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Started by Alexander, April 17, 2008, 03:16:26 AM

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Immoral Desire

Mom has been going out a lot more since dad died in a plane crash on his way home form a business trip, and leaving her two teenage children at home for sometimes days at a time. The two rely on eachother, the youngest just having turned 18, and the oldest, 22. But since both of them take care of each other in their mothers stead, they have no time for their own personal lives. Over the past few weeks, the two have been thinking of each other differently... Even though it was looked at as wrong between the two siblings... they still wonder just what it would be like to Have Sex with each other. Who better to surrender your verginity to than a member of your family that you love dearly and trust with your life? Both of them  have thought this very same thing, but it has been eating away at them for a long time. Now again.. mother is preparing to go out, Will this night, finally be the night that the two surrender their body to the other? Though the elder has a secret Side. A more of a mean streak for taking command of others. The elder of the 2 would no doubt have read enough material to make the other do things to please them... but in the end, what will become of them? Will they fall in love as brother and sister, or as master, and Sex slave? only time, and their first encounter together, would tell.

==========General Info==========

Setting: Modern Day middle class home

-Must be alright with Incest Siuations involving 1 on 1, or perhaps group three way if the mother is played.
-Likes Virgin uncertainty situations
-Either role can be played, No gender was specified for the older or younger sibling.
-Likes to play Submissive/dominant sexual encounters.


This sounds like it could be fun...whichever role I take I'm more likely to be the submissive, however I CAN do dominant if necessary also :)