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Author Topic: J's Requests (F looking for M)  (Read 576 times)

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J's Requests (F looking for M)
« on: June 22, 2012, 03:06:48 AM »

Hello, I'm J and I'm just throwing out some of my own ideas and requests, but go ahead and check out my Ons/Offs page (linked above) and I'm pretty much game for anything else. So if anyone sees something they may be interested, just send me a message and we can talk about it, obviously anything that I have here doesn't have to be exactly as I described it and I really would prefer to polish these ideas or come up with a new plot entirely with someone. So yeah, have a look around and send me a message if you're interested in role playing with me. :-)

Here are some things about me that I figured I should mention:
  • I'm heterosexual and I only play hetero characters, but I have no problem with homosexuality or bisexuality. With that said, I'll role play with bisexual male characters.
  • In addition to the above statement, I don't really care if my partner is a girl or guy, although I will say that I trust guys to write as guys better and same goes for girls writing as girls. Regardless of what the gender of my partner is, I'll say (again) that I strictly play hetero characters simply because I have no attraction towards females and I'm not going to try and fake it.
  • I role play on forums, e-mail, and through messages since I know some people like privacy while others like getting a higher post count the organization of forums what with being able to link to a role play and all, but I don't do IMs, sorry, but IMs are reserved for people I know in real life.
  • I don't really like playing as the "sex-bomb" characters with huge breasts and voluptuous curves that don't exist on real people. I get why guys like that, but I don't and I really just can't bring myself to enjoy playing photoshopped magazine cut-out characters or some huge breasted porn star. If you want to have a partner who wants to play as a character like that, that's fine, but it can't be me since I want to be able to enjoy a role play to.
  • I also can't enjoy playing the weak-willed wallflower. I do like playing the submissive role, but my "subs" are going to have a lot of fight in them (if the situation is appropriate for it that is). I mean where's the fun if there isn't some struggle right?

Modern magic
Witchcraft has existed throughout history and has been recorded for as long as man has been able to so.Throughout the expanse of history, it has been written and described in many forms—black magic, white magic, voodoo, mana, thaumaturgy, divining, stregheria, alchemy, wicca—but these are just names to explain what normal people call "magic" and while once feared in the past, it is now largely looked at as nothing but fantasy. In the modern world there are those who are descendants of witches, wizards, shamans, obea, kahuna, prophets, necromancers, and diviners who still practice the arcane as their ancestors had, albeit in secrecy. A young woman (at least by an immortals' standards) is one such individual who comes from a long line of witches and warlocks. She may be inexperienced, but she's also very confident, borderline cocky even and it is her pride that leads to try and cast a hex on an unsuspecting civilian just to prove that she can. However, this innocent bystander ends up being more than they seem and is, in fact, another individual with control over the supernatural. As it stands, much to her dismay and realization, he is a much more powerful and experienced magic user than herself, which allows him to easily deflect her hex and counter with one of his own, leaving her immobile and powerless, her fate belonging to his will alone.

End of the world
A century ago, the world was covered in a blaze of fire and debris as meteors reigned from the skies and withered away the Earth. People survived, they always do, but the world is not as it once was and progression has stagnated, survival more important. There are few civilized lands on the planet now and even fewer lands are habitable, the meteors from the past leaving behind suffocating pockets of dust and foreign poisons that came from space. It is because no one had expected such a travesty to happen in the past, the world being brought to the brink of destruction, that the reasons for the end are nothing but speculation, the truth lost as much of the planet had been. Even in the present, meteors still unforgivably pelt the Earth and people try to hide the best they can while still scouring the now torn Earth. With less and less of the Earth becoming habitable each passing decade, humanity desperately scrambles for subsistence, but there's a rumor, scientists who have created something that could potentially save humanity. Supposedly, a space colony was built, something that can leave the planet to find another. Of course people are skeptical that going into the very same space that doomed the Earth would be any sort of safe haven, but it may be the only hope people have for future survival. However, if the rumors are true, only certain people will be allowed in the space colony...

Old soldier
He's been away at war overseas and after nearly a decade, he can finally return home...But he soon finds that his "home" is not what he expected, it didn't give him the peace he had thought it would and everything just seems to be a constant reminder of the past and the war he can't forget. He goes on living day in and day out in a constant state of depression which leads an old friend of his to invite him into his own home out in the country, thinking that it would do him good to get away from the city and get some peace. Upon arriving at his friends place, he is promptly introduced to his friends granddaughter who has been living with her grandfather for quite some time now. She is bored with the country life and seeks excitement which leads her to practically attach herself to the tired war vet, always talking to him and finding him infinitely more interesting then the peaceful country life she feels forced into. It doesn't take long for him to realize that she's head-over-heels for him (her being very blatant with her emotions even though she thinks otherwise) and disgustingly enough, he thinks he may feel the same way, but is conflicted since they're almost 10 years apart in age, not to mention that she's his friends granddaughter. She wants to make it work and he's not sure if he can bring himself to try.

Misc Cravings/My Requests
  • I've really been in the mood for a sci-fi role play and I have a few ideas, nothing too thought out, so if anyone is interested drop me a PM and we can talk about it more.
  • In addition to my craving for a sci-fi role play, I've also really been in the mood for a Starcraft-anything, but I will point out that I want original characters, not too into playing the characters from the game.
  • I'm game for anything fantasy right now, especially Skyrim since I've been itching to play as a Redguard for a while now. I'm also game for coming up with an original fantasy setting and I have some ideas if anyone is interested.
  • I've been in the mood for a modern setting where my partner and myself playing something that's not relating to the office, school, or business really. Yet another thing that I have some ideas for.
  • A good military role play, preferably on a future Earth, sci-fi, or even fantasy. I usually enjoy a historical setting but I'm just not in the mood for it right now.
  • Mostly anything with aliens, the supernatural, monsters, and beasties, PM me and we can share ideas if you're interested.
  • Okay, so I'm not into vore or more of I don't understand the appeal of it, but I've kind of wanted to do a post-apocalyptic role play where my partner plays a cannibal. Mutated, normal, whatever, it doesn't really matter to me, it's just something I've been interested in. I have a few ideas, but nothing too well thought out. I should also point out that I don't want this to be a vore-based role play even if does include a cannibal, I'm not too into gore.
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