Soccerchick's Request Thread (Female Seeking Male)

Started by Soccerchick99811, July 05, 2012, 07:38:22 PM

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Well, I guess I finally decided to make a request thread, but it isn't going to be anything fancy.

What I'm Looking For in a RP:
-Detail and Literacy: I love, love, love detail and I generally shoot for 3-5 paragraphs per response. Some responses, such as introduction posts, can be even longer. It can also depend on how much I'm given to work with. I consider myself to be literate, and I've been roleplaying now for several years. :)
-Story/Plot-driven: Don't get me wrong, I like sex, but I don't want that to be the main focus of the RP. I will very rarely, if ever, do a smut based roleplay. I love character and plot development, sexual tension, and all the other elements that make a story great.
-Good spelling/grammar: I'm not a huge spelling/grammar Nazi, but I would like it if you tried your best. Spell check is there for a reason. Some typos are okay here and there. Everyone makes mistakes now and then.
-Strong muscular/athletic men: A big turn on for me. I find muscular men to be very sexy. For an example, see Jed Hill.

Genres I am Interested In:

  • Realistic/Modern
  • Action (Fighting, arguing, you name it)
  • Post-apocalyptic (Zombie apocalypse - The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead - etc)
  • Romance (A particular favorite of mine)
  • Horror

Some examples of Roles/Pairings:(One's with a * are my current cravings)

  • Best friends *
  • Ex's *
  • Brother/sister *
  • Step sibling's
  • Foreign exchange student
  • Husband/wife
  • Teacher/student
  • Bride/best man
  • Co-workers
  • Wife/brother-in-law
  • Coach/athlete

Those are just some examples. Like I said above, I am open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them! I usually like to play younger, with an age range of usually late teens (17+) to mid twenties. I'm not the biggest fan of large age gaps, and prefer that our character`s be somewhat close in age. I don't really have any story lines set in stone right now


  • Playing the older character.
  • Severe Age gaps.
  • Toilet play. Eww.
  • Father/daughter, mother/son incest.


Hello soccerchick, i would be happy to try the step siblings, best friends, ex's or co workers theme's with you.