Unrequited Love (Husband seeking wife - Possible NC and extreme)

Started by Jester, June 28, 2012, 03:30:24 AM

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Imagine living with someone for years. Being married to them and thinking you had the perfect life.

He is rich and wonderful, good looking and a caring husband. You have planned your life with him until old age and you thought everything was perfect.

One day though he tells you it is all a lie. He does not love you, does not find you attractive at all and only married you because he felt he had to. He wants a Divorce.

Do you agree or do you do everyhing in your power to win back the man you love?

This is a story about a woman who decides she will do anything to keep her man.

1. She will change her appearance until he says he finds her attractive.
2. She will do anything sexually for him if it pleases him/
3. She will let him humiliate and abuse her if it pleases him so.

And any other ideas you may think of.