Arena of Eternity: The eighth cycle (M looking for F)

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The Continent of Ilmaril is the center of the world. It is a land of many nations and people, each one with it's own culture and history.  From the elves of Annon Tau're to the Dwarves on High Athor and even the mysterious Titanborns of the World-peak. Each of these people and culture however, have one simmilarity. They all hold warriors in high regard and in most nations, a warrior is considered to be part of the upper caste if not the highest.  In the tenth year of the seventh cycle, the nation of Faralis, under the reign of the Golden King created a tournament, inviting the most powerful men and women to the imperial capital of Faralis and fight in a battle to determine which nation's warrior is the strongest.

The tournament drew people from all over the continent and even beyond, bringing in a vast ammount of coins into the nation. Some people even predicted that the Golden King never had an interest in the outcome and is doing it simply for the profit. Whatever the true motivation of the mysterious ruler is, the tournament was succesful and became a regular event. Soon, Arenas were built all over Faralis and even across Ilmaril. Warriors who made it to the tournament lives like kings and queens, earning fame and gold as they rise to the top. In the twenty third year of the seventh cycle, the Arena of Eternity was built as the location for the annual grand tournament where the winner will be crowned as 'God of War', their names forever remembered by the world as they are immortalized in the hallowed halls. The Arena became big bussiness around the world, with a global council managing ranking and schedules of the participants. Each region has a different way of picking their champion, but one thing is for sure, only the best of the best gets to go to the Arena of Eternity.

Now, in the dawn of the next century, new heroes arise, to fight their way to the top and reap the reward that victory brings.

What I'm looking for

I'm looking for someone to play their original character in this setting. It can be short-term, mid-term or even pure smutt. I have a few characters and scenario to be used in this setting, but since the story will most likely start off in one of the smaller Arena outside of Faralis, i will list a few possible starting points. One of the key reason i made this setting is to have a wide variety of cultural backgrounds that can be used, from oriental fantasy, to medieval fantasy and even a bit of steampunk.  For this, the world of Ilmaril will have different regions each with their own distinct style. Here are the regions you can pick to use as your starting point. Of course if you have your own ideas for her starting point, do discuss with me.

Island Nations of Selena

Selena is a group of islands just south of Ilmaril. Each island is an independent city state with their own government, however even here the pressence of the Arena is felt.  Selenians are avid fans of the fights in the Arena and here, the Arena is often the place for gambling.  The Arenas in Selena are often built above water and outdoors, making each event a big festive show where the citizens of each islands gather to watch and bet on their favourite fighters.

Rumors have mentioned that there is an organization fixing the fights in this region, a group that secretly holds power behind the scene.  The rumors also said that these people have enough power or money in these regions to keep the Arena council off their backs. Those with enough success in the Arena can easily afford a small island to use as a private training ground or villa so this region is a popular destination for young fighters or trainers.

Selena is also the largest naval strength in the world, not only because of the size of their navy, but also because of their discovery of a certain chemical compound called 'Black powder' which allows them to build their legendary cannons and guns, something no other nation has.

The Sacred Empire of Nivan

In Nivan, the Arena is not a bussines. It is a sacred tradition steeped in religion and honor. Only those born into certain clans can enter the Nivan Arena. The Nivans believe themselves to be descendants of Gao, a deity of war and heroism. To them, the title of 'God of War' rightly belongs to their nation and they will do everything to make sure that one of their Heroes will win the grand tournament.

Located in the highlands of eastern Ilmaril, Nivan is a secluded nation with harsh land conditions. It is this land that breeds the finest warriors, tempered by the milenia old martial tradition of it's people. Very few outsiders are allowed to step foot into Nivan's Arena, only those with incredible potential, or those who have proven themselves are allowed.

Champions are treated as the second highest caste, right under the emperor and it is therefore the dream of every household to have their sons or daughter earn the titla of 'Nivan's champion'.  While it is not unheard of for a woman to take the path of the sword, most Nivan Female Warriors prefer the art of magic though there are certainly some very succesful swordswoman.

The Republic of Aerlund

The neighbouring country of Faralis, Aerlund has the highest number of Arena in the world. This land is the home of many Academy for people wanting to join the Arena and it is also the only nation that can send multiple champions to the grand tournament due to it's large population and land. 

The Arenas in Aerlund ranges from the very small ones that can be found in remote villages, to large ones in it's major cities. It is often regarded as the best place to train since anyone can participate in the smaller venues and build experience before trying out the tougher competition in the cities.

So far Aerlund can boast to having the most champions who won the Grand tournament, though this claim is often ignored due to the fact that many of Aerlund's champions are not from Aerlund at all.

