A Sorceress' Pet

Started by Sabby, April 21, 2008, 04:01:09 PM

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The Graehl are a race of humanoids, with sharp teeth, bushy hair, pointed fingernails, and long, slender tails. Once mistaken for half breed werewolves, they rose up and created a vast kingdom, which conquered many lands. One of the races they conquered were the Mountain Elves, a smaller, more docile cousin to the powerful Elven kingdom.

Only a small race with no military power, they were easily enslaved, and even sold as pets to Graehl. A Graehl Sorceress is passing through the slave markets when she notices something unique about one of the small elves. While they are only slighly taller then half of her height, this one was massive where it counted, sporting a twelve inch phallus.

She buys him on the spot, puts a collar on him, leashes him and takes him home. Being a Sorceress, there are all manner of strange and fun ways to play with her new toy.

Will involve domination, humiliation, toys and bondage, but the Mountain Elf will soon grow to love his new owner. I'll be playing the Elf.


Oh...I'm tempted to volunteer for this one...


I was hoping you'd see this! :D


All right, you're on. I'll make sure to put heavy emphasis on the humiliation part. I haven't gotten some good humiliation done in a while...