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May 25, 2018, 05:39:39 AM

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Author Topic: A Complicated Love Story (F/F. Give it a look.)  (Read 314 times)

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A Complicated Love Story (F/F. Give it a look.)
« on: July 05, 2012, 12:19:17 AM »
So I’ve attempted to pick up stories like this before, but I am going to go about it a different way this time and hope that it actually catches someones attention.  I do realize the obvious first impression that most people will get.  I’m looking for a little girl on girl action, but in all actuality that’s a part of the game that comes second or third to more important facts.  I very rarely write stories that revolve around sexual aspects, and my Female/Female stories never do.  I’ve always written my female characters to be used in a romantic or tragic way, because I am always able to invest more of my emotional side into them.  Whichever version of the story I wish to pick up is chosen, the sexual aspect is meant only to be relevant to the story and can frankly be wrote around.  I am seeking this type of story for personal reasons, as I’ve always used my writing to fictionalize real life scenarios.

The type of game that I am looking to play out is meant to be romantic, and emotionally and mentally dramatic.  I’ve been thinking upon it for the past week or so and decided not to post a wanted thread until I knew exactly what I wished for.  Unfortunately, I was unable to come up with one exact story that I wanted.  So I’ve decided to lay out two characters with slightly different stories, even though essentially they write out the same scenarios just laid out differently. 

And now for the part that will lose quite a few who’re reading this.  I realize that it is a clear cut and frankly unfair double standard, but I would prefer the other character to be written by a female.  This is not because I wouldn’t be interested in it if it was written by a male, but instead because I’ve tried F/F stories with men before and they always end up becoming far too sexual without any real reason for it.  With this story in particular, the sexual parts(especially the first) are going to be 100% tied to emotion.  Depending upon which story is chosen, and how it’s written, it could take a long time to get to.  And it in all likelihood will include scenes that are abruptly ended when my character grows scared and flees.  I am not saying I will not write it with a male writer, I am simply stating that I’d have to be entirely convinced before trying it.  I try a F/F story about once a year, and if it fails I give up on the prospect for quite some time.  I do not wish for that to happen, so no matter whom I choose, I will need to be convinced that they are committed to the long term prospects.

Now I will lay out the two possibilities.  The titles are simply my first take, as are the stories, and both can be worked to make my partner and myself comfortable.

“I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t think I meant it.”

This version is more or less a coming out scenario.  The character that I would write would be young, between 18-21.  She would be inexperienced with both sex and long term relationships, and likely from a conservative home.  I do not write in first person when I Roleplay, but I enjoy doing it when I write out a character.  This will be a brief idea of the character and story.  Consider it a journal entry, and both versions will have it.

“The first time that I met her, I was instantly intrigued by her.  I’d been going to college a couple of cities away and living in a small one bedroom apartment.  But the town that I grew up in was different than this one.  It was a conservative town, where the biggest get togethers of the week were always Sunday at church.  For the most part, everyone followed the mold.  There was no one who really stood out.  Hell I was the closest to it, and that was only because I dressed a bit different and listened to a different kind of music.  No one ever really thought anything of it.  They always thought that I dated infrequently because I had high standards and a low attention span.  I guess I never really figured it out.

I met her at a bar when I was out after finals with my friends.  My group all dressed up in our best, the guys in suits and the girls in dresses.  I was wearing a black cocktail dress.  She was wearing jean shorts, tennis shoes, and a tshirt.  All of which were meant for a man.  She approached me with a bravado that I wasn’t used to just as I came off of the dance floor and talked to me like we were old friends.  I think it was her confidence that convinced me to join her at her table.  I could have been utterly oblivious to the fact she was a lesbian, but the girls at the table made it quite clear.  There were five including her, and the other four consisted of two couples.  Two girls, and two “boys”.  I thought she was trying to pick me up, and I went along for the ride just to see how it played out.

But she never really came onto me.  She didn’t say anything that my girlfriends wouldn’t have said, and she didn’t touch me in any way that my guy friends wouldn’t have.  She just talked to me like we were friends.  I think that’s what got me the most, she didn’t push my boundaries in the least.  She asked me for my phone number.  I didn’t give it to her and instead asked for hers, lying that I’d call her later and instead forget about it.

It’s been six days and I cannot get her out of my god damned head.  Why would she approach me?  What was it about me that made her think to talk to me?  Did she know something that no one else did?  I don’t know, but I can’t keep this up.  I’ll drive myself insane if I don’t get in contact with her. –Picks up her phone.-“

With this story, I would like the other character to be a butch lesbian.  That is something that I will not change.  The character may be an all together pretty butch, or something that is more typical.  The fact that she is a butch will play heavily into the context of the story.  By that I mean, even when my character gives into the fact she is attracted to the other character she will still be nervous to admit it around others.  The more that I think about it, I believe that this would be my preferred story.  Though the next would be lovely to write as well.

