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November 23, 2020, 01:51:34 PM

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Author Topic: Secret Cross Dressing Club : STILL RECRUITING  (Read 848 times)

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Offline TaintedAndDelishTopic starter

Secret Cross Dressing Club : STILL RECRUITING
« on: July 03, 2012, 01:12:49 AM »
I've been entertaining the idea of opening a club for cross dressers and those who enjoy playing with cross dressers. This game would be open to all genders and orientations. I would be looking for subs, Dom/mes, and others to fulfill various roles such as a bartender, bouncer, beauticians, makeup artists, trainers,  and perhaps an unwilling victim or two, or a few warm bodies for our crossed dressed folks to *practice on*

If you know me, you'll know that I am quite dirty, so expect a lot of descriptive, edgy, smutty writing.

Here is a preliminary description:


Kelly's Pub
Acquired in 2008 by Dr. Kelly Marshall and Alex Brown, Kelly's Pub, commonly known as "Kelly's" sits on the corner of 21st street and 3rd Avenue in the lower east side of New York City. The pub has attracted a wide variety of patrons over the years from various occupations and communities. The club's demographic is unlike most in that to all appearances, its patrons typically have very little in common.

Reviews by the press often report the club as being rather bland when it comes to entertainment and decor, though their food and drinks are to die for. The sign outside the door is barely lit with faded lettering that can barely be read. One could easily pass it by if they didn't know exactly where it was.

Donum Ignis
Kelly's Pub is front for a private club known as "Donum Ignis", which means "The Gift of Fire". Members of the club enjoy various aspects of cross dressing, female domination, sissy training, role reversal, and experimentation with alternative clothing. Not all members cross dress or participate in
the Ds scene. Some hang around to watch others play as some of our clients enjoy having a private audience. Some enjoy participating as supporting actors for their games or providers of various professional services upon request. What members do have in common is their mutual appreciation of the art of cross dressing.

How do interested people learn of Kelly's and Donum Ignis?
Knowledge of the Kelly's is spread via word of mouth, only. Members may invite potential members as guests hinting that they may have luck finding like-minded company, but are forbidden from mentioning Donum Ignis. When talking in the presence of or non-members, its understood that discretion will be used. Failure to be discrete may result in prompt removal, and quite likely, a new pair of grey, concrete shoes. Knowledge of the club is earned. When members see a candidate they they would like to initiate, an election is held. Only when nominated members are voted in, will knowledge of Donum Ignis be imparted along with knowledge of the consequences of breaching our trust. Eventually members may be called upon to fulfill a task or two...

Membership has its benefits
Only elected Members may use the club's hidden facilities which consists of a number of private suites for which discrete room service is available, access to our private dressing rooms and clothing racks, fashion, hair and makeup consultations, and finally, occupational, role and gender transformation training. Other professionals services are available upon request.

Game Rules
The pub area is a freestyle role playing thread. Please keep posts here fairly short - say a paragraph or less, in order to keep the flow going at a reasonable conversational speed. New players must submit a character profile to myself for approval before joining. Characters will need to be human, with no visible weapons, and with reasonable qualities. Please don't submit characters with super powers, powers in general, demons, or those with lycanthropy or vampirism. These things really don't fit in with the modern, realistic setting.

Profiles should state only what another character would see or perceive along with a realistic photograph. Other information such as shoe sizes, actual gender, BDSM inclination and so on, will need to be learned in an in-character way. Clothing need not be stated here as it is subject to change from time to time. No cartoons, please. We are adults.

So where are the Dommes and Masters? Do they have name tags so I can find them easily?
No. That would be far too easy, wouldn't it? That information will need to be discovered ICly.  Players will need to give subtle hints, feel each other out and see if they click well.  Such information should not appear in one's character sheet either as its OOC. Being that there will be patrons who know nothing about our seedy little subculture, cliche leather outfits and studded hats are not advised... in fact if there is not opposition to it, we may set up a discrete dress code for the pub.

Plot, where's the beef plot?
Once we get this kicked off and established, I intend to introduce some of the club's secrets. If we have enough players, we can get into some of its high profile patrons who would do *anything* to protect their anonymity, the underbelly of the club and its strange ability to provide sex workers at a moment's notice, and perhaps reveal the source of the club's funding and the founder's true motivations....
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Offline Teo Torriatte

I would love to play in this! I will write up a character in a little bit.  :-)

Offline Chloe Milev

Ohh, ooh, me too!

Offline TaintedAndDelishTopic starter

Ok, between these posts and PM's, I think we have enough players to kick this off!

The Game has been named "Secret Lives" . Please check out the OOC Thread linked below and PM your character sheets to me ASAP. If you have any questions, please let me know.. I'm very friendly and I only bite to arouse and pleasure ;)

Secret Lives - Introduction and OOC Discussion

Chesty Nippley Hugs,

Offline Ghostraven

Are you still looking for more players?



Offline TaintedAndDelishTopic starter


Please check out the link in my last post to see the ooc thread for the game. New writers will always be welcome.