and public shows of affection. Or as her landlord and friend put it passionate shows of affection. He explains that this guy she's crazy about needs to see her passion, once he sees that she's desired by another man he'll want her. According to her landlord.

Need someone to play her landlord/friend, the Pretend Boyfriend.

Breakdown: A woman takes the wrong exit off the highway and ends up in the middle of nowhere. She pulls over to get a look at her map and figure out where she is. She figures out her mistake, but when she pulls back out onto the road her car dies. Her cell phone isn't working.

Looking for someone to play the guy who offers to 'help her'. But is really only interested in 'helping' himself to her.

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Re: CuriousCat's 1-on-1 Story Ideas
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2008, 12:05:02 PM »
     Here are more ideas!

Break In: Carol comes home early and discovers that someone has broken into her house. Before she could get to the phone to call the police she learns that the man who broke in is still there because he grabs her (or the phone before she can use it, up to my writing partner.) Could go two ways. Either he was just a burglar who broke in to steal stuff and thought the owner wasn't going to be home soon. OR this guy waited for her to leave the house so he could break in while she was out, and deliberately waited for her to get home. He was interested in her, not her money or belongings.
Need someone to play the male rapist. Also I can see this working -maybe- in a version where the sex isn't forced. Instead of a thief or secret admirer turned rapist, the man who broke in and is there when she comes home, is there to save her not hurt her. Details could be worked out in pm.

The Neighbor's Party: Normally she doesn't attend because she has to work in the morning and his party is known to last all night -unless one of the neighbor's complains about the noise to the police. But it's summer vacation. Out of boredom she decides to go. There is music and laughter, a swimming pool. Of course there's also lots of drinking. This can go three ways. She's had too much to drink and the host or one of the guests takes her into one of the bedrooms, saying she needs to 'sleep it off' but once in the bedroom he takes advantage of her, one or two of his friends seeing him take the girl into the bedroom and knowing what he's doing because he's done it before, decides to 'join in'. The second way this could go: She wisely hasn't had anything to drink except soda or bottled water, the party isn't really her think. It get's wilder than what she's comfortable with (naked people in the pool, people making out or having sex in the open) she decides to leave not long after she gets there. Another man who also seems to be uncomfortable with what's going on starts talking to her. He's not drunk, seems decent, when she mentions leaving, he offers to walk her to her door. Afraid that one of the drunks might follow her to her house next door and try something, she readily agrees. Her house is right next door so it's not a long walk. He's nice, has a sense of humor, she likes talking to him, so decides to invite him inside. But once he's inside her home he shows his true colors and makes a pass at her. When she resists he rapes her. The third way this can go: She was almost raped. She's grabbed and pulled either into one of the bedrooms or the bathroom. The man tries to rape her, but the host or one of the guests saves her.

Neighbor's Private Party: Similar to the above accept she discovers that the only two people at this party is her and her neighbor. Though she doesn't 'hate' him, her neighbor just rubs her the wrong way. Always having parties that last most if not all night. She has nothing against parties, but his gets roudy, with blairing music, too much drinking and people making out or having sex right in the open in the hallway. (This one happens in an apartment building.) She'd complain to the landlord, except he IS the landlord. She found out that they were the same person the first time she dialed her landlord's number to complain about the noise in the apartment right across the hall, and he told her to either join the party or stick cotton balls in her ears. Their relationship has been 'strained' ever since. He only has the wild all night parties once, sometimes twice a month.. but still, doesn't he realize that some people have to work in the morning? During a brief conversation while giving him the rent, she lets it slip that she starts her vacation tomarow. He grins and invites her to the party tomarow night. Strange, he's already had two parties this month, now he's going to have a third? He promises her that this parter would be much tamer than the last two. Since she doesn't have to go to work.. she agrees to go. But when she arrives she's surprised to learn that the only guests at this party is the two of them. This could be a romantic story with no forced sex. The man having invited her to his party because he thought she'd turn him down if he asked her on a date. OR there could be forced sex. His intent the entire time was to get her alone in his place and have sex with her, the music turned up so no one would hear her if she screamed. He won't take no, he's perfectly willing to force himself on her if he has to. Looking for someone to play the male landlord/rapist.