A master and servant?

Started by Alexander, April 22, 2008, 02:04:20 PM

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Jason has been a man of business for many years. He has made several partners in the world of money. But he doesn’t traffic in the likes of normal goods… no, not at all. What he does is for a private practice. He takes young and willing women, and turns them into Sex slaves and sells them to the highest bidder. Though he keeps many for himself, they listen to his every whim. They are his pets, to do with what he desires. They dress for him, play with him, do anything he asks of them with no questions or complaints. He thought he had the perfect life for a long time, but then something in him started to change. He was stricken with a sickness that he was told would claim his life in a few years, and he started to really rethink his lifestyle. His woman stayed with him, but he began to look at them differently, treat them differently. He was considering choosing one of them, to be with him not as a slave, but as his wife. The only certain item was that she would have her ways from his teachings still… Dressing in costumes, kinky sex, all of it she would still love. But there would be something more for him there. Would he declare his love to one of his Pets? Or will he continue to sell them to the highest bidder? Only time would tell, and time, was not a luxury he had, anymore.

-looking for a member to play one of the “Pet” slaves.
-would like it if said member was into a bit of exhibitionism, costume dressing, particular to naughty talk, but that is negotiable ;)
-is alright with light restraining, tied hands, blindfolds. Light stuff, no heavy S&M
-submissive player preferred for this one, though swapping from Sub to Dom would be quite fun as well
-This RP contains a Romantic value as well, since the story itself is a man looking to finally settle down when his life is the price.



I'd be interested if I didn't have to switch to Dom...I don't do that particularly well.
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you dont have to. its just open for you if you would like to