My Characters

Here are the characters i would like to play. You can pick which one you want to play opposite (or even all three if you're into having a Harem :P)

The Oni of Nivan

The Oni is a man born to one of the high-families of Nivan. He was born to be a swordsman and fights with the traditional two-handed sword of Nivan.  Famed for his cold and calculating way of fighting, the Oni seems to be able to predict his opponent's move before the fight even starts. Some says that he does so by seeing into the future, while the more skeptic observer claims that he is merely using psychology and deduction to predict and direct his opponent's strike.

The Oni is a somewhat mythical figure in the Arena, one that is feared by almost every fighter, making him a very popular figure in the competition. He knows this and he uses it to his advantage, playing mind games with his opponents, luring them to make a mistake. It is because of this reputation that he is favoured by the Emperor of Nivan and is the only man outside of the emperor who is allowed to enter the Red Pagoda, the emperor's personal Harem.

The Oni also has a reputation for his insatiable lust. One such legend claimed that the Oni has bedded well over a hundred women, from noblewomen of the Nivan court, to his admirer from the arena and even some female fighters from the arena. Indeed, it is this weakness for the ladies that often gets him into trouble from sleeping with women he's not supposed to sleep with. All across Ilmaril, jealous lovers and vengeful opponents swore that they will be the one to take the Oni down and embarass him.


A relatively new fighter, Dreamer is by no mean a novice. Hailing from  the eastern reaches of Selena that bordered Nivan, this young warrior has travelled Ilmaril and fought his share of bandits and monsters, all without the use of any weapon whatsoever.  While uncommon, there are indeed people who enters the Arena armed with nothing but their bare hands. Dreamer however, is one of the very few who has found success fighting in this style.

Coming from a small fishing village, the young man studied 'the art'. An ancient form of unarmed combat handed down by Nivan monks in their travel around the world. While Dreamer has journeyed far and wide to perfect his art, he has never once thought about joining the Arena, until one day a man known only as 'The Beast' started dominating the competition. Dreamer became very quiet and his friends claimed that they never saw him this way. The next morning, Dreamer told them that he is headed to the nearest Arena and starting his career to become a champion.

Dreamer has caught some eyes due to his flamboyant fighting style, people came to his fights to see just how he would finish the fight this time, as he is known to always finish his opponents in a variety of eye-catching techniques. A very lively and friendly person by nature, Dreamer spends his free-time enjoying the simple things in life. He is always on the lookout for new food to try and is known to travel long ways to try out a local delicacy.

The Beast

Brutality incarnate. That's how people described the warrior known only as 'The Beast'. He has never lost and very few of his opponents in the Arena leaves it alive.  While this enigmatic figure normally keeps to himself outside of the arena, he always steps into the battlefield as a wolf into a flock of sheep. Once he becomes riled up, there is no stopping the man.  The beast tears into his foes with his bare hands and even teeth, often ripping his opponent's throat  with a vicious bite.

Due to his savage nature, many of the bigger arenas in Aerlund refuses to let him fight for fear that he will maim or kill their top competitors. The beast is now confined to fighting in smaller Arenas or even the underground fighting circuit which is a place where killing your foe is not only allowed, it is mandatory. Unfortunately, champions of these underground fighting circuits are not eligible to fight in the grand tournament.

Now the public clamored to see the beast in action once more, wanting to feel the bestial thrill of the hunt vicariously through their savage champion.

Your Character

I am looking for someone to play a female character opposite of one of my three characters. This female character can be a fighter, a manager or a patron. I would like to see what you can come up with within the confines of the setting. :)  As an example, here are a few scenarios that  you can use as inspiration.

-The Saboteur-
Fighting in the Arena requires intensive training and victory can mean the difference between life as a warrior and a comfortable retirement. This is why many people tries to cheat their way to victory. One such fighter is scheduled to fight  one of my three characters (Perhaps the Oni or the Beast). To get the odds in his favor, he sent his lover/manager to seduce his opponent and distract him from his training. But what would happen when the saboteur ended up enjoying her mission far too much?

-The Apprentice-
Many young warriors seek a mentor to guide them through the arena.  One such female warrior decided to try and learn from one of the popular newcomers (The Oni or Dreamer).  Will she get them to agree? And during the training, will the physicality of their workout ends with something even more intimate?

-The Patron-
You play as a noblewoman who wishes to have her own stable of warriors that will fight in her name. While you have the gold to build such a stable, you needed fighters. Using your charm and influence, will you be able to recruit a promising newcomer?

Contact me with ideas, and a character profile for your character, as well as who you want to play with. Thanks for reading :)