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Author Topic: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)  (Read 1157 times)

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The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« on: June 24, 2012, 01:26:39 AM »

The picture above is how Kiri appears when not in her 'gaurdian form'. The 'gaurdian form' will be explained when we actually begin. This post is just so I can get you to this thread, instead of on the other one. :) As an answer to your question:
You don't have to make up one, though if you want to and have ideas of how it happened then feel free. The more you add to it to make it your own, the better.
Now I have a question for you... Would you prefer to write in first person... Or third?
The picture below is how Kiri would appear in her 'gaurdian form'.

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 02:18:46 AM »
I prefer to play in third person rather than first, just because it's what I'm used to and have been doing for years.

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2012, 09:22:22 PM »
Would you like me to provide a picture or anything for my character?

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2012, 10:26:21 PM »
((Fun, me too. And for the same reasons as well... If you want to provide a picture go right ahead. Im picture oriented so it makes it easier for me to imagine stuff, but if you don't want to you dont have to. :) So without further interruptions, let the battle begin. ))

The petite girl stood unseen in a warm, white room. All the walls were blank and the floors were bare, but however empty the room appeared it never felt cold. A soft and inviting light filled the space, keeping it warm and cheerful. In the center of the circular room stood a bed, occupied by a young adult male. Taking a few steps forward, the young girl closed the distance between herself and the bed. She looked down and smiled at the slumbering male, a smile filled to the brim with pity and sadness. "What a shame such a handsome young man had to die so soon." She sighed before placing a gentle hand on his forehead. "It's time to wake up now. Reach for the light." She whispered, imagining herself extending a glowing hand out to the sleeping half of his soul. And then she pulled away, retreating a couple of steps from the bed. She knew it wouldn't take long for him to come back around, but he would not have the ability to see her. Not yet anyways.

As he came back to conciousness she spoke to him, to explain. It was traumatic enough that he had died but to then awaken again somewhere else, somewhere unfamiliar, it had proven troublesome in the past. There was a reasoning behind the lack of doors and windows about the room. As he stood up from the bed, Kiri walked behind him and by the bed. As he placed his hand on the pedestal she closed her eyes, learning everything that the pedestal learned. Markings appeared on her forehead and cheeks, pulsing green in color. Extending her hand, she touched the pillow on the bed and whispered a few words under her breath. When she removed her hand, a silver amulet was left behind. It was a silver deer with large ears and a large gap where the eye should have been. The animal shape was attached to a thick leather strap so that it may be tied to or around something.

"Thank you, Mr. Hellyer. May I call you Jason?" She smiled, though she knew it wouldn't be seen it was deffinitely portrayed in her voice. "If you would please return to the bed, you will find a silver amulet awaiting you. Only after you put it on will you be able to see me." She said, waiting for his reaction.

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2012, 12:09:58 AM »
((By the way I got approved!))

Jason had been dreaming deeply, though to say that his dreams were pleasant would have been a lie. In life the young male had never really been plagued by bad dreams. Most of his nights were filled with sleep, or something pleasant. This was the first time he could say that he was having a true nightmare. He was walking along a street, going somewhere that seemed either unimportant or forgettable. His back was heavy, Jason had been carrying something. A backpack perhaps? Yes, he was a student and student's carried books which went in backpacks. It was raining, and cold out but despite that he had still been walking. Then he was crossing a wide space, hard stone beneath his feet while blue eye's squinted. Then there was a light, blinding like the first rays of dawn upon him, and a heart piercing screech as the light came upon him.

His arms thrashed out and suddenly the boy was awake. Jason's chest rose and fell quickly, sitting up in a soft white bed in this blank white room. He rose and moved to the pedestal, obeying the instructions that were laid down before him. Regardless of what had happened, the cold from the rain was gone and despite the sterile feeling there was a warmth to this place. Or perhaps it was the voice that seemed to warm him.

Then it returned, turning his head to glance around the room in a futile attempt to find the girl speaking to him. "On my..." she was right. There was something sitting there now on his pillow that hadn't been there a few moments prior. A small twinge of fear stabbed into Jason's stomach, but he retrieved the necklace all the same. Two leather straps lead out from a deer pendant that had it's own ominous beauty to it. "Uhh... alright" he called out to the air in response to the feminine request. Twisting the straps behind his neck, Jason placed the amulet on and looked about the room once more to see what had changed.

