Who am I? A story of lies, secrets, and discoveries (m/m or m/f)

Started by Karasu, June 24, 2012, 02:17:49 PM

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Basically I have a little want I'd like to do with someone, I'd want to brainstorm but basically the following pairings I'd like to see but can be negociated evenly


I'd play the gender on the left of course for that bit.

Basically I have an idea seed, a series of what if questions

What if ARceus (or any legendary) had a child, what if this child was crucial in some way? What if this child couldn't know what he/she was until the time was just right? What if this child.. looked human in a world where humans do not exsist?

Now as an addendum to this, I could see soemthing like this fitting in with Digimon.

One more thing.. The next idea I had!

Swat Katz

Mostly m/m or m/f or both I have three characters with three mini ideas

Cristos Clawson: older brother of Jake clawson, went missing a couple months before his brother attended the enforcer academy, mostly a mystery and enigma he shows up in the present day Megakat city supposedly to find his baby brother, but what are his real intentions? And why does he keep so distant, even to his brother?

Malena Furlong: Chance Furlong's baby sister, a sweet girl whose voice is beautiful and kind. She has an excellent mind and brilliant flying skills like her brother. She is an enforcer herself, or was since she went missing some timea fter her graduation from the academy, only to reappear now.. swearing revenge on the swat katz.

and Tix and Tax Feral: The Gemini pilots and niece and nephew to Commander Feral, recruited to come to Megakat city from two cities over. They think the swatkatz are a challenge, rivals so to speak for the best pilots ever.
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ok to add to this.. yet totally different.. I am craving to RP with spiders..  yes.. spiders.. any form of them is alright but please help me fulfill my craving..

Ya know what.. Zombies too Yes feel free to clal me a freak or a weairdass
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