“Yes I’m with her, what the fuck does it matter to you?”

First and foremost, I will make this point clear.  This character is very loosely based around the character Lisbeth Salander as I am absolutely in love with her.  I am not attempting to write another version of her, since I know that I am not good enough to do so.  But particular parts of the characters personality and story will be similar.  I also believe that I’d use the American Films actress as her photo sake.  I was stunned by how well the film respected and matched the book, thus I accept their version of Lisbeth (Even if it wasn’t how I imagined her.)  The character I write would be 22-26.

This story isn’t really a coming out.  The character I’d wish to write would be very liberal with sexuality, and would have already accepted that she was a pansexual.  It would be her first lesbian relationship, but not her first time with a girl.  She would have never actually had sex with one, but would have done everything short.  This story would also contain elements of violence and aggression, leaning more towards an unhealthy relationship.  It would still have a romantic basis, but it’d be entirely confusing.  This story would also require a very complex and in depth writer.

“I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve been doing the things that I do.  When I was a teenager the years sort of blended together, but I am quite confident somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16 I started using my computer as a weapon.  There were times when it was simply looking in someone’s email to figure out exactly the type of person they were.  And there were times when someone pissed me off and I used that information to hurt them.  But the entire time, the people I came to consider peers were always just imaginary figures that helped me code or made sure I wasn’t the only one digging up information. 

I was never the type of person to go to parties or make friends.  I made acquaintances when they were useful and used people when they were enjoyable.  For the most part, I happily consider myself an introvert and enjoy the looks that I receive.  Even if a lot of the time they are meant to be insulting.  It’s been, fuck I don’t know…Six years since I last tried to actually make friends with anyone?  And that bastard fucked and left like the piece of shit most of our society is.  Yeah I go out from time to time and get drunk, let someone bring me home.  They’re simply doing what it is I wish them to do.  I let them think they have the power, just because it’s fun to let them know I controlled them the entire time after.

But it’s been a very long time since someone actually insulted me in a way that affected me.  Six fucking months ago was the last time, and probably the first time in four years that I wasn’t able to try and fight back.  I don’t care if you’re three times my size, I’m not going down without a fight.  But when your insult is hacking into my laptop just to chat me up?  I’d rather be punched in the face.  I couldn’t fight her, but I could better her.  I tore her laptop to shreds.  And all she had done was send me an unwelcomed registry error that said “Your coding is genius, but your body is better.”  Every single piece of personal information she stored on her laptop was given out under a website that was simply

I was done with her.  I’d taught her a lesson to never attempt to better me again.  Grudges die quickly with me once I’ve one the war.  I didn’t realize that I’d only won a battle.  Two months later an email that I kept hidden from the world received a message.  It was her once again.  This time she was much more discreet.  The email only read “Hello.”  I never responded.  It took another two months before she emailed me again. “You didn’t block me from your list.” The bitch was arrogant as all hell.  Once again, I didn’t respond.  I didn’t block her either.  I likely tore her life to shreds, and she was still trying.

Two days ago she emailed me again.  “This Saturday, 2pm, at the starbucks down the road from you?” I already knew she knew where I lived.  But tenacity is a trait I admire.  Finally I emailed her back.”

This story can be written as either a butch or otherwise.  If it is written butch, then the butch would have to be a “pretty” one.  If it is written as a non-butch, then she would have to have alternative styling’s.  The character wouldn’t accept a run of the mill girl, and would need some sort of edge.  This game would likely contain BDSM themes, either light or in depth, and would be the more sexual of the two.  But once again, the story would need to revolve around story.

As for the writer.  I personally write at great length.  1 page of Microsoft Word is what I prefer, and more than that is adored.  I never ask my partner to match what I write, as there are nights where my muse can be greedy and write something massive.  The only thing that I ask is that you give depth within your post, and give me something to respond to.  I have great experience with writing female characters and have been doing it for 8 years, and currently have two female characters that you can refer to. 

I would also like to have a chance to read your characters and stories, only so that I can pick the right partner.  And with that I will outright be a dick.  If you are not capable of writing a page on Word, then do not reply to this.  I know how awful and elitist that makes me, but I want to ensure that if I have the chance to write this story then it’s with someone who will not drop down to 2 para post. 

I do hope that I can find someone to write with.  You may feel free to PM me.  But within this thread I only wish for you to post if you are interested, I would rather you PM me your ideas as opposed to putting them here.