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #5 on: June 27, 2012, 12:40:48 AM »
((Okay, so that was super long... Now this is about to get a whole lot shorter. Lols, :P ))

Even though she appeared young, Kiri was much older than Jason but that didn't mean she had to act it. It was true, without the amulet he couldn't see her and he could only hear her when she wanted him to. The moment he tied the strings together, he would be able to see her in front of him... Though simply appearing wouldn't have been any fun. She quickly ran around the bed to stand behind him, for she was a major fan of games and hadn't played one with somebody in a long time. She watched as he tied the strings and then looked to find the source of her voice. She allowed a soft giggle to escape her lips as she covered her mouth with a single hand. "Silly, I'm behind you." She said with a smile, as she clasped her hands behind her back. Her clothing was different from your average person's, though she hadn't exactly died in the modern era so it wasn't like she had any choice in the matter. The material crisscrossed across her neck, holding up the black shirt that fit to her body. On bottom she wore a long, black, flowy skirt that billlowed around her and shifted in an unfelt breeze.

Her silver hair was tied back with purple ribbons and her golden eyes watched Jason carefully as she sighed and lifted her right arm. "Hey. I'm Kiri, it's nice to meet you face to face this time." She said as she folded her ring finger and her pinki in to her palm so that she was waving hello with only the first three fingers. "That amulet connects us, so if you lose it I won't be able to help you. Moral of the story... Don't lose the deer. Understand me?" She laughed before spinning around in a circle. "I'm getting kind of bored of this room. Are you ready to go outside now or do you think you need a little bit more time to adjust?"

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2012, 12:58:36 AM »
When Jason felt the weight of the amulet sit just beneath his collar bone, he heard the quick laughter behind him and the girlish giggles. Reeling about he was surprised and embarrassed not to find some sort of monster or ghost, but a pretty young girl standing there smiling cutely in a flowing skirt. She waved to him, and almost comically Jason smiled in a confused fashion and lifted his own had to wave back. Realizing how foolish he must have looked, his hand quickly fell back to his side.

Her instructions about the necklace seemed important, but Jason still had no idea what he was here for or why it was so important that he saw her in the first place. After commenting about being ready to leave, it appeared that the boy had come to his wits end on the weirdness. "Where am I? What is this place?" were the first two, most obvious question to break from his lips.

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #7 on: June 27, 2012, 01:18:36 AM »
Kiri sighed again, this time it was a heavy sigh though. She cast her eyes down to the floor, for only a moment however, before she picked them back up and smiled. "I sure hope that you didn't think I would leave you in the dark. I was just going to wait until we reached a bit less of a weird room, but if you insist on answers then you must only ask the questions." She stepped up beside the pedestal and tapped the side, the object falling to a shorter level so that it served a second purpose as her chair. "You aren't anywhere... You can't be. You can't be because you are dead now Jason, you died only moments ago. However, the injuries your body sustained are far too extensive for you to be saved. By the time the ambulence even arrives, you will have been long since dead. I wouldn't expect you to remember it quite so soon. Most don't remember their deaths immediately, but instead remember bits ever so slowly until the pieces form a picture. However, in some cases I have known people to remember everything with clarity right off the bat...." She trailed off in thought before snapping back into reality.  "As for what this place is, well you could call this room a recovery center. It's the reason there are no doors or windows... Nothing in here that would allow somebody to harm themselves. It's also why I can't give you the amulet before I'm sure of your mental status. I am going to warn you right now. Pain in this realm is very real, despite what you may think. You are dead, but you aren't a ghost on Earth. Here you are as real as you were there. Do you understand that? It's one of the most important things you will have to remember through this."

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2012, 01:24:09 AM »
As Kiri spoke, Jason listened but didn't believe. How could he? He was dead but not really dead at the same time. He could be killed in this world, but he was already dead in the world he actually cared about. What kind of fucked up person would do something like that? The boy didn't realize it, but slowly as more and more of the words broke through Kiri's lips, Jason's mouth began to sag open further and further in disbelief. When she had finished, he nodded very slightly to answer her question.

