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Author Topic: School, a bride and a geek; a bunch of RP ideas!  (Read 851 times)

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School, a bride and a geek; a bunch of RP ideas!
« on: June 30, 2012, 05:22:31 pm »
Having an overactive imagination is great, it allows me to get some amazing RP with some. Amazing people. Naturally I would like to obtain some more of this fantastic RP so here are a bunch of 'synopsis' to show what I wish to take as RP now.

The Mirror Corruption, Mind-Altering, Narcissism

Azly got her new home cheap, cheaper than most apartments. So what if it needed a little fixing up though, it was vintage... just dusty. Then there were the things around the house that almost seemed to come to life. It all seemed so warm without being weird. Well, there WAS one weird thing. She would look in the mirror and it almost looked like she were checking herself out... she would go toward it and admire her lips, her eyes... her breasts. Maybe a little kiss...?

Superheroine? Corruption, Side swapping, Hidden identities!

Nature Girl was the newest super hero around. Not many had heard of her mainly because she was new in town as well as new to the job. In her alter-ego she's Katie; an office girl who has a crush on her boss who just so happens to be a villainess. What does she do when her boss finds out she's a superheroine and that she has a crush on her? What any good Vilainess would do - corrupt her and bring her to her side.

Bitch WoW, Rape, Bestiality, Breeding

Succubi are known for many things. Their cruelty, their beauty, their ability to get even the most painful secret from a man but a lesser known property of them is the ability to breed with absolutely anything. After a day of playing with men's hearts Laila sets herself on her way home, waltzing her way through Booty Bay in her invisibility only to somehow be seen and dragged into an alley before quickly put to sleep. She awoke with her legs strapped down, a collar around her neck and a short chain that prevented much movement. A quick look around would show her predicament, she was held in a 'kennel' with several dogs of rare breeds. She looked up and saw her captors, a pair of twins. Blood Elves.

Phoenix of the Black Dragonflight WARNING: This one's a bit extreme and includes vore and death. As such it will be placed in NC: Extreme. WoW, Vore, Death, Breeding, Corruption

Nefarian growled in his lair, he smelled something familiar. The scent of one who had laid their hands on him in the past, who had defeated him and put him into this weakened state. He looked into the crystal ball on the battered throne, a treasure hunter. A Kal'dorei Druid.. he began to smirk as he began to formulate his plan... a plan to bring back his brood's glory by forcing this Elf to breed his clutch.

RPs I've completed or are currently playing but can be negotiated;
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Nightmare WoW, Mind-Altering, Rape, Demon, Corruption, Reality Bending

On her 16th birthday Lucille received a lot of gifts. As a wannabe Priestess she was allowed to go with one of the veteran Priestesses and see her do her jobs for the day. Lucille was thrilled by this and had a great day of it. Especially when one of the jobs took her near the Slaughtered Lamb and while her caretaker for the day was distracted she was given a pretty bangle by a Draenei woman.

As Draenei women were regarded as bringers of the light she didn't worry about the impromptu gift, instead taking it as good fortune that she had been given something so pretty. She resolved to wear it all of the time and when bedtime came that night she did just that. That's when the nightmare came the first time, it was something horrific to her. The Draenei lady was in it... except she wasn't really a Draenei but an Eredar. She moved forward and scratched at the woman's exposed leg leaving a light marking on the skin. When Lucille woke up she looked to her leg to notice the mark still there.

The Bride and The Abandoned - WoW, Force Cheating, Mother/Daughter incest, Futanari, Pregnancy

Every girl's dream seems to be to have that beautiful wedding where everything goes right and for Dath the Kal'dorei she seems to be getting her dream come true. She is dressed in her beautiful gown and all of the makeup and styling has been done. All that is left is the traditional wait of an hour - a hallmark of her family. As the Night Elf goes to the window to smile in excited glee despite the upcoming storm she fails to the detect the girl coming through the window behind her. A girl she abandoned when she was young due to not being able to look after her. She was put in an orphanage and grew up seething with rage. She sees herself as the child of a slut and since her mother is a slut who likely didn't want her husband to be to know of her... She decides to torture with blackmailing her into forced cheating - no condom on her 'special appendage'

The Geek Transformation, Mind Control, Possible incest.

Disney, Anime, Video Games... They had all offered Lee a chance to release from reality. Pure fap material for him due to the high quality of the girls drawn. Of course reality wasn't so nice to him, after all he couldn't have a wank fantasising about his beautiful mother or sister due the idea of them bursting in on him. His elder sister sure had before, it earned him a beating from his alcoholic father thqt had sent him into revenge mode. A genius misunderstood by alll, he decided that all who had wronged him would find their new calling as his slaves a fantastic change. First he would put them into the capsule in the corner of his room which would change their physical appearance to whatever he wanted before his main computer would wire up to their brains to make sure that their new appearance is as authentic as possible.

Saving a Goddess Ah! My Goddess; Belldandy, Romance, F/F

She wasn't quite what made her walk down the back alley that day but she sure was glad she did. An interesting sight befell Leona, the red headed woman walked in and looked down upon the sight of a broken woman on the ground, her blue eyes were dulled as if there was no-one home. Without saying a thing she moved down to help her up and began to lead her off home. There was something about her that made her want to help her... she'd been sexually broken and now needed to be rehabilitated back into life and she would be the one to help.

Demonic Clothing is ALL the rage! WoW, Demonic Rape, Corruption, Mind-Altering, Tentacles

Dath is somewhat of a hero in the southern lands of Kalimdor, having cleaned out the Qiraji she decides to start looting their chests for something of some use. She comes across a beautiful dress that would fit her perfectly. Looking around quickly she decides to try it on unaware that she'll never take it off again and that the Qiraji aren't quite as beaten as she thinks they are.

"I'm called Sakuya not Sakura" - Forced Crossdressing/Gender Play, Incest, Bullying

Watanabe Sakuya is a bit of an unfortunate boy, born as a twin with a sister and with quite girly looks he had always been horribly taunted and bullied. A recent move that coincided with him moving up a school looked to have turned that around. A botched introduction by his new teacher seems to have everything going in that horrible direction of taunting until one of the girls takes a liking to him... Then it gets worse. She is revealed as a horrible bully who forces the boy into a girl's uniform and makeup in order to force him to 'accept' Sakura as 'her' name. All the while his sister is in the same class and keeps quiet,  why doesn't she defend him and why does she look at him like she wants to jump him and fuck his brains out?

That's all for now, throw me a message if you're interested in one or wish to discuss something similar.
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Re: School, a bride and a geek; a bunch of RP ideas!
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2012, 05:27:41 pm »
Added 'The Mirror', 'Superheroine?' and 'Demonic Clothing is ALL the rage'

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Re: School, a bride and a geek; a bunch of RP ideas!
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2012, 12:16:57 am »
Added 'Nightmare'

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Re: School, a bride and a geek; a bunch of RP ideas!
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2012, 08:42:33 pm »
Thread cleared up and bumped back up instead of remade.