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Started by rosienicole, July 03, 2012, 02:41:53 AM

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Hello everybody! My name is Rosie Nicole and I thought I would make a post of all my story ideas that are open for new partners. This list will be added to quite a bit and if you have an idea for a story you would like to do with me that isn't listed, message me about it!

You can find my on&off's here. These are just very loose plot ideas, they can be modified and added to. I would be playing the female characters, who are all over the age of 18. Also, the ones that are crossed out are just to show you what I'm involved in right now. If you like one of those, please feel free to message me about them. I am open to trying out multiple versions of the same plot.

You Were Meant For Me(M/F): A girl who had her whole future splashed out in front of her has a major setback after she leaves home for the first time. Experiencing a secret sexual assault, she drops out of college and returns home to try and put herself back together. She works in her small town and drives to the nearest community college where she is drawn back out of her shell by a guy in her English class. But she also gets to know someone who has been in her corner all along; her quiet step brother. How will she heal this trauma and who will she choose?

Darkness Inside(M/F): A seemingly perfect couple has a lot to hide. The male lead is abusive, but intense about his love. He is handsome and charming, the girl is timid but beautiful. She takes secret pleasure in what happens in the dark, though she tries to get away from him. She has an internal battle between her love for him and her safety.

Save My Soul(M/F): A beautiful girl is caught up in the world of exotic dancing. She needs the money after running away from her abusive step father. There's dangerous business in the underground world of the club which she gets pulled into. A handsome man with an influential family gets dragged to her club one night and is captivated by her. Can he save her before it’s too late?

Tempted(M/F): When a girl moves back in with her mother and new step father after leaving her father's house across the country, she tries to adapt. With her mother absent more often than not, she finds the attentions of her step father comforting. She eventually falls in love with him and tries to keep it a secret from her mother.

Dear Brother, I Miss You So...(M/F): A brother and a sister who had grown up close drift apart after he leaves for college. A family vacation after she graduates high school could bring them even closer than before.

You Were Meant For Me(M/F): A beautiful girl from a once privileged family is in trouble when it is discovered that they have gone through most of the money. They are barely keeping a hold on the home they live in and are losing their estates one by one. To try and bring some money back into the family, they arrange a marriage between their only daughter and the son of the richest founding family in the town. She resents her family for doing this, and rebels against her new husband. Through the drama, she realizes they were meant for each other.

You Were There All Along(M/F): A perfect family lives in the suburbs. The parents are madly in love, keep a lovely home, and bring their children to church every Sunday. An older brother starting his last year of college and a younger sister starting her first year of college. They spend a summer in the new summer cottage their parents bought and discover things about themselves and each other.

I Won’t Tell(M/F): A senior in high school, a young girl is ready to get out of her small town and start her life. She gets assigned to an English class with a new teacher who all of the girls are talking about. Heading into a year that was supposed to be a fun hoorah before she left for college, she finds it challenging having to deal with her newfound feelings.

I See You When My Eyes Close(M/F): Another historical romance. A beautiful girl is coveted by a royal family. They want to marry her to their youngest son, but she is madly in love with the eldest son. They come to an agreement that she will willingly marry the youngest if she can carry on her affair with the older brother. The marriage goes through and all is well for a while until they want to marry off the older brother to a foreign girl. Jealousy takes over and she uses her husband to make his brother jealous and angry. She ends up loving them both.

Our Little Secret(M/F): A young girl and her wealthy father welcome a new wife and step brother into their lives when they were both younger teenagers. She is self-entitled, gorgeous, and very bitchy. They spend the next years constantly fighting and hating each other until they both go too far in their quest to get the other in trouble. Grounded and confined to the house together for the whole summer, they take out their anger on each other through their lust, eventually falling in love.

All It Takes(M/F): With her brother gone on tour with the military, a girl grows up missing him terribly. He finally comes back just as she reaches adulthood, all grown up and changed from the last time he saw her. They go on a family vacation to celebrate his safe home coming, and she shows him exactly how much she missed him. Soon they have to learn how to handle their feelings and how they are going to keep it a secret from their family and society around them.

Backyards and Fireflies(M/F): They were the quintessential high school couple; he was on the football team and she cheered with her friends on the sidelines. But after a scandal with him and a substitute teacher broke them up for the summer, what will happen when Fall starts and they are both starting at the college nearby. From a town with three founding families who all are involved with a world renowned brewery, they are the talk of the town and always being watched. How much longer can they deny the fact that they want to be together?


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