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May 25, 2018, 10:17:54 AM

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Author Topic: F looking for a F partner to create some wonderful lesbian seduction magic!  (Read 654 times)

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I am looking to create some lovely, sweet passionate stories where in most cases one character plays as the more aggressive partner. This does not necessarily mean super aggressive but between the two this characters desire for the other is so strong in her that she is unable and not wanting to hold it back any longer. She is willing to take big risks to experience what her body, mind, and heart desires.

In may cases the other character is often the shy more passive character. This does not have to be the case. Its more just an example. But it builds to the story over all sexual tension if for what ever reason one character is reluctant to give in to her desires at first. Why risk so much on something that might not even be real. Did my teacher just run her fingertips along my arm as she walked by? Or am I going slightly mad with this jumble of intense sensations I feel inside my body when ever she is around?

As far as the setting goes I am open to just about any setting. I do tend to play a lot in the classical setting though. In the past I have found that its a good place to start with a new partner due to the more simplistic nature. Some times this helps each other get past the first little bit of learning to adapt to each others style. I like to do sort of like a short story run through at first. This doesnt have to happen but I find its helpful. Usually this is a little more sexual but it doesnt have to be.

I really like the whole chase aspect of the seduction stories this is the part that I really live for. The teasing, the brief moments of victory where both characters have given into desire follow by a sudden realization of what is going on causing them to pull back. 

Some ideas I would be more than happy to play.

Sisters, follow by other incestual pairings. Meaning I prefer to play as two sisters over playing as mother and daugther. But I would be happy to play the second. Also I find two cousins to be a very intriguing idea.

Two high school seniors
Vampire/Priestess (Nun)
Demon/Priestess (Nun)
Angel/Priestess (Nun)

For some of these pairings I would love to have one of the characters be a young virgin. This is something I would actually like to play. Normally I usually play the more sexually driven and aggressor of the story. But I would love to chance to play it from the other side.  Having said that if you prefer to be the chased character that is 100% fine with me. I am very confident that you will find all of shifty ways I will use to get even a small taste of your sweet lips.

A lot of what I have mentioned has only just been ideas or possible suggestions. If you have a story that you would like to play that involves some loving lesbian intimacy then please let me know. I am positive I would be interested.

I am open to playing via any method be it emails, IM, forum or Private message.

Here is a copy of my first post in a story I did in the past.

So today was the big day. The day that Caitlin had been bursting with excitement for weeks now, ever since she heard that her big sister Blaire was finally coming home.  It had been so long since she had seen her sister. She was excited and happy, but a part of her was a little hurt at having gone so many years without a lot of contact from her older sister. She also felt a little guilty at feeling hurt. She knew that what her sister was doing was important and she was very glad that Blaire was doing so well in school. But the last five years had been lonely for Caitlin. Sure she had friends, and she was active in school and other actives. But she had felt that a part of herself had went away, and that part of her was coming back today.

She couldnt help wondering over what her sister would be like now with all that fancy schooling and living out on her own. She had seen picture of her sister and in a way Caitlin had a hard time believing how much her sister had changed physically over the years. Of coarse Caitlin had gone through a lot of changes herself. Which was only natural. Being some what of a girl tom boy she was pretty slender due to being constantly active. Not that she was skin and bones, most would say she was athletically built. Which was true she guessed. She was in track, and played volleyball for the school until this last year. She probably should have kept doing it but she had decided to try out other actives instead. One of those other actives was being on the debate team. She wasnt to sure if she would like it at first but after a short time of learning how everything worked she found she had kind of a knack for it and had done very well. In fact she had taken first in state. Which was a big deal, considering she had only started that year. She also got into the drama club, and had been in a few plays. She really loved the theater and she thought that she might continue it in college. What she really liked about both of these actives is that they really helped her open up to others and get passed her shy demeanor.

Also in this last year she had came to learn something else about herself that she hadnt shared with to many other people, and in a way it was part of why she had stopped playing sports. She realized and had accepted that she was into girls. So gay, or lesbian it was called. The previous year had been kind of rough for her because she kept catching herself looking at her team mates and getting distracted by their bodies. And this was even more so when they were in the showers. This made her feel bad about herself kind of, because she liked looking in the showers but she also knew they would be upset with her if they ever found out. So slowly she started making up excuses as to why she had to take her shower a little bit after or before the rest of the team. This helped her mind find some peace at first. But shortly after a while something else began to plague her mind as she ran the extra lap or two, or sat in the locker room waiting for the other girls to get done with their showers. Images of her team mates would taunt her, call to her. A fire raged inside her and she found herself wanting to do something about it.

While she still had those same thoughts and desires as she had the last year, they werent nearly as out of control and mind consuming. It was a lot easier to work things out in her mind not having the constant temptation around her every day. She had never been with a guy, and really had no desire to do so. She made up excuses to everyone about why she didnt date anyone and why she didnt care to go to any of the school dances, or if she went why she wanted to go alone. And really even though she was sure her friends thought it was a bit odd. She didnt care at all. She liked who she was and that was all that mattered.... Well until a couple weeks ago when she heard Blaire was coming home. Sure she had told a few of her friends about herself. Those that she knew were accepting and would not judge her. But the idea of someone in her family knowing terrified her, and this was doubly more so about her sister. Caitlin had trouble sleeping most nights as she worried over how, or if she should tell her sister. And if she told Blaire what would she do if her sister was against it. She had a whole summer planned, and as today came closer and closer, her anxiety grew. She finally decided that she would wait until the end of the summer to tell her sister. That way the whole summer wouldnt be ruined and be totally awkward. And maybe she could use that time to get an idea of what her sister thought about it all.

As she sat on the couch trying to find a way to pass the time while waiting for her sister to show up some time today she day dreamed about seeing her sister for the first time in five years. She had been trying to keep the fact that she was now taller than her sister a secret and her mom and dad had both said they had not told Blaire. She was 5'8". So a good 6 inches taller. The thought of her sisters reaction made her smile, as her mind wandered. Realizing that she had just heard the door bell ring, she bounced up off the couch and made a mad dash to the door. Before opening the door she peeked out the peep hole, and seeing her sister she couldnt help but give a loud squeak of excitement as she flung the door open.

"We dont want any" She says as she opens the door trying to mask the goofy smile plastered across her face.

Offline sazzie

I do like your examples and I'd be interested to talk over ideas in a PM (:

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I do like your examples and I'd be interested to talk over ideas in a PM (:
What she said. Nothing I can say now will sound original, so I will simply send a, what the kids are calling, "PM".