"Oh..." appeared to be all that he managed to get out. He had a thousand more questions to ask her, but all he could think about was that stupid test. He had been on his way to take an exam. A final for med-school. That's why he had been running through the rain instead of getting a cab or a bus. He was already late and after weeks of studying he wasn't going to miss it! 'Guess I failed' his mind realized, a soft chuckle breaking from his throat.

"I think I'd like to leave the room now Kiri" he asked her politely, the walls suddenly seeming far more like a coffin than they had before.

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2012, 03:06:01 PM »
"As is the usual response when one hears of their own death. I find the fresh air to be relaxing, but I don't often enjoy the sights." Kiri spoke softly and quietly, making her way to the wall. She placed a hand on it hesitantly before looking over her shoulder. "Are you sure you can handle it? The space might feel more overwhelming than the small room." She added as the markings on her face began to glow slightly. They were only a little brighter than that of a lightening bug's but still the light was brilliant. As they pulsed with the glowing green light, the air in the room began to shift. A pulsing green filled markings on the wall, that were before unseen, and wrapped around the entirety of the room. Then the wall fell from her hand, leaving a gap that let in the natural light.

"If you believe that you can handle seeing the outside, then all you must do is walk outside. But I warn you now, you will not recognize it and it won't be pretty." She said as she slipped out into the light.

Her eyes scanned the horizon, her heart aching at the sight. Surrounding the small cluster of circular buildings was nothing but trees. However, one could see flames and smoke reaching above the wood in the distance. If you looked farther, you could see a lone mountain reaching far above the trees. The tip was covered in a light snow that was barely seen through the clouds that wrapped around it like a snake. Kiri shivered as the faint sound of screaming children could be heard, followed by the bellow of a creature unnamed.

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #10 on: June 27, 2012, 11:06:44 PM »
Turthfully Jason had no idea whether he was or wasn't ready. But he couldn't very well just stay here could he? Upon reflection later, Jason might have thought that he should have at least asked. Drawing in a deep breath the young man watched as Kiri made her exit. There was a pit in his stomach, a sense of danger and terror that existed outside of these sterile white walls. He didn't want to leave, but what choice was there? He recognized this feeling suddenly, he had known it before. Jason had experienced the same thing just before dying.

One foot setting itself in front of another, Jason followed Kiri outside of the room. His hand wrapped around the pendant, gripping it tightly between his fingers as though it were a cross. This might have been funny in reality, since Jason had never even been religious. Eye's wandered the horizon, his jaw slowly falling in a dumb founded amazement for the second time in the last few minutes.

"Where... What is this place" the sounds of children screaming seemed to cut in, his face contorting from confused shock to fear. "What is that noise?"

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Re: The Fallen...(Anime and Lobster)
« Reply #11 on: July 03, 2012, 04:49:56 PM »
((Please excuse my absense... I haven't been feeling very well as of late.))

Kiri's face contained no emotion as she answered, and her voice remained flat and lacking in personality. "I told you before that you are in Limbo, the land of the Fallen, your home for the time being. It wasn't always like this, there was a time when people like you only had to make the journey from here to that there mountain. There you will find the Selestisen Portaikko, which translates to the Celestial Staircase. It used to be that you only had to climb up that stair case and stand before the Porte Du Pardis, the Gates of Paradise. However, as I said before, those who may not cross the Gates need somewhere to go. So they all accumulated here on this plane. Not everyone takes rejection well, so all of those feelings of hatred and defeat and betrayal drove them over the edge. They mutated into demons. Those demons now try to prevent others from reaching the Gates. If they cannot pass, they believe that no one should. What you hear are the screams of those who have made this place their home. People like me who volunteered to be a guide, people who were rejected but without hard feelings and those who are simply waiting for the rest of their family to join them." Her eyes narrowed as she turned to look in the direction of the screams. There was another sound, trying to compete with the demons and the screams, the sound of warning horns and bells. "We should start moving. A pack of demons are close by and it won't be long before they pick up on your presence. It will upset them greatly so I suggest we leave quickly. Over there you will find an assortment of weapons provided by the good guys. Feel free to grab one, I highly reccomend that you do." She added, pointing to a weapons case standing upright just a few yards away.