To Master a Sensei's Heart

Started by Sabby, April 20, 2008, 11:48:57 AM

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A young man travels halfway across the continent, from Japan to the slums of Hong Kong, finally arriving at a small village where Master Tao Khan supposedly lives. This was the Master that trained his late father, the best there was. He had no idea if he would even accept him, but he would try.

On his way there, after such a long trip, he hits on a woman in a tea house, hoping to get lucky, but the cold woman doesn't exactly take well to it. Later, he will find this woman works at the temple the Master resides in.

What will follow is the eventual realization that this woman is Master Tao Khan, and she is reluctant to train such a young and impatient pupil. Also, she is reluctant because she can see he has a hidden lust for her.

She is a stone wall, guarded and almost impossible to connect with. She is afraid this young man is getting close to breaking the walls shes set up, and getting at her vulnerable, lonely heart. Something she dreads, but secrectly craves.

I want to play Master Tao Khan.

Inerrant Lust

... Interesting. Any more details? ^_^;


Without spoiling too much, she refuses to take pupils anymore, but she promised her last pupil she would accept his son if he ever sought her out. The son, obviously, is the guy you would play as. Theres more story stuff but I don't want to spoil ;)

Inerrant Lust

Alright, I'd be willing to play. ^_^ Now to find some appropriate japanese name